Bling Rhinestone Lanyards, ID Pouches and Dials


These fabulous new additions to our accessory collection are super popular.  All sorts of people with different jobs and needs are snapping up these gorgeous sparkly lanyards.

blinglanyardsandid2use the ID pouch for displaying your concert tickets, gym pass, work id, sporting or dance pass, for birthday parties (add names), Hens Nights … so many ideas

breakeasylanyardsour Easy Break lanyards are perfect for Nurses, where this is an important feature with their job

blinglanyarddialif you have a card that you need to swipe, then you need our retractable dial … either match with your lanyard and ID pouch or mix it up to get a different look

blinglanyardsandid1buy the pieces individually ….. and create the lanyard that you need.  Wearing a lanyard for work can now be fashionable and fun.  Get your lanyard at and start shopping by clicking here