>Custom Made Leather Charm Bracelets

we have new custom made leather charm bracelets available.

You custom make your bracelet with the beads you choose … for $35.00 you get your leather bracelet and get to pick 10 beads at that price. If you would like more beads they are $2.50 each … (some people like their bracelets full) My blue bracelet has three little girl charms (for each of my girls) i have 12 charms on my blue bracelet.
Once the bracelets are complete you cannot add any more charms.
If you need any more information email at chanelstuck@enjoyjewellery.com.au


Ipad Action ….

so excited to be updating the processes at Enjoy Jewellery to make everyone’s life easier. Next week we will start using the new Ipad at all Enjoy Jewellery Parties … so not only will we be entering the orders directly into the ipad, we can show you all sorts of photos and colours of jewellery ….
yippee! it is exciting ….
We have just been to New Zealand to see what NZ thought of Enjoy Jewellery too ….
and the news is good good good. …. NZ loves Enjoy Jewellery, so we will be looking for an Enjoy Jewellery representative over the ditch. Also, we are expanding in Australia … so if you know someone who also LOVES jewellery, make sure they let us know. (chanelstuck@enjoyjewellery.com.au)
We had a great time in NZ … such fun ladies, can’t wait to go back in November.

>Inspired this winter by …

* Stripes

* Cargopants

* Sequins (tops, skirts, pants, shoes … loving them right now)

* Long Boots

* Great Jackets

Favourite Jewellery right now:

* Joan of Ark Necklace (MN-1005)

* Kaoss Necklace (MN-1008)

* July Necklace of the Month (MN-10JUL)

* Steph Bracelet (MB-1018)