Emerald Green …. the colour for this year!

Pantone Colour of the Year for 2013 is EMERALD GREEN!

Love love love green, so i am excited about this.  Enjoy Jewellery has already a range of green to choose from, and some new styles being made as I type.  I am excited for the new jewellery to arrive (as always … anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have my business because I love jewellery and its exciting to work on new pieces – i love i get to wear them first)

straight off the runway, you will see plenty of emerald green in the fashion this year.  But don’t feel like you have to rush out and get a whole new wardrobe … Enjoy Jewellery provides accessory options so you create new looks with your existing wardrobe by adding some colour with jewels!

have fun with our new Green Jewellery arriving soon … keep checking the New Products tab on the website.

here is the Pantone Colour Chart for Fall (autumn) 2013

some cool colour combos to create stylish outfits.

let Enjoy Jewellery help you enjoy Emerald Green this 2013

Add Names … personalized jewellery

Its so nice to get a gift that has special meaning.  Enjoy Jewellery has a range of products that names or words can be added to.  Its a lovely gift idea, for yourself or a loved one.

Enjoy Jewellery has just added a new key ring to the collection, with a tag that can be personalized.  A heart or circle shaped tag can be hand punched which means it can be a unisex gift.

Enjoy Jewellery has also added a few new designs to the jewellery collection that can be hand punched with personalized names and words.

the sterling silver heart, can be a pendant

or it can be a charm which can go onto a bracelet or a necklace

Enjoy Jewellery also has two sizes of Dog Tags

choose what size chain you would like to wear these on.  Get one, or wear both together … and add whatever names you like.

I love having things that are meaningful, and its nice to give things that are meaningful as gifts.  Alot of my friends are turning 4 0 this year (me included) so i am enjoying giving them personalized gifts to remember this big occassion.

have a great FRIDAY … i love fridays :-)