Father’s Day Dinner Menu Idea

Father’s Day is  approaching and its a good chance to spoil the Dad in your life.   In our house food is always a treat … and for birthdays and special days you get to choose your meal in our house.  I thought I would share what the Father in our house has requested for his Father’s Day menu.  Here is a Father’s Day Dinner Menu Idea ….

Entree – Garlic Prawns (and a beer)







Main –  Morrocan Lamb Shanks are his fav  (red wine to match) recipe in earlier blog  posts.

Desert – Apple crumble (with vanilla ice-cream – Gary loves ice-cream)

Its a fun way to get the kids involved, get them to create the menu of choice, set a nice table … make it fun.  I will share our Father’s Day memories with you all the week after :-)  Would love to know what you all end up doing.



Treat Dad with something special browse here

Exercise to Feel Good

  • Endorphins (“endogenous morphine”) are endogenous opioid neuropeptides. They are produced by the central nervous system and pituitary gland. The term implies a pharmacological activity (analogous to the activity of the corticosteroid category of biochemicals) as opposed to a specific chemical formulation.


I have always been pretty active, even since I was a kid.  For me, I was pretty young when I realized that after I exercised I felt happier (even if I felt terrible when I was actually exercising) Maybe some people need this as part of their way of functioning (maybe I am one of them)  What I do know though, now that I am older and I have learnt more … that it really is an important part of the process of being happy.  Its important to exercise to feel good.

Now I am not expecting everyone to go do CrossFit like I do (I CrossFit because I love it, and of course if you ask me I will say – YES, go try it, but I know its not for everyone) you just need to find the exercise that makes you happy, that you like to do – then you will continue doing it.  Get the good endorphins from it, it will make you happier … you will eat better, you will sleep better and this sets off a really good flow on effect.
If you are starting off, try for at least 3 times a week – 4 if you can.  Make sure you drink lots of water, and sleep well to recover.


Need Motivation and Inspiration

adpic (3)

Do you feel like this?  You cannot make time for yourself?

Stay connected with me, Chanel – married, mum of 3, athlete, business owner … making the most from life.


I eat clean, train hard, love my family, work hard …. join me and learn what works for me.  Maybe I can help you stay inspired and motivated.  My fitness jewellery is certainly a good way of doing this, and that is why I started making a few pieces.  You can learn all about me at www.chanelstuck.com.au or you can see the Inspirational, Fitness Jewellery I design and create here  I love how I have inspiration and motivation all through the day wearing a meaningful piece, or even grabbing my keys!





fitmumbracelet (2)


fitmumrun (2)



i look forward to being friends and enjoying you on your Fitness and Health journey xxx

Father’s Day is around the corner

Sept 6th is our day to spoil Dad.  If you have a Father (or you are responsible for buying the gift to give a Fit Dad) then there are some options to help make Dad feel special on Father’s Day.

Father's-Day-IGHere are some ideas to get your thinking …

A Fitness Keyring … is your day into the gym, crossfit, bootcamp, body building, running, cycling, boxing?  A keyring with his favourite things is a good idea …




Or maybe your Dad likes to wear cufflinks?  These cycling cufflinks are perfect

These Barbell Cufflinks are meaningful to the guy who lifts weights …. you can find them here 



Or maybe a necklace?barbellnecklace1

The other option is adding a custom tag for your Dad … like on these leather key rings.  This one could have Best Dad … or something you want to add to make it more personal for your dad

If you need any help with custom made gifts … email me here 






Wonder Woman Wednesday – Sammy Wood

Happy Wednesday … its Wonder Woman Wednesday, and I know I’m on a bit of a CrossFit roll, but its hard not to be after the CrossFit Games and the great performance our Australian athletes showed.  So this week, we get to know a bit more about Sammy Wood who competed as an Individual in the Games.


I had the pleasure of meeting Sammy only a few months into my CrossFit journey, and I have seen her grow and excel, and now compete at the Games in just two short years.  I hope you enjoy reading more about this pocket rocket … I loved watching her at the Games.  TODAY is Sammy’s birthday … so a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  • What does a standard week of training look like for you?
    This is my week right now …

