Fitness Friday – Pacific Regionals

Hope your week has been great.  How is the training going?  Are you a runner, crossfitter, cyclist, gym junkie, yogi?  I’ve been modding this week, it is my last week of modifying before I can start back lifting and squatting.  I have been doing lots of strict pullups, ring dips and handstand pushups … I know this will help these movements when I get to start back properly again.  Below is our Bench Press workout we did this week.


Going down to Wooloongong last weekend was so fun.  You can see photos from the trip on my instagram account @fitandstyle_ or on facebook.  For those of you who do not CrossFit.  In CrossFit we do the CrossFit Open which is a worldwide event.  From there the top 30 in the region (both men and women) go to the Regionals to compete for spots to the CrossFit Games in Carson USA.  The CrossFit Games is like the World Champs for CrossFit, the best in the world come together to battle it out for the top spots.  This was my first time to the Pacific Regionals (as i am coming up 2 years of CrossFitting next week)  It was a great atmosphere, getting to see so many people I know and the fittest in the Pacific Region doing their best.  It puts it into perspective when you watch these athletes and then go and attempt the WOD yourself … big reality check.  Dave Castro was there on the friday, and he was such a good sport – stopping to let us take photos.


Met some new peeps on my travels … the lovely Kayla who was interviewing all the winners.  She is a sweetheart and wore Fit and Style Kettlebell earrings :-)

kaylaalso the overall winner of the female division, the power house Kara Webb – a Brisbane girl, we are super proud of her, and behind her as she takes on the CrossFit Games.


It’s great to have people to inspire you.  I think part of the fitness journey is to be able to connect with people who keep you motivated.  It doesn’t matter what sport you do or type of fitness, weather it is a motivational quote or following someones journey on instagram, having a source of inspiration I find is really helpful – especially on the days you are tired, sore or just have lost your mojo.


Here are the kettlebell earrings Kayla was wearing … I love them because you can wear them training too (they don’t get in the way) you will find them here 

kettlebell stud



peppermintoilyl (2)

Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermintoilyl (2)Peppermint essential oil is by far one of my favourite essential oils to use.  There are many great every day uses, what first drew me to this great oil was its benefits for exercising. Putting a drop on the back on my neck (I also put it on my wrists and I can smell it when I want) opens the airways and I feel like I get more oxygen in.  I feel it makes a difference to my training.  I have Gary using it in the afternoons to wake himself up (instead of drinking coffee) I also add a drop in my smoothies, which I love and is really good for your digestion.  I will give you some more info here from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book …


Peppermint is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Jean Valnet, MD, studied peppermint’s effect on the liver and respiratory systems.  Alan Hirsch, MD, studied peppermint’s ability to directy affect the brain’s satiety center (the ventromedial nucleus of the hupothalamus) which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals.  A highlyl regarded digestive stimulant.

Medical Properties:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antitumoral
  • antiparasitic (worms)
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antifungal
  • gallbladder/digestive stimulant
  • pain relieving
  • curbs appetite


  • Rheumatism/arthritis
  • respiratory infections
  • obesity
  • viral infections
  • fungal infections
  • digestive problems
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • skin conditions
  • back problems


I have found peppermint really good for headaches.  I have applied peppermint, panaway and valor together.  Here is a headache blend from the book


Make sure if you are using peppermint on your skin to keep away from your eyes, as it stings if you get it in your eyes (personal experience can vouch for this)  You can diffuse or I take peppermint in water or my smoothies too (only 1 drop needed)

I use the Anti-Inflammation Blend to use for sore muscles.

Combine and use on your body where you are sore.

cough (2)You can take these oils a drop of each with water or in a capsule.

If you wish to sample peppermint oil to try yourself click here




Amanda Allen – Wonder Woman Wednesday –

This gallery contains 3 photos.

It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday where I share a little info about some amazing, inspiring women that are setting great examples out in the world for us all to aspire to.  I am excited to kick this off with the two times CrossFIt Masters Champion Amanda Allen. For those of you who are not CrossFitters, Amanda competed […]

Screenshot (293)

Word Bead Bracelets – create your own

I love jewellery that is personal and meaningful.  These Word Bead Bracelets are the perfect way of creating a piece that talks to you through the day.  Your choice of 3  sterling silver beads that have words stamped on them.  A large choice of words are available to create meaningful bracelets.

Screenshot (293)

My 3 words are Balance, Family & Peace – i have these on a black stone bracelet.  I’ll be honest though, i needed 3 more :-) so i have a sterling silver option that has the following Strength, Faith, Believe … its such a hard decision as many of these words i need reminding of.  Especially being a mother, like patience and wisdom.


I love seeing what beads are chosen for bracelets … most of them are different and unique.  I have done many of these for special birthdays using the Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friends beads … such a beautiful gift to give, and when you choose the giftwrap option you now get a beautiful Inspiration Card that goes with the gift – perfect!

wordbeadblueanythingfront (2)

You will find out more about these bracelets here 


Happy Tuesday :-)




Paleo Choc Brownie

This is my go-to Paleo Choc Brownie Recipe.  It has been adapted from the Primal Pantry Paleo Brownie which is very similar.  This is a treat, so remember to eat it sparingly … it is very good with a cup of coffee.

Being Monday I hope you have taken some time to plan your week and get yourself organised for your workouts and some good eating options.  Planning is so important in the journey of achieving … make yourself a priority :-)




Choc Brownie Melt



Fitness Friday – 50 reasons to exercise!

