>Make Life Easy …

one of our new ways of helping our customers out, is gift wrapping free of charge. Quite often we have last minute gifts (or birthdays we miss – i have been guilty of this) and what better way to speed the process up by ordering online and having free gift wrapping service, so you gift goes directly to your loved one, even with a cute card from you!
All you need to do is in the comments box of the shopping cart, specify that you would like your order gift wrapped and let us know what you would like written as your message – its as easy as that.

Hope to see you at The Apple Tree THIS TUESDAY 30th March. They have a great coffee and cake special for $5.90

>The Apple Tree Cafe & New Bracelets

We are going to be visiting The Apple Tree Cafe at 2060 Moggil Road, Kenmore on March 30th. The Apple Tree is a fabulous restaurant/cafe …\they have a wonderful coffee and cake special $5.90 so drop by and treat yourself.

New this week we have the heart charm bracelet now in black and coral – $25.00

We have made a charm strings bracelet with a magnet clasp – $25.00

Earrings made to match the Janina bracelet and necklace – $20.00

>Layering Jewellery

a popular fashion trend lately is layering clothing, which i do love doing … you get some much out of your wardrobe. Why not layer jewellery too?

here are some examples of ways you can layer necklaces together …

this one we have put the silver drop pearl with a purple crystal necklace (doubled over with a jewellery clip)

here we used the Kaoss necklace with silver drop pearl underneath

The Joan of Ark Necklace sits over the Silver Disk Necklace …
One of my favourites the Tigers Eye and Turquoise is doubled up and worn over the Large Silver Heart
The Kaoss Necklace teamed up with a sterling silver heart

Pearl and Crystal (extended with the magnetic bracelet) with the white Drop Pearl Necklace.
Have some fun experimenting yourself.

>Caring for Silver …
A popular Enjoy Jewellery Necklace is the Personalised Name Necklace which is engraved with the names of your choice on sterling silver tags. All parts of this necklace (balls, chain and tags) are all sterling silver – therefore require looking after.

Enjoy Jewellery provides you with a cleaning cloth when you purchase your Personalised Name Necklace – this is perfect to use to clean your silver. Use a low abrasive cleaner to remove some light tarnish. NEVER USE BLEACH TO CLEAN JEWELLERY. Some people will use toothpaste, but this is debated since some believe it may be too abrasive. If you wear your jewellery continually, sterling silver will develop a patina. This is a glow, combined with the darkened area. Some people prefer this look, but if you want the shiny look simply use a silver polish.

To avoid tarnishing, try to avoid the following:

* Applying hair colours or permanent solutions while wearing your jewellery.
* Showering or swimming with your jewellery on.
* Body lotions, hair spray, suntan lotions, or oils of any kind on your jewellery.
* Physical Activities (Sweat).
* Never removing your jewellery.

Another method of cleaning silver of fingerprints, and light grease/dirt is to use mild liquid soap, in a half cup of warm water. Make sure it is completely dry when finished.
Ultrasonic cleaners are great when cleaning certain pieces of jewellery. However, if you have many types of gemstones use caution when using one of these cleaners.
If your jewellery has gemstones, you will need to factor this into your cleaning methods. Some gemstones are soft, and can have the polish on the stone harmed. General rules to remember for cleaning gemstones is to NOT use toothpaste, especially for amber, lapis, and turquoise. The abrasive nature of toothpaste will scratch the surface. While many recommend toothpaste as a cleaner, it is not recommended by professional jewellers. Do not use it for soft stones at all.

We used Goddard’s Silver Foam to clean up these Personalised Name Necklaces, you can see the different between the dirty (Katya, Emra, Gianna) necklace and the clean one (Angus etc) We also use jewellery cloths to keep them clean (i keep one in my bag and just polish when i am waiting for the girls at dancing or at medicare etc) Some skin types turn jewellery dirty quicker … i fall into this catagory. Which makes wearing jewellery a little more higher maintenance. You can see the difference from the dirty to the clean …. a good way to start the week off!