New Enamel Cuff Bangles at Enjoy Jewellery

So excited about these gorgeous new enamel cuff bracelets.  A hot trend in the fashion industry right now, cuff bracelets are a gorgeous way to add some personality to your wrist.  Now our new collection of bangles will help you finish your outfits perfectly.


Black and white is a continuing trend, so the following black and white cuffs are perfect to add that edge to your outfit.

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The animal print trend is never going to die, and the perfect accessory are these animal print enamel cuff bangles.  They are so funky



Or add some colour …. these enamel cuffs with elephant feature, are fabulous and a great gift idea too.  Treat yourself, or someone else :-)

shop now here –

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Valentine’s Day why not give a Custom Charm?

I love Valentines Day … I know its a commercial, man-made thing … but I still think its wonderful to have a good, feel good day where we make an effort for those we love.  Enjoy Jewellery has helped with many valentines day presents this year, our choice of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, key rings, lanyards, crossfit jewellery and floating lockets have given many options in different price ranges.


My latest Custom Charms have been a popular choice this Valentine’s Day as they are a personal gift made to order.

take any image or picture, like this one I screen shot from instagram from one of the guys I follow.


I then cropped it and turned it into a charm to wear on my Crossfit Charms Necklace, the beauty of the charm is that it can go on different pieces of jewellery.  I love how versatile that is.


so any image or photo can be turned into a charm or a charm necklace.  This creates a personal piece of jewellery that is very meaningful for the owner :-)



This is the reading we had at our wedding.  I am going to turn this into a charm as its very meaningful for me.  This will be my valentine gift to myself :-) If you would like to create a charm or necklace find out more info at – put custom charm into the search



Valentines Day is almost here ….

Valentines Day is less than 2 weeks away.  Its a lovely celebration – a chance to remember the love in our life.  Or to show our feelings for someone we think is hot :-) Enjoy Jewellery has ideas for every budget … a small token, or a larger gift if your budget extends.

Our newest product are our Custom Charms.  These are a beautiful way to create a photo or image in to a piece of meaningful jewellery.  Make a charm that can be attached to a necklace or bracelet – like this one (this is my motto for this year … to remind me of my goals)



Another option is creating a charm necklace, sending us your image or photo and then choosing the length of necklace – you can also add an extra charm to go with it  like this one.

The possibilities are endless, its a really exciting way to make a personalised gift.

Our floating lockets are another way of creating a unique and personalised piece of jewellery.  Choose your style of locket, then your choice of 5 different charms.  You can add initial, birthstones, and other charms to personalise it for the person it is for.  There are so many stunning combinations.


If its fashion jewellery you are after, Enjoy Jewellery has a great variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings …. also accessories like bling lanyards and head bands, leather head ties, and bling key rings.

If you are CrossFit addict or a fitness fanatic Enjoy Jewellery has a unique range of fitness jewellery with kettle bells, barbells, inspiration charms, crossfit and lifting charms.  We also have Crossfit Floating Lockets …. a special gift to give.


Remember Valentines Day with something special …. if you need to send our details to your loved one, then help them along their way so you have a special treat on February 14th :-)  I am planning on making a nice dinner for my husband this year.  Lucky HIM!