Running Charms – meaningful jewellery

After requests from my running tribe … I have added Sterling Silver Running Charms to the collection.

There are many running races on at the moment, this weekend the Gold Coast Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km runs are happening. Its a great achievement running a distance you haven’t completed before.  Many people will be tackling one of these distances.  A perfect way to remember your achievement is by adding one of these charms to one of our running pieces, or maybe you already have a bracelet you can pop it on.

runcharm (2)there are different attachments available depending on what you want your charm to go on.  You will find these charms here

Meaningful jewellery – wear your passion

happy tuesday xxx



Monday Motivation – Stock or Bone Broth

I tend to make chicken stock after we have had a roast, or we have finished a BBQ chicken.  However you can make stock with any leftover bones, or you can purchase soup bones, at the supermarket. It is really easy to do.




I have noticed a big difference in my digestion since I have started drinking the broth.  There is alot of information out there now explaining how broth/stock is healing for the gut and gut health is so important for a healthy body.  It is also so helpful with cooking, much nicer than using the instant stock.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.  Happy monday xxx


Fitness Friday – Being a Fit Mum

My youngest daughter does rock climbing at her school.  She is in Grade 5 … how times have changed.  When I was 10, I certainly wasn’t doing rock climbing at school for sport.


This week their rock climbing group went on an excursion to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs – which is a very popular rock climbing spot right in the middle of Brisbane.  It is very beautiful and looks right down the river to the city.  Gi asked if I would join them.  I’m a Fit Mum so decided to get

Their PE teacher Mr Mac had everything organised, with 3 different climbs to tackle from easy, medium and more challenging.  The kids all knew what to do, and safety was number one on the list.  Everything had to be checked off before anyone started.


I realised, as I decided to climb, that this is why I like being fit, healthy and strong … I can be involved in anything I want to do.  Today was no problem at all for my body.  It was challenging for my mind of course … and it is a good workout rock climbing, i was pumped after – but my body was ready for that.  I think we are really good at playing and enjoying life as children.  Then as we get into our late teens/early twenties we get busier and stop playing and trying knew things.  I feel like we have so much on offer in this life, and if we look after our bodies and stay fit and healthy then we can enjoy and challenge ourselves.  We should all continue learning and trying … today I pushed outside of my comfort zone.  It felt so good to get to the top.


If you have stopped playing and enjoying life … its not too late.  Anything is possible … if you try!

By the way … Johnny Depp is in town at the moment filming the next Pirates of the Carribean movie … The Black Pearl (his ship) was moored out in the river.


PanAway Oil Blend – my secret weapon

PanAway Oil is one of the oils I use before and after training.  It is a blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clover and peppermint.  Each of these oils have healing properties.  I find using this with peppermint right on the area I am about to use (ie quads if we are doing legs) works really well.  Because CrossFit is pretty hard on my body, I find there is always some sore point needing extra attention, so PanAway certainly helps alleviate the aches and pains.

paincream (2)

Here is some more information from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book.

This very popular blend reduces pain and inflammation, increases circulation, and accelerates healing.  It relieves swelling and discomfort from arthritis, sprains, muscle spasms, cramps, bumps and bruises.



·       Dilute 1 part essential oil to 1 part vegetable oil complex

·       Diffuse, humidify, directly inhale, or add 2-4 drops to bath water

·       Apply 1-2 drops on location or on temples, back of neck or forehead

·       Use as a compress for Raindrop technique  style massage along spine

·       Relieves deep tissue pain.  Additional Helichrysum may be added to enhance the effect of PanAway

·       When the pain is bone related, more Wintergreen may be a good addition.

·       All of the oils may be diluted with Ortho Ease or Ortho Sport massage oils

Caution: possible skin sensitivity.

Panaway-Bath-Salts-RecipeI am now a convert to taking baths.  I realise how awesome Epsom salts are especially for sore muscles, so this bath salt blend is perfect.  A great gift idea for any fit friends too :-)


Wonder Woman Wednesday – Lauren Rodgers

How fast do Wednesdays come around?  This week for Wonder Woman Wednesday I am excited to get to know this amazing Fit Mum / Mom Lauren Rodgers.  I love following Lauren on Instagram, she posts her workouts and her little girls are often doing a workout with her, its super cute.  You will find Lauren @bottlesandbarbells

Here’s a bit more about our Wonder Woman this week  ….


  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?  My name is Lauren, I’m a military wife & stay at home mom to two & three year old girls. I currently reside in beautiful Alaska due to my husband’s job. I love to spend time with my family, cook, travel, and do anything out doors. When I’m not spending time playing with my girls or working out, I’m probably nose deep in homework, as I’m currently in school full time as well.


