Swarovski Shamballa Bracelets = LOVE!

Add colour and sparkle with Enjoy Jewellery’s range of Swarovski Shamballa Bracelets.  These bracelets are adjustable so one size fits all … which makes them a fabulous choice for gifts (with Christmas coming add these to your list)  I love them as they are an easy way to add great colour, and can be dressed up on down … so versitile.

The fluro/neon combo has been particularly popular this season with the Neon fashion trend.  The white is popular for summer … and generally all the colours available give you your favourite colour choice (or choices) to create a great outfit.  For only $29.00 these bracelets are not only great value with Swarvoski crystals, they are a fabulous fashion statement!  You will enjoy people asking you where you got it … so make sure you tell them Enjoy Jewellery :-)

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