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After damaging my shoulder wakeboarding, the pain in my shoulder never settled.  After some time I decided to seek help.  I actually started with acupuncture, which was not successful as I was to learn I would need surgery after seeing a shoulder physio and then a Sports Doctor (who was very conservative and was not recommending surgery unless I really thought I needed it.  He advised I would never have 100% recovery)  I decided to go ahead with the surgery and considering I did not have the symptoms of a tear (lack of sleep etc) I expected to go to hospital and have the joint cleaned up.

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After surgery I woke up to my arm in a sling, a morphine balloon stuck in my shoulder for pain and the harsh reality an 80% tear in my supraspinatus been repaired and a bone spur removed.  The consequence being 6 weeks in a sling and 6 months to fullrecovery.  I instantly burst into tears, this was not the news I expected.  I went in to have a clean-up.  I ended up staying an extra day in hospital as I could not get the pain under control.  I was so surprised at the pain in this joint.  After having back surgery, I did not expect this to be as bad … however, the pain from shoulder surgery is far greater and more acute.007

Because it was my right arm, I was unable to do a lot of things in the time I had the sling on.  I could not cook, drive, type … I really had to get my head in the right space.  After having a “poor me” afternoon where I cried most of the afternoon … I quickly realised I was the only one that was suffering, and this was not going to be a good behaviour pattern going forward.  I gave myself a talking to, and realised a positive attitude was what was needed to survive this time.  So from that time onward, I kept reminding myself that it was only 6 weeks, not permanent … I was not dying, there were many more things worse than this.  I started walking to the shops, catching the bus.  It was like a forced holiday.

After 6 weeks, I was able to remove the sling … I was so happy to see the end of the sling, and frightened by the sight of my arm which had withered away.  It was a little frightening to see the muscle wastage.  I had physio every week and had exercises to do.  I was diligent with every step of recovery.  At 12 weeks I was able to start light weights again.  Because my movement patterns had changed (I was hitching up my shoulder using my traps) I started my weights program under the observation of a personal trainer who could watch my every movement.  I had to start again and build my arm, back and shoulder back up again using very light weights.

Unfortunately, in the process of recovery I did suffer some frozen shoulder in a section of the capsule.  This is a very painful condition, and it was a setback.  I found relief and recovery using a lacrosse ball to roll on up and down my back … there were all these very sore spots that seemed to be related to the frozen shoulder situation, eventually this method helped and worked to free the shoulder.  I kept at the weights and slowly built back up the strength.  It was definitely 6 months before I was recovered, and probably another 12 months before I didn’t think about my shoulder every day.

I now do Crossfit and am very fit and strong.  I can say that my shoulder is 100% fixed.  I have just mastered the bar muscle up this week which is a very difficult move.  Full recovery is achievable, my advice is to work with a good physio, do what you are told and follow a weights program that can be monitored.


Good luck to anyone reading this article preparing for surgery.  Positive mind, positive attitude … you will be fine.  Feel free to email me at with any extra questions.  Or visit my website

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Happy New Year 2015

chanel2xu4I love the start of a New Year.  The clean slate, and the chance to make new goals.  I think its really important to set goals, and then break it down into tasks to get you to the end result.  Obviously everyone will have their own unique goals.  We try to have individual goals, goals for our marriage, for our family and for our businesses.

I like to also take time to reflect on the year that has passed and what i’ve achieved in that year.  See if i achieved my goals, and if i didn’t why?

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My vision is to inspire and help people at all stages of their fitness journey with themed & customised pieces to remind them of what they love and their goals.  Personally I believe age is irrelevant so I am setting an example to stay strong and fit and happy, for my 3 daughters but also for everyone.  I want to live every day to the fullest and be the most authentic version of myself, I want to make a difference in people’s lives and set an example by the way I live and what I stand for that anything is possible – at any age. Stay in touch on my journey … we can do this together :-)