  1. Have you always been involved in fitness?  I have been involved in fitness as long as I can remember. I come from a really active family. I began running track and cross country competitively around age 10 and ran I high school as well as in College on athletic scholarship. Since having my daughters I was introduced to crossfit and now do more lifting and crossfit than running.


  1. What exercise/sport do you do and how long have you done this?After having my younger daughter almost two and a half years ago, my husband and neighbors introduced me to crossfit and I fell in love. Since then I’ve also incorporated a lot of strict weigh lifting as well.


  1. Do you follow a specific diet?I do not really follow a specific diet. I eat “clean” I would say, 90% of the time. Due to an eating disorder I struggled with in my teens, I refuse to completely restrict certain foods from my diet. I really think moderation is key.


  1. What does a week of training/exercise look for you?My training honestly changes a lot. I like to mix things up, but at the moment I’m doing a solid mix of both lifting & crossfit. For example Monday I will do 15-20 minutes of cardio, lift legs in the morning. In the afternoon, I will do a crossfit WOD. Tuesday morning I will do cardio and lift biceps/triceps. Wednesday morning I will do cardio and lift shoulders and chest, then crossfit in the afternoon. Thursday I will do a little cardio and back. Friday I will do cardio and lift legs again in the morning, then crossfit in the afternoon. Saturday I just do crossfit and Sunday is my rest day. This is just an example, I really believe in listening to your own body and if something is not feeling right or I’m feeling over trained, I reevaluate.


  1. How has fitness/exercise changed since becoming a mom?Fitness has changed a lot for me since becoming a mom. Not only has my way training changed, but the way I look at health has really changed. It is obviously a little more difficult to find the time and energy, but I see it more as my duty as a mom to show my girls that I love and respect myself enough to take care of my body and health in general. I hope that by showing them fitness can be fun, they choose to take care of their own health as they get older.lauren1


  1. What is your advice for other mom/mums trying to get started on their fitness journey?My advice to other moms trying to get fit is, don’t stop trying. It is definitely not something that comes easy, but it is so worth it, for yourself and for your kids. It may take a while to find a routine that works for you, but don’t give up.lauren3
  2. What are your future aspirations?   In the future, I just hope to continue inspiring moms that being fit after children is absolutely possible. I plan on getting certified as a personal trainer as soon as I finish my business degree in progress. I get asked a lot about competing, so far it is not in the plans. But I wouldn’t say never.




Fit Mum Charms – wear your passion

Are you a Fit Mum or Fit Mom (depending on what country you live in)  it doesn’t matter with our range of Fit Mum Charms because the little kettlebell is the universal sign for being fit.


These Fit Mum Charms are available to be added to different Fit & Style pieces to create something meaningful, unique and inspirational.  It does not matter what type of fitness you are involved in, Fit Mum / Mom you are!  Lets Wear Your Passion and stay motivated and inspired all day – every day!

For the Runnng Fit Mum / Mom click here

fitmumrun (2)


or the Fitness Mum who swings a kettlebell click here

fitmumkettlebell (2)


Fit Mum / Mom Inspiration Bracelet click here 

fitmuminspiration (2)


there are lots of different ways you can add the Fit Mum / Mom charms …. create something meaningful

Share these with your friends … lets get as many Mothers out there Fit and on their way to living their best lives :-)

make sure you leave a comment and let me know if you love these.



Chanel’s Paleo Chicken Soup

It is winter here in Brisbane.  I admit it. We do not get very cold weather, and that is exactly why I live here – I am a summer girl, I love the heat, so this is about all I can take in the winter department (unless I’m rugged up and snowboarding) I do like the change of food this season brings.  Using the slow cooker, making stews and soups.




I posted last week that I made Chicken Soup, so I thought I would share the recipe with you.  It is paleo chicken soup, so if you are not paleo you can just change the buckwheat for whatever you would normally use in soup :-)



Training Partner – do you have one?

All my life I have run.  I found it really hard to ever find a training partner for running, as it was hard to find someone that ran the same speed.  I love training now with other people, where you can share the workout.  Or even at CrossFit, you might do the workout by yourself, but you can share the outcome when you are finished (especially if its a painful one)  I think as human beings we are generally social creatures, and we like to be around other people.  So training with other people makes for a fun day … this is a big part of the enjoyment for me now.


tri (2)


I am lucky enough that my husbo Gary also does CrossFit.  We have been lucky to share many different activities together.  We windsurfed, did Triathlons, Cycling, Running  and now CrossFit.  I have recently introduced him to yoga, which he has been fighting, and now sees its actually very beneficial.  It brings us closer together being able to share the highs and lows … he got a PB on his backsquat yesterday and its so cool to see the excitement and share that.  You will get a laugh from this video from last night … Gary is multi-talented :-)

so I know not everyone will be able to share their sport with their partner, but if you can find an exercise that you both enjoy, I promise you it does strengthen your relationship.  Gary is so good because he is much more analytical than I am, so will find all sorts of helpful things on you tube etc to show me which has been so awesome.  We also like to compete in competitions together – i know not all couples can do this … but we find it really fun.  The photo below was from a Mixed Pairs comp we did last year together (actually it was our first comp together)



These Beauty & Beast Key Rings are the perfect set for a fit partnership and/or fit husband and wife.

beautyandbeast (2)


Happy Friday!