    • Monday- Active Recovery- Swim Session PM
    • Tuesday- 5:30-7:30am and 6:00-8:00pm (CrossFit Gym)
    • Wednesday- 6:00-8:00pm (CrossFit Gym)
    • Thursday- 5:30-6:30am (Altitude), 6:00-8:00pm (CrossFit Gym)
    • Friday- Full Rest Day
    • Saturday-8:00-9:00am (Altitude), 9:30-1:00pm (Crossfit Gym)
    • Sunday- 7:30-11:00am (CrossFit Gym)
  • Do you follow a specific diet?  Not really, I try and eat what’s right for me and good healthy foods, but if I feel like a chocolate or a juicy burger than I will have one. I am pretty disciplined in the way that I eat and quality foods most of the time. I don’t follow a specific diet plan. I do see a naturopath Rachael Weaver that helps me with some of my supplements and vitamins and gives me great advice on the right foods suited for me.sammyig
  • What exercise/sport do you do – why did you choose this sport?  I currently do CrossFit at CrossFit Athletic, located in Brookvale, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, NSW. I originally chose this sport for cross-training for Flatwater Sprint Kayaking, I started in July 2011, and competed my first open in 2012 and my first year of individual at Regionals, where I then fell in love with the sport and  told my coach Paul Walton, that I wanted to one day compete at the CrossFit Games. So my journey of hard work began…  sammy8
  •  Have you always been involved in fitness?  Yes, I started Artistic Gymnastics when I was 4 years old, and also ballet and dancing. I was the type of kid that did nearly every sport on a different day, mainly individual sports. I eventually became very good at gymnatsics and dancing. And continued Gymnastics through high school and competed Nationally and Internationally to Level 10 which is the highest level before the elite and Olympic stream. My favourite events were Vault, Beam and Floor (I loved tumbling). I retired from Gymnastics at 18 years of age due to an ACL Knee injury, and that’s when I found Flatwater Sprint Kayaking, which I did for 5 or so years where I was selected for the National Talent Squad. I specialised in the 200m sprint.
  • Tell us about yourself and what you do? My name is Sammy Wood, and I am 28 years old. I work full-time at ANZ Bank as a Senior Personal Banker 5 days a week, and train before and after work and bigger sessions on the week-ends. I love all types of sports, and also love Surfing on the week-ends, sometimes, competing in local surf comps for fun. I just love being out doors and being active or hanging out with friends.
  • Tell us about the CrossFit Games … what was it like?  The CrossFit Games was the greatest and most unreal experience to have been apart of.  On the night of our first athletes dinner and announcement of a few of the first day’s events, I couldn’t believe that I was in the same room as the top Crossfitters and my idols. I asked Camille and Noah Olsen for a photo, and they were all so nice. That was probably the most exciting part of the games, and walking back to the hotel with Sam Briggs. It was such an awesome feeling.   We all spent so much time together during the games, and got to know each other pretty well, we hung out in the athletes village before and after events, and we had two sections in out athletes village, part 1 was our own individual space with our name on it, and a nice relaxing Reebok chairs and change rooms, this is where we kept all our gear and had quiet time or naps when needed. Part 2 was a big room for both male and female individuals, filled with comfortable couches and TV’s everywhere so that we could watch the Team events and also individuals. We would chat in this room, laugh, eat and congratulate each other.  Competing at the CrossFit Games was Wicked Fresh, the crowd was electric, even if it was hot, or you were tired, it didn’t matter as the energy from the crowd just shouted straight through you. The last run on Murph was a tough one mentally and people you didn’t even know where cheering for you and motivating you, it was such a good feeling, I just wanted to keep saying Thank you as i was running past. I feel grateful that my coach came with me along side some family and friends and members from out gym all the way in Australia were in California right there cheering for me, and also the amount of message and support from people back home that was sent to me or put on social media.  I learned so much from the CrossFit Games, I thought that all the girls would be like robots and be perfect, but they were not perfect, there was a lot that happened in the warm-up area that you don’t see on TV. The top athletes do get tired and sore and struggle on certain events, and you would see some that emotion come out on the warm-up floor. My coach Paul Walton gave me some great advice, I was a little emotional and feeling hot and tired and sore, and he said to me that I don’t want to have any regrets come Monday, like if only I did this better or did it like that, he told me that I am in the best moment right now, and I need to be mentally strong and forget about anything negative. He told me this on the Friday night. I wnt to bed in 25th place and had a great night sleep that night. I came back a different person on Saturday and had the best events of my life… my favourite being the sprint obstacle course event. I have never done hurdles before, but I did enjoy them.  I loved everybit of the games, and had the time of my life, I smile everytime I think of that week. It wasn’t just about the CrossFit Games, it was also the journey leading up to the competition and all the hard work that My coach Paul Walton and his great programming, and the support from my gym CrossFit Athletic, and my manager from ANZ Sean yates, and my friends and family. Without their help, I wouldn’t have made my dream reality.


How hard was it?  The CrossFit Games was hard, but I expected it to be hard, and I wouldn’t change any of it. My coach prepared me well with the volume leading up to the games and using different equipment and doing some beach sessions with my dad. Going into the Games, you have to be prepared for anything, and you also need to be mentally prepared. There were events that i knew I would struggle, but as long as you give it your best, that’s all that matters. I knew that Murph was going to be hard for me, and it was very hard mentally, after completing 100 push ups, my arms were dead, i was drenched in sweat and feeling so overheated, but that just kept me going, I looked at my jusge so much, and she just kept smiling at me, I would look around, and all the other girls kept going. Going into this evet, i didn’t think I was going to finish it, but when I got on that last run, I saw the clock and got a great feeling inside of me, I knew that if i kept running and pushing thatg i would get it done, so i just tred to relax as best as I could, and it hurt…. but it was the best feeling finishing an event that you thought was going to be impossible.sammy2

