925 Sterling Silver – buy good quality

Sterling silver jewellery is very popular.  These days you do not have to pay a fortune for good quality sterling silver.  Sterling silver jewellery should have the 925 stamp on it, so you know what you are buying … if not, you must make sure you are buying the genuine product from a good supplier.

Our sterling silver range keeps growing, as we add new designs to the collection.  The Infinity Jewellery is very popular and now comes with cubic zirconia stones

Enjoy Jewellery also has Directioner jewellery in 925 sterling silver, perfect for the One Direction Fans

the popular sterling silver ball bracelets made famous by Tiffany are a timeless piece … i wear mine every day.  They come is all different sizes from 4mm up to 14mm

Enjoy Jewellery also has a great range of sterling silver rings …. if you are looking for a particular design – you can contact us and we will try and provide what you are looking for email at info@enjoyjewellery.com.au

of course Enjoy Jewellery has beautiful 925 sterling silver earrings …. wear them every day, or change depending on your mood ….

then there is the Enjoy Jewellery range of sterling silver chains, necklaces and pendants

hand punched sterling silver heart pendant with names of your choice – a gift that is so meaningful

for that special sister

hand punched family washer charm … we change the people charm depending on your family :-) click here to see more about this item

Sterling silver can be cleaned easily with a polishing cloth, or if you are high maintenance then once every 5/6 months you can use some silver polish.  I love my sterling silver … its fun to be able to add to my collection :-)

Inspiration for NEW arrivals from Enjoy Jewellery ….

I LOVE <3 magazines …. i often don’t end up reading them, but i love love love looking at pictures.  I get so inspired by looking through mags … and they end up taking over my house, as then i cannot bear to part with them either.  While i was having my hair done (i’m lucky enough to have a clever sister who is a hairdresser – message me brisbane girls if you need a good hairdresser) i was flicking through the latest copy of Marie Claire magazine and was inspired by these shots for some of the new jewellery i have in for Enjoy Jewellery.

 these are some Enjoy Jewellery pieces that go back beautifully with this look ….


 hope this helps you get inspired to add heaps of colour to your wardrobe and create different looks.  Make sure you constantly click on our New Products tab to see our new additions … new jewellery arriving all the time, including Directioner and Belieber jewellery, also Infinity Jewellery and swarovski …. so much to choose from :-)