Well I am back to CrossFit this week.  I have 2 more weeks of modding (modifying) and not being able to lift the barbell or squats.  My upper body has taken a beating … its a good feeling though.  I am making sure I stretch, roll out and mobilise all these muscles that are sore.  It makes me happy exercising … I get the good endorphins.  I think it balances my emotions out.chanel2xu7

I have a few friends trying to get back into fitness.  I think its a really good idea to give yourself a reward when you are trying to start again, so when you start getting sore and you loose motivation you have something to keep you on track.  Think about something that you would really love (don’t use food) maybe a new dress, or make up or a date to the movies.


The other thing I really want to point out is how important it is to choose an exercise that you enjoy.  For me it is CrossFit, but that is not for everyone.  You need to enjoy what you do or you will not keep doing it.  Keep trying new things until you find out what you love.  It has to become part of your lifestyle to really impact your body and your life.  50-reasons-to-exerciseThere are so many good reasons to move … Neila Ray gives us 50 reasons right here!

I hope this helps those of you that are struggling.  Please feel free to message with any questions or topics I am happy to help if I can.  Have a great Friday :-)

fitHappy Friday!




Lavender Essential Oil help you sleep better


I was drawn to trying the essential oils initially for my fitness.  Because I train hard, recovery is an important part of the process.  If you are not recoverying for the next session, obviously your body struggles.  I have heard about Lavender all my life.  Everyone knows lavender helps you to sleep and rest, but until I became addicted to oils, i did not realise just how amazing Lavender essential oil is – it can be used for so many things.


Here is some specific information taken from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book that I am going to share.

After age 40, sleep quality and quantity deteriorate noticeably as melatonin production in the brain declines.  Supplemental melatonin has been researched to dramatically improve sleep/wake cycles and combat age-related insomnia.  Insomnia may also be caused by bowel or liver toxicity, poor heart function, negative memories and trauma, depression, mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, or underactive thyroid.

The fragrance of many essential oils can exert a powerful, calming effect on the mind through their influence on the limbic region of the brain.  Historically, lavender sachets or pillows were used for babies, children and adults alike.

I use Lavender each night in my diffuser. diffuserThis works the best as both Gary and myself get the benefit as it diffuses the oil into the air for use to breath in.  When i am really struggling to sleep i also put the oil on my feet. This works well because the pores in your feet are larger and absorb the oils faster. Reflexology also comes into play … i will need to do a complete seperate post on this topic.  You can also put a drop of lavender on your pillow (be careful – only one drop, you want to wake up) or i pop a drop on my youngests toy she sleeps with, she loves this.  Popping oils on kids feets work wonders.  Although my girls all want diffusers now too.

Here are some more uses for lavender

  • Respiratory Infections
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Menstrual problems
  • PMS
  • skin conditions – perneal repair, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks
  • Burns
  • hair loss
  • insomnia
  • nervous tension

The reason I love these oils, is because out there True Lavender is often adulterated with hubrid lavender (lavandin), synthetic linalol, and linalyy acetate, or synthetic frangrance chemical like ethyl vanillin.  It may smell the same but it does not work – not good!  I really recommend in investing in the real oil, that can do so much for you and can be used for so many remedys.


If you would like to try a sample, please contact me here – i would love you to give it a try and let me know if you love it as much as i do.



New Inspiration Jewellery this week

I love my job.  I get to combine my passions … my love of fitness and inspiration, and my love of jewellery.  It makes me so happy when someone emails me telling me how excited they are to get their new piece and how much they love it, or the friend they are giving it to will love it.  Its really fullfilling, makes me happy :-)


I am constantly working on new pieces, new ideas … i have new charms being made this week … lets just say Fit Mums are going to love one in particular :-)

Here are a few new additions this week



new bracelet designs … all with sterling silver charms you can see them here 

nevergiveupchain (2)

Never Give Up sterling silver tag necklace you will find here

namaste (2)


maybe you would like to add Namaste Charm to a bracelet or necklace?

Of course these Fitness Inspiration Bracelets are super popular and loved by many, i think because you can choose the charms that suit you. WIN one of these gems by entering our Fit & Style competition this month.

fitnessinspirationabracelets (2)Win an INSPIRATION BRACELET

Good Luck and happy Wednesday … next wednesday i will be bringing you an interview from an inspirational woman #wonderwomanwednesday :-)

Be Your Best xxx



Quinoa & Goji Slice … sweet treats!

Happy Monday!

I know that if I am organised with good food on hand, by choices for eating are a lot better. Therefore I make sure I have some snacks on hand to have with my cup of tea or morning coffee (or bone broth … my favourite new drink that has amazing health benefits – I will do a post about this).  I have a few that are my favourites, i have adapted this one below from a recipe Gwyneth Paltrow published.  People ask me all the time about what I eat, and how I made changes.  You can read more about this at my website and I tell people wanting to make changes that removing sugar would be my first recommendation.  I am happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to ask.  Enjoy the recipe below.  Its just as nice with apricots if you do not have goji berries.  I often substitute ingredients … cooking should not be stressful it should be fun.  Let me know if you like this one :-)


Quinoa&GojiQuinoa and Goji MethodThoughts about this recipe? Please let me know here.







WIN an inspirational bracelet just for YOU!

fitnessinspirationI love hearing feedback from my friends all over the world.  I guess I like to talk a lot in real time … so its no real shock that I now have friends all over the world, because now I’m talking and sharing on social media.  I love meeting and seeing other like minded people when I’m out and about, or getting emails and insta messages from across the world.  I really appreciate having this amazing group of people in my life … I really mean that.  I do believe we are here to support, care and be here for one another … so I am having a RAK (random act of kindness) where I can give back.
WIN one of my fitness inspiration bracelets … you can even choose the charms you would like :-)

Enter and share with your friends … let’s grow this tribe of like minded people.