Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

those of you who read your email and gave me your address, would have recieved your Christmas present from Enjoy Jewellery this week … it is a purse clip.

In case you have not seen these before, they are small enough to keep in your hand bag with you, and when you are out for coffee (or wherever) and you want your bag off the floor, you just use your clip and its as easy as that.

they are a cute little gadget … hope you love your one.

Thanks for your support through the year. We look forward to January when the new collection is launched and i have a few other exciting ideas up my sleeve!

in case anyone needs to buy themself a little christmas present, the Janina Bracelet is just new in … its my favourite at the moment!
I will be taking a break over Christmas/New Year period but will be back in touch in January.

>Christmas Shopping ….

Usually by this time i am totally on top of my Christmas shopping … but this year i must confess i am a little behind. So this week to help all those other people in the same boat Enjoy Jewellery is offering a special … When you purchase $50 or more online, you recieve a special discount of 25% off – you need to put this special code in ddb2143ef7

Hope this helps you finish off that shopping!
This week on the blog i am giving away a Finger watch. These are so cute … one of my favourites. This time we need at least 5 comments to make the draw … so get your friends over here to comment and be in to win.
A couple of sneaks from the new collection ….

>Jewellery Clips & more sneak peaks ….

this week i thought we would explain how the JEWELLERY CLIPS work. They are great little gadgets that extend the usage of all your long necklaces. I love wearing the turquoise and tigers eye necklace (pictured here) but sometimes its nice to use the jewellery clip and double it over to get a different look … like this. These clips are $5.00 for silver plated or $15.00 for sterling silver

I do this alot with the different coloured crystal necklaces also …

so this week, we are giving away a JEWELLERY CLIP so you too can enjoy all your long necklaces. Leave a comment here or on facebook and be in to win!

Every week until Christmas there will be a giveaway on the blog, so keep checking in to see which goodies you can be in to win!

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well … remember you can shop on the website for any Christmas gifts or any Secret Santas. You get a free key chain with any internet order!

The winner this week for the Twilight Competition is ……. (drumroll) DENISE …
the Harrison Crew
Katya picked the winner out this week!
Here is a sneak peak from the new collection ….