Lemon Essential Oil

This week I am going to give you some information about Lemon Essential Oil.  Another oil that has many uses and is very versatile. The extraction method to get lemon essential oil is to cold press it from the lemon rind.  It takes 3000 lemons to produce 1 kilo of oil.


Some extra information taken from the Essential Oils Pocket Book … Lemon oil has been widely used in skin care to cleanse skin, reduce wrinkles, and combat acne.  It is also used as a flavorant, for cleaning, cooking and to treat a variety of ailments.


It promotes clarity of thought and purpose with a fragrance that is invigorating, enhancing and warming.

I love to use lemon to wash my dish cloth, a drop in the mopping bucket when cleaning the floors.  It will remove stickers/labels from bottles.  You can have 1 drop in a glass of water to cleanse your digestion.  Diffuse for a fresh clean scent and to uplift and promote clarity.



Do you know any other recipes using lemon essential oil? Would love to know your ideas by tagging us on instagram.

I am placing an Oils Order this week, if you would like to order any of the essential oils email here

Wonder Woman Wednesday – Fran Pehi

Wonder Woman Wednesday is a weekly post dedicated to sharing our stories as women.  What makes life so cool is that we are all different and unique, and this is a platform to share stories of what we do in our lives.  Its meant to be a place of inspiration and motivation … i know all these women motivate me.  If you would like to be featured, or have a friend who should be email me at


(Fran and her grand-daughter)

This week find out more about my friend Fran who is on her way to the CrossFit Games to compete in her age-group.  This is no easy feat.  In CrossFit each year we have the CrossFit Open which is like a qualifier.  If you make the top 200 in your age-group in the world (this is for masters) then you compete in another 4 workouts.  From there the top 20 in the world come together in Carson to battle it out … Fran is one of those.  I am so proud of her, she is an inspiration to me.  I hope you enjoy reading more about her.

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?                I’m a 45 year old single mother to 3 adult children and grandmother to one beautiful baby girl!   I left my job as a Disability Support Worker when I qualified for the Games so I could train full time leading into them.  A very dear friend made this possible by supporting me financially for as long as I needed, so I could concentrate on fulfilling my dream of competing at the Crossfit Games.franfam
  1.  Always been involved in fitness?        I joined the Australian army at 17yrs barely able to run 400m without stopping. I only maintained my fitness in the army, out of necessity for the annual fitness tests!  When I left the army, at age 30, I continued with weight machines/Les Mills classes at my local gym and some jogging.  I stumbled across Crossfit in 2009 and have been using that method to maintain my fitness ever since then.
  2. What exercise/sport did you do?    I have no sporting background whatsoever. I didn’t excel, nor was I that good, at any type of physical activity.
  1. Do you follow a specific diet/eating style?             I only eat mostly clean meals which are supplemented with protein shakes and vitamins/minerals/supplements.  I avoid sugars, processed foods as much as possible but I have a cheat meal probably weekly but it’s never anything too great.
  1.  What does a training week look like for you?     At present I train six days each week. Training varies from week to week, but for the month of June, the hours of training will vary between 6-7 hours per day. This includes recovery/mobility sessions.
  2. You have recently qualified to  go the the CrossFit Games in your agegroup, tell us how this feels? Qualifying to compete at the Games is something I never believed possible after a terrible accident in August 2012. I was in the middle of a local Crossfit competition when, mid WOD, I tripped over a box, during box jumps, and landed heavily and awkwardly on my left arm. I was taken to hospital with both the ulna and radius of my left arm, snapped in half mid shaft. I was kept in hospital for a week, had two surgeries and two plates and screws inserted.  Due to a severely limited  range of movement in my left arm/wrist, I feared I would never be able to lift a barbell again let alone ever be able to compete. I still suffer constantly with aches and pains.  After certain movements, sometimes the pain is searing and stabbing enough to shock me into tears.  So to qualify for the Games is so exhilarating, exciting and absolutely surreal beyond belief!!fran2
  1. Where do you train?        Due to the roster and location of my employment prior to qualifying, I was training at CROSSFIT STAUNCH, Brisbane and CROSSFIT BRUTH, Sunshine Coast.  Finally I have a wonderful new Crossfit home and am now based at Crossfit Iron Lion on the Sunshine Coast.


  1.  What are your future aspirations?                        I intend on carrying on competing in Crossfit and will continue to train under the guidance and watchful eye of my coach, Amanda Allen.