>Charm Love …

The Options Collection that Enjoy Jewellery offers was designed to be able to mix and match between different necklaces and bracelets using

charms that are special to you. The charms might be personalised (with loved ones names
stamped on them) or they might be things you love. My favourite is the new Tree of Life charm … new this week.

We have a few new charms this week and also our new Charm Holder which is a great
accessory to be able to mix and match.
Shown here on a sterling silver chain, it can be
worn on a necklace or on a chain style bracelet …

or if you get the Clip Charm version you can wear it on your chunkier necklaces …. shown here.

the other new charms are below … you can view more of Enjoy Jewellery’s charms here
Our charms are between $20 – $50 and are sterling silver.

Heart Inspiration

>We are all drawn to different shapes, colours, textures etc … i must confess i do love “hearts” and therefore thought this
week i’d share some of our Heart Shaped designs …. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and Scarves ….

One of my friends loves “stars” so i look out for interesting heart shaped pieces for her … if you have something you particularly love, or that inspires you … drop us a comment or email and let us know so we can keep a lookout for you.

Jewellery Storage

>Sometimes storing our jewellery can be a problem. People often ask me about the earring stands i use, or the way i store my different pieces. I will give you a sneak peak into the storage i have in my wardrobe … my husband installed this drawer – he got it from
Ikea, it is a pull out draw and perfect for all my bits and pieces. I will confess its a mess at the moment …. i need to spend some time and sort it out.

A lot of people tell me how they don’t use their jewellery because they have it all thrown in somewhere and its too hard to be bothered to go

through and find what they have. Depending on your amount of jewellery, i guess you can opt for different ideas to cope with what you have.

I got given one of these jewellery stands, which are handy for storing necklaces and earrings …

The earrings stands i use are from Howards Storage.

They also have a smaller one which might be helpful
for those of you with a smaller collection of earrings

This is a cute
idea for your wardrobe that i saw on Pinterest (you can follow us on Pinterest)
In the Enjoy office,

i have this cute Jewellery hook style storage … it is where i usually hang the new necklaces i am working on … i picked this one up from Target.
Another cute idea i found for earrings, are these cute flip flops (or jandles if you
come from NZ! wink)
I also use a hook in my wardrobe for longer leather necklaces …. i find this helpful!

When i was out today i saw these Jewellery storage bags …. which i thought could also be a great idea, they actually fold right up so you can then take your jewellery away with you.
If you have your jewellery stored well – it will not only look after the pieces you own, but make it much easier to use when getting inspiration for what you would like to wear.

Leather Wrap Bracelets

>A popular trend with the celebrities at the moment, these leather wrap bracelets are not only fun and fashionable, but a great way to add a splash of colour on your wrist. Many different colour ideas – black/silver, black/gold, brown/gold, grey/silver, grey/gold, orange/orange, turquoise/coral/pink, white/silver ….

we are excited to share a leather/pearl combination and also turquoise stone and leather for our new Winter collection.
The bracelets come with a few different options for sizing – you cut the leather off where it suits you – perfect. If you want to see more info click here