My journey with Paleo …

limeEating is a very important part of life.  Being an athlete, who trains 6 days a week what i eat is extremely important.  What is interesting is how little we are taught about how important the food we eat is.  I know as children we get taught about the food pyramid and what we should and shouldn’t eat, but i dont think we are educated correctly about exactly how food works in our bodies.

Its really only been the last 3 years I have cleaned up my diet.  When we are younger we can get away with eating and drinking what we like with not so much side effects.  I am not sure if this is just because the body is newer or because we are not so in tune – maybe it is a combination of both.  However, as we age … and personally for myself, I still wanted to have energy and performance, so I started looking to what I could change.  Kinesiology has also been an interesting tool in learning what does and doesn’t work for my body.

I have battled with sugar for most of my life, and finally got a handle on it after reading the book Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.  It was amazing reading the findings and it made sense at how our society was ballooning in weight.  This was a catalyst for me kicking the sugar habit.  It was probably a similar time or even before that I went Gluten free.  This was a great change to my digestion, and I realised that it was a beneficial thing for my body.

Another ongoing issue I had had throughout my life was sinus infections.  I hit a point where I got sick and just could not shake this infection, i ended up having 3 re-occurrances within a 3 month period.  I elliminated diary and they went away ….

I was visitng a friend in New Zealand and she was telling me how she was trying the Paleo diet, I read the book she had, and figured it wouldn’t be too hard for me to try seen as I already had ellimated dairy and sugar (mostly) I found eating this way I definitely had more energy, and generally felt alot better.  It was shortly after this that I started Crossfit.  It was ironic that i learnt Crossfit endorced the Paleo diet, as I was already eating this way 80% of the time.  I think now people think i am Paleo because of Crossfit, however that is not the case.

I know for me, food is fuel.  It is what gives me energy to do what i do … and for those people trying to loose weight it is 80% of the weightloss process.  For me personally kicking the sugar was probably one of the biggest steps.  Sugar can be such a big problem … and I am happy to be free of that.

People ask me about my eating … here are a couple of my tips.

1. Be Organised – if you know what you are going to eat then you don’t fall off the wagon so easily

2. Make food yourself – then you know what is in it – and it saves you alot of money

3. Make sure food is a fresh and in its natural state as possible … ie stay away from the snack food isle in the supermarket

4. Cook extra at dinner, this gives you lunch the next day


I have just made a Lime Cordial, that i will mix with soda water (or you could add vodka etc if you wanted)

we have a Lime Tree, and this morning I made my Lime Cordial

1  3/4 xylitol

7-8 limes juiced (300ml)

put into a saucepan on med heat and bring to a slow boil until xylitol disolved.  Pour into squeeky clean bottle and store in the fridge.

Why is there a BIG SALE at Enjoy Jewellery?

There is a HUGE SALE over at Enjoy Jewellery.  The reason for this big sale needs some explanation, as this sale due to a change in direction at Enjoy Jewellery.


Many of you that follow me on social media will have seen the change in direction on my posting, to a more Fitness based product and content.  Those that know me, know that I am a fit person, for those of you that do not know me I am going to give you my story now.

I have always been an athlete, starting when I was at school doing athletics.  I was a 400m runner (that was my main distance) and I had high jump records.  I also played other sports like netball, basketball etc and after finishing school and meeting my boyfriend at the time (now husband) learnt to windsurf.  This progressed to competing in Windsurfing, and on moving to Australia became Queensland champion.  A change to triathlon I was soon competing in Triathlon and usally placing in the top 3 as an age-group athlete 20-24 year old category.  After getting married and having 3 children, I stayed active, running, swimming, riding and recently discovered Crossfit.


I have been Crossfitting since June 2013 and quickly became addicted to it.  Soon after I started making a few pieces of jewellery with crossfit and fitness charms for myself and soon this spread to others wanting them too.  In the past year, I have morphed Enjoy Jewellery into making Fitness and Inspiration Jewellery.  Jewellery that is meaningful to the individual.  I can customise to any sport, at this time I have made pieces for Cross Fit, Fitness, Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Swimming, Rowing, Hockey, Roller Derby ….


I believe regardless of your sport, fitness, level or ability we all face the same challenges.  We have to commit, we have bad days, we need motivation, we hurt, we achieve, we hit Personal Bests …. I am trying to incorporate some of these emotions and passion into the jewellery, so when you are wearing it you are reminded of the journey you are on.  It doesn’t matter if you get up to walk around the block to get in shape, or you are an elite athlete these are relevant to us all.

So, I have made the decision to focus on the Fitness and Inspiration Jewellery, and therefore that is why you will find amazing bargains on beautiful jewellery.  First in – best dressed.  Have fun grabbing yourselves bargains, and look forward to some exciting new changing coming in the time to come.

bravestronghappy (2)

Fit & Style is going to be the new name, however it will take some time to make the changes.  You will find the Fitness and Inspiration jewellery under that category on the Enjoy Jewellery website until things fall into place.  If you follow me on social media, I will be starting to share recipes, things I have learnt about fitness, and just my journey trying to juggle my family, fitness and life ….




blackandwhitecuffCUFFS $14.95

STERLING SILVER BOW RING  $24.95 (half price)bowringcl



Barbell Cufflinks, Cycling Cufflinks

My husband has been asking me for years to get some items for Men.  I now am excited to share our NEW Barbell Cufflinks  and also Cycling Cufflinks.  Father’s Day is coming up … keep these ideas in mind.


These Barbell Cufflinks are perfect for the Fitness finatic or Gym Junkie … you can find out more info about them here

bikecufflinkshow awesome are these Cycling Cufflinks?  Cycling is such a massive sport now, its so great to see many people out cycling now, when I was training Triathlon, there were hardly any female cyclists – now there are so many girls out riding, and generally the cycling population is huge.  Its great to see.  If you have a loved one that rides … then maybe these would be a good gift idea.  Check out the details here 


Barbell Necklace – perfect for the Strong Women

Fitness and Sport jewellery are my favourite things to create.  I love that something meaningful can be worn and has so much emotional connection to the person wearing it. This is why i love using the hashtag “Wear Your Passion” when i create something and post pictures to share.

My newest addition to the Fitness & Crossfit Collection is the Barbell Necklace.  This chain (with extender chain for adjustment) has a cute barbell pendant.  Its perfect just like this

barbellnecklace1 barbellnecklace


and such a great price click here for all the details

Make it more personal by adding your initial



or even something inspirational …. this is my personal favourite, inspired by Carl Paoli the awesome gymnastics coach