Enjoy Jewellery now does Crossfit Jewellery

Those of you who know me, know I’ve always been pretty active.  Four months ago i started doing Crossfit, and was immediately hooked.  Its a tough sport, a cross between gymnastics and weight lifting it is super challenging and has many different components to master.  I love that every day is different, and there are always so many things to work on.

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I also really really love the community.  Here in Brisbane i am part of the Crossfit Desire box.  The team work and friendships are so great, everyone is super supportive and i just love the new friends i have made.  It was an easy progression to start working on some Crossfit jewellery … and the Crossfit community seem to be embracing my designs.  I have started posted new designs on instagram, and its exciting to see the comments and requests for people to purchase after seeing the photos.  I will still continue to work on new designs, I have put some designs on the enjoy jewellery website – you can see them here


If you have special requests, please email me and i can see what i can do.  These designs are open to other sports and hobbys too.  Obviously these pieces have kettle bell, dumb bell, crossfit and love (with a kettlebell) charms on them … but all could be adapted to different sports and hobbies using different charms.


Its super fun for me mixing my passions …. this week i am going to give away a Crossfit Charms Necklace.  Just leave a comment to be in to win – good luck!  A winner will be picked before the next blog post :-) (necklace is featured below)



Black and White Trend at Enjoy Jewellery








Black and White is one of our current trends.  I just love it …. i know that i sound like i love everything, and lets be honest, i kind of do! LOL! i guess i am good at embracing the now and getting on it! Those that know me personally know i am pretty ampted with energy … so its easy for me to use that energy for good! wink!  that means a good dose of shopping … he he!

so i am loving the black and white … and my job is to provide you with many cool options to make your wardrobe work for you.  I have an order just arrived in with many new things i’ve just designed … super excited about that.  ive just snapped one of my new black and white bracelets that i had to wear straight away!  its so perfect!



above i’ve doubled up with a silver necklace and cross pendant, and our gorgeous new Aztec Black & White Sparkle … which i am wearing long, but it can be worn 3 ways and even can be a bracelet = LOVE!


above the Silver Disking Necklace just goes with everything … super versitile.  It can be adjusted to different lengths too!  LOVE the black and white diamond statement earring – perfect!20130815-_MG_2414-Edit 20130815-_MG_2415-Editthe chunky pearl ring is a fav!  but who doesn’t love the cruizer bike … super fun!

blackandwhitebracelet baliloveblk bohobeadbw sparklecuff Midnight Magic bracelet cuffforeverbwhere are more fab options for helping create a great black and white look

be inspired xxx