New Jewellery for 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Here in Australia we have just had summer break … its been fantastic, to hang at the beach and re-charge for an exciting year ahead.

Enjoy Jewellery has exciting new jewellery coming … you will see some of our new jewellery here, with more unique, handmade, good quality pieces that will make your wardrobe work for you.  Our vision is to provide individual and fashionable pieces, that will help you extend the options to make more of your wardrobe.

Make sure to click on the New Products tab on the website to see the new items added each week …

This necklace is one of our favourite New pieces to come … stay tuned for this gorgeous statement necklace, that will steal the show!

this choker style necklace, is a great way to add colour to your outfit … we love this – coming soon ….

 Colourful bib …. we love a statement necklace

Silver Fern Sterling Silver RIng … especially for the Kiwis and Allblack supporters (New Zealanders)

colourful timber earrings … many different colours avaiable – these statement earrings give you great colour, without weighing your ears down

 New Leather Pearl Bracelets, avaialbe in purple, pink, white, blue and green … classy and fashionable

Mona Lisa Blue Bib Necklace … great colour, with a gorgeous stone coloured beaded feature … coming soon!

New One Direction Necklace … for all the Directioners out there

Sterling Silver Bow Ring … classy and timeless.  A must have …

This is just a snipit, of what is to come …. its going to be a great year, we are excited.  Hope you have made some Goals for the year ahead to make sure you get the most out of it.

we look forward to a fun year ahead with you … stay connected with Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, our weekly blog posts, fashion ideas and iphone app. :-)