Miss Enjoy Weekly Blogpost


me again, this week i went a bit more casual with the fashion idea. With the black underneath and the blue blazer i couldn’t really put another colour to this outfit. So using the silver and gold in the collar it keeps the blazer a feature. Because the blazer is long sleeve a small bracelet is all that is needed with a big ring to even it out. With the featured collar in the top you can’t put a necklace with it – so big earrings are perfect.

if you have any specific outfits you want me to do just leave me some feedback in the comments section.

also, we are giving away one of the big white rings shown in the fashion idea … so leave a comment to be in the draw 😉


love Katya xx

Presenting the NEW Miss Enjoy Weekly Blog Post

Introducing a new member to our team, Katya is a teenager who is going to give us her weekly fashion ideas  – using Enjoy Jewellery to accessorise the looks she loves.  This will be a great way for our younger customers to share their ideas and style and learn from each other.  Enjoy Jewellery caters for many age-groups and this is a good way for us to connect.

Katya will be blogging on Mondays and it will be called the Miss Enjoy Blog Post.  I will pass it over to her to kick off this week ….

hi, i look forward to sharing new ideas and keeping you up to date with the latest trends i like.  My first fashion idea to share i have added a chunky black bib necklace to dress up the plain jumper.  The small black studs won’t compete with the necklace and i chose the turquoise swarovski ring which matches with the jumper.  Love the floral pants.

hope you check in next week when we have a giveaway …. ily katya xxx

Directioner Rings & Earrings

Enjoy Jewellery have addd a few more Directioner Products for the 1D fans.  We now have sterling silver Directioner Rings $35 click here for more info

both the ring and earrings have the word “Directioner” included in the infinity symbol ..