Fluro – Neon Trend

When i was in New York, it was a colour overload.  Not only in shop windows did i see bright Fluro and Neon colours everywhere … people were wearing bright funky clothes and shoes too.  I liked seeing all the bright colour – much nicer than drab winter colours.  Summer coming Neon and Fluro is going to be a huge trend, already Down Under its filtering in.

I have decided to start adding new jewellery to our collections every week, as some trend setters are wanting to get on the trends asap.  So this week i have a few Fluro Bracelets to start us off.  We are adding a New Products Tab to the website – where you will be able to click on it regularly and see what has been added the most recently.  We are constantly trying to make the website easier to use and a tool for inspiration.  We have now also merged the different collections into Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings Categories – to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.  If you have any recommendations, or things that would improve the website please tell us in the comments section – we really value our customers feedback, as we are trying to make life easier for you!

you can see our latest fluro neon bracelets here …  

We added some fluro with sparkle — of course we used Swarovski crystals!

and this Friendship Bracelet is only $15.00 – BARGAIN!

our last weeks winner is Sacha … congrats!


My mum has always loved owls, and when I meet someone who is an owl collector it’s fun to let them know that at Enjoy Jewellery we have some owl pieces for them to add to their collection. It’s easy to look up a specific item on the Enjoy Jewellery websiteyo this time I typed “owl” into the search and different options Enjoy has will come up – easy!

Our Owl Ring is a “one size fits all” which makes it easy to order – as it’s hard to order the right ring size sometimes. Good for gift ideas too ….

We have just created new “owl” scarf Jewellery.Theses are pieces you can add to your own scarves – another great gift idea (and only $15)

Back by popular demand is our Owl Pendant. A funky necklace that goes across the wardrobe ….

Our new Gold Owl Bangle has been popular straight away. Not only are the Owl lovers happy, this chunky gold bangle does options job in the fashion wardrobe. It is only $20 – such a great price.

We are hoping at bringing in Owl Earrings and a new style Owl Ring for the owl lovers out there.

If you are one …. Please let us know if you like these or have any other ideas. We love hearing your feedback.

We are giving away one of the NEW Owl Scarf Jewellery this week – you are in the draw when you post a comment here on our blog.

Last weeks winner is Linda Edwards ….






More from NYC … and a Giveaway!

New York is an amazing city.  Walking Fifth Ave and browsing the shop windows was one of the favourite things.  I recommend anyone to go and visit if they haven’t already.  Although it’s a massive city, it is so easy to navigate around once you know how the subway works. It’s so efficient and gets you around anywhere and everywhere!  The “people watching” in New York is a treat.  If you don’t get inspiration from the great array of stores, then the people watching will definitely help!


Enjoy was getting inspiration for our upcoming Summer 12 Collection.  It was interesting to see a lot of fluro colours in NYC … and although we have done this 20 years ago and I hear many of your saying “I’m not doing it again” I think with good accessories you will embrace the fluro trend that is coming.  Enjoy Jewellery will help … I promise!

Pastels are also a big look, especially mint green, salmon pink, grey, light turquoise …  they are soft and beautiful.  Gold will feature highly in our next collection.  I am overwhelmed by the choices … and am already excited about what this next collection will hold!

Will try and get some sneak peaks on their way for next week …

an idea i like …

I cannot help but Giveaway this cute Bow Ring straight from NYC … just leave a comment on this post and before next weeks blogpost we will draw a lucky winner.