Happy New Year 2014 from Enjoy Jewellery

I realise its not exactly January 1st … but here in Australia we have summer holidays now, and I tend to go offline a little and enjoy some family time with my husband and 3 daughters (also friends and family)


The girls go on holidays for about 7 weeks or so at the beginning of Dec, and although I love the change of routine, I hate it also. I am pretty routine orientated, so I find it difficult to function without my usual daily events.  I guess we all have our challenges, it happens every year to me, then just as I am getting used to winging it, we head back to routine again! LOL


I do like the fresh start of a new year … I like to make goals.  Individually I make goals for myself as a person, trying to create a better version of myself … as a family we make goals, we make goals for our marriage and of course our businesses.  I am excited what 2014 will bring for Enjoy Jewellery.  In 2013 I launched Australia’s first monthly jewellery subscription Enjoy Jewellery Box which has been taken with great enthusiasm … I mean who doesn’t love getting jewellery to their door every month … fabulous.  This year Enjoy Jewellery will continue to improve this service and listen to your feedback.


2013 also saw the launch of our Crossfit Collection which has received much excitement all over the world.  I am sending orders to USA, England, Italy and recently Brazil and Malaysia – of course Australia and New Zealand as well.  I started Crossfit myself last year, so it was exciting to combine the two passions.  Crossfitters are passionate about crossfit so its no surprise the Crossfit Jewellery has been a big hit.  Its awesome for me to be able to share something I love with everyone else too.  I look forward to adding to this range this year.

Our Enjoy Jewellery Ambassadors were chosen at the end of last year, and they will be on board starting this month – very exciting for them and Enjoy Jewellery.

Another exciting new product will be launched shortly also … so stay tuned, many fun things happening in 2014

I am working on new jewellery to add to our already exciting collection, and taking bookings for Jewellery Parties if you live in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast areas …. they are heaps of fun and no pressure.