Bling Rhinestone Headbands – add some sparkle

who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?  Our new Bling Headbands are the perfect accessory to sparkle up.



We have adult and girls sizes … which are both proving very popular.  One customer is wearing a pink one to the P!nk concert tonight … perfect!



Multi is proving super popular, and we only have a few of this colour in stock … more coming in soon

blingbeachmy girls and I have been wearing them all the time, and of course getting tonnes of compliments :-)  my girls do dancing, and they just love them to wear at dancing …

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Ride to Conquer Cancer ….. Conquered!



After committing to Ride in the Ride to Conquer Cancer earlier this year alot seems to have happened.  Gary’s dad has been diagnosed and given months to live, we have merged our transport business, i have launched Enjoy Jewellery Box … its all gone so fast. Team Yabba did an amazing job raising $20 000 between the four of us, and everyone was pretty excited to get the legs moving now the fundraising had been done.  Gary had helped me get my bike ready the night before and had our girls (and himself) write messages i could read on the ride. It was so awesome, as there were actually times i was riding by myself … which given 1300 people were riding i didn’t expect would happen.  I loved looking down and seeing their messages.



Apart from my team, i was lucky to know quiet a few people riding too which made the journey so fun.  I was so touched by the amount of cancer survivors who had their yellow flags on their bikes.  I had to congratulate each of them when i saw them, as i thought it was a challenge when i had not even had cancer to battle in my life.



Our team had organised a fundraising dinner in June to help raise our funds, and the night of the dinner everyone who attended were invited to ride the names of loved ones who had lost their fight or were fighting cancer.  We rode for all those people, it was a privilage!


ridestopthe ride was broken up into different stages with pit stops to get drinks, food, sunscreen, lip balm, have a toilet stop … this is the second pit stop on the first day.

ridefriendswe had fun along the way, and lucky for me i had friends to help me when i punctured only 5 kms from the finish on the first day :-( i was just at the turn off … i couldn’t believe it!

ridepunwhen we got into camp, we enjoyed showers and a rest.  All these tents had been erected and numbered.  This was the accomodation




I actually rocked up to the wrong tent by accident … which proved to add a few laughs.  I made a few extra friends LOL


we had a delayed start due to heavy fog on sundayridefog

rideclIt was a challenging day on Sunday, my legs were hurting alot, and by half way i just wanted to get home.  I kept thinking about all those people with the yellow flags, or even worse all those who would love to be riding but who couldn’t.  I would be lying if I didn’t tell you i wasn’t elated to cross the finish line and see my family

ridemumof course the journey would not have been complete without jewellery

ridebraceletevery yellow cycling bracelet we sell $10 goes to Conquer Cancer – of course i was wearing mine and also had yellow crystal earrings to get into the spirit of yellow!

yellowstudsits a good feeling to help support a good cause.  I encourage everyone to do something similar.








Colourful Fun … affordable fashion

Summer has come early …..




Summer has come early in Brisbane, and it makes me want to wear my bright jewels! Love my bargain palm tree pants from K Mart … who said looking great had to be expensive?  They are the perfect base to add different colours for different looks.  Today I have added hot pink swarovski elements crystals, but you could easily dress it down for a casual look too.
Our beautiful bibs, are the perfect necklace to add great colour … teamed back with a plain singlet/t shirt or a dressy top or black dress these bib style necklaces can be adjusted to wear at the length that suits you.  I love the versatility of that.

i love that summer is coming :-)


colorfulbeadedbib pinkswarvdome




Top:  Glassons

Pants: K Mart

Earrings:  Enjoy Jewellery Swarovski Elements Ball Stud Earrings – hot pink

Necklace:  Enjoy Jewellery Metallic Beaded Bib Necklace

Bracelets: Enjoy Jewellery –  handbeaded sterling silver bracelet, sterling silver inspiration bracelet love,fun,family, hematite winter crystal bracelet

Ring:  Enjoy Jewellery Swarovski Elements Dome Ring – Hot Pink

Enjoy Jewellery Box Monthly Jewellery Subscription


Enjoy Jewellery is excited to announce the launch of ENJOY JEWELLERY BOX monthly jewellery subscriptions. Now you can get beautiful jewellery of your choice delivered to your door EVERY month.  

Everyone loves getting mail, and even better getting a gift box!  You receive 2 pieces of gorgeous jewellery in our enjoy jewellery boxchanel-035


When you subscribe you save on retail prices and also get special benefits as a member. You get 15% off all Enjoy Jewellery stock all the time when shopping.  You receive special discounts and offers only for members and a Christmas gift every year.

To make sure you get jewellery you love, we have 7 different categories to choose from

  • Boho
  • Classic
  • Trendy
  • Casual
  • Glamour
  • Rock
  • Vintage
  • Mixed Box (all of the above in random picks)

there are also 4 different levels of price to choose from – the price includes shipping to your door.


There is also an option to gift months to friends and family.  This option helps you save time and money.  Once you nominate the months you would like to gift, we then send the box that month to your person of choice instead of your receiving it.  We can drop a note if its a birthday or special occassion.  This saves you time and money.



You can cancel your subscription at any time, and there are different payment options if you prefer to pay by the month

Enjoy Jewellery Box is giving away a FREE month on the subscription if you sign up in the month of August click here to find out more

WIN a subscription on our facebook page – GOOD LUCK!