Bling Lanyards, Bling Headbands, Bling USB’s, Bling Key Rings

Love some bling in your life?


We have just the products you will love.  Bling Lanyards … sparkly and pretty, for all those people who have to wear lanyards to work.  They are great for dance concerts, sports, teachers love them, nurses, birthday parties and many more things.  They come in many different colours.  Perfect for any occasion and only $5.95 each.  Visit now to order your choice.


Our Bling Lanyards with retractable dials are perfect for any people who need to be swiping cards constantly.



Our Bling ID cases are perfect for gym passes, work passes, parking … so many things.


Our Bling USB’s are perfect and store 30gb … heaps of storage and a great price at only $24.95


love a sparkly head band?  from $5.95 you can grab yourself a treat


and why not bling your keys up too?


visit and add some bling to your life


Bling USB 30GB – big storage and pretty too!

Who doesn’t need a good USB?  Now you can not only get a 30GB USB that holds heaps of storage, but have something pretty and sparkly too.


Enjoy Jewellery’s Bling USB’s are the perfect accessory for any fashionista who loves their sparkles



Packaged in plastic for safety in transit, also looking cute in a pink organza bag – ready to give as a gift if needed.

head over to and find these gorgeous Bling USB’s in the accessory’s category.

Crossfit Bracelet and Fitness Bracelet Options from Enjoy Jewellery


If you love fitness like I do, then you will love our range of Crossfit jewellery and Fitness Jewellery including Crossfit Bracelets, Crossfit Necklaces, Crossfit Lockets, Crossfit Keychains, Fitness Bracelets that go over a range of different sports and activities including weight lifting, cycling, triathlon, running, swimming, rowing, surfing (to name a few)  if you have a specific sport you would like to capture, I can do my best to source the appropriate pieces to create something special for you.


When you love what you do, then its fun to make that an extension of your day … and by wearing a Crossfit Bracelet or Fitness Bracelet you are reminded of your love all the time.


I can add inspiration charms that can create a meaningful Crossfit Bracelet that not only looks awesome, but are a constant source of motivation and drive, I love that!


This bracelet is also a necklace … so cool



Inspiration Jewellery that is Meaningful

I have had many requests lately for the Inspiration Jewellery I have been creating.  Seems that other people are also like myself, cherishing jewellery that is meaningful and speaks to them.  I wearing something that I do not want to take off … something that has more meaning than just fashion (even though fashion is fun)


This weeks new design includes this beautiful sterling silver heart – Life is Fun, I Believe in Myself … this charm is also a necklace


I made this Leather wrap bracelet for a Runner, with sterling silver running charm and inspiration charm too


This bracelet I made as a gift for a Triathlete, it is on the Millefori glass beads


This Sterling Silver 8mm Ball Bracelet has the inspiration charm “Go Forward and Make Your Dreams Come True”


This necklace I made up for a cyclist … it turned out beautifully


If you have a special sport or interest you would like to capture on jewellery please email or call 1300848275 … I love happy customers