Are your family into fitness?  I have a big sporty family, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 step sisters and a step brother. My whole family is into sport.  My Dad does all the iron man, surfing and Surf life saving, and my mum, older brother and younger sister do CrossFit and surfing. My younger brother plays Rugby Union and surfs. So you can say that our family is pretty sporty.sammyfamily

Who is your biggest inspiration?   My biggest inspiration in CrossFit has been Iceland Annie, I have watched her grow in the sport ever since i started CrossFit and I think that she is an amazing athlete and person. I felt so blessed to compete with her this year.  It’s not just famous people that inspire me, it’s the people that I am around everyday that are inspiring, like my coach, training partners, family and friends. I am part of a beautiful community, I love it!sammy5

What are your biggest challenges?  My biggest challenges in CrossFit are my engine, but it has improved so much since the open this year, I have been working very hard on it and heavy squatting, but I am working on my strength currently and so far it has been going successful. One of my biggest challenges at the start of the season was my mental mindset, where I would get down if I had a bad session, or I would be comparing myself to others all the time. This is one of the big things that i changed, leading into Regionals, and it has made a massive difference to the way I train and compete. Being mentally strong and staying positive. A great book that I read was “The Champion’s Mind”.sammy3

What are your future aspirations?  I would like to continue to excel as an individual athlete, and compete again at the CrossFit Games, and also start to do some international competitions. I feel like I have more in me to give, and would like to inspire the younger generation of Crossfit, by being a good role model.  After CrossFit, i would like to have a family and continue to stay fit and healthy and just keep having fun….sammy7

Customizing Gift Ideas

Happy Tuesday.  Hope your week is off to a good start.  Every day has to be a good day, because they seem to go so fast :-)

My youngest daughter turned 11 on Saturday.  I can hardly believe how quickly that has gone.  She wanted one of my Floating Lockets for her birthday, so she could choose the 5 charms to go inside.  She got a heart shaped, and chose her initial and birthstone, also ballerina, turtle and dog bone.  Its nice having something meaningful to you.



You can find the lockets here

We all have birthdays and gifts to buy for.  I am lucky enough to help a lot of people out. Here are a few of the different designs that have gone out this week.  On the website there is a Create Your Own  category, where you can create from scratch.



The bracelet above has had a 21.1 running charm added to make it more personal.


Or there are options where you can add a charm to an existing piece.


If you are wanting to create something unique and need help, please do not hesitate to email info@enjoyjewellery.com.au



Monday Motivation – Jaffa Choc Slice

Happy Monday …  hope you had a great weekend.  Ready to kick goals for the week?  Have you made plans, do you know what you are wanting to achieve?plan

It is important to have a plan and work towards it.  I tend to break down different areas of my life to family, business, training, eating and of course recovery.  Having a good plan for what is coming for the week and how to manage it makes it all come together so much easier.


Last week my youngest cut her orange the wrong way to make segments while making her lunch,  so I decided to use it to make this Jaffa Slice.  I love having sweet (clean) treats to have with my cup of tea.  This one is seriously one of my favourites.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.



jaffamHave a great start to the week!

Sterling Silver Weightplate Necklace

With the arrival of the new sterling silver barbell necklaces this week, I had a sterling silver weightplate charm made for me.  Seems that everyone loves it too.  It says Train Hard or Go Home on it.  It is very relevant to how I live, so that is why I specially wanted it to go with my sterling silver barbell … then i can wear them everyday for constant inspiration, motivation and because I love them.

So … you can all pre-order your sterling silver weightplate necklaces too.  They are being made right now … so I am sharing the love with you all.  If you like it with the barbell you have that option also. Find the combo here 

trainhard1 (2)

Everyone who pre-orders gets a free pair of earrings (for your patience) win win all around!

If you prefer just the Sterling Silver Weightplate Necklace by itself you can find them here.

These will also be available soon on bracelets …. stay tuned.


Fitness Friday – Hells Playground Pairs Competition

Fitness Friday this week is a wrap up of the CrossFit Speed Hell’s Playground Pairs Competition.  Last weekend I competed with one of my training buddies Eryn Franklin.


It was a great event, with 5 WODS for us to do together throughout the day.  Eryn and I entered in the Masters Women Division, and were lucky to get a spot as the comp sold out very quickly.  There were alot of good athletes there, which always makes great spectating.

The first WOD was a 6min Clean & Jerk … getting as many reps as possible in the 6 mins.  I must admit the first WOD seemed to really feel terrible, that is probably my body needing longer to warm up – lol!

The 2nd and 3rd WOD’s ran straight after each other.  We had a partner deadlift which was a little awkward for Eryn and I as we are different heights. It was a med ball clean, which I need to get my movement sorted out with as I wasn’t quite doing it properly.  I guess that I something going into a comp I need to make sure I go through each movement pattern correctly and be clean on it.



We had Bar Muscle ups to do as WOD 3 … max set in the time we had left.

WOD 4 ended with a snatch speed ladder … and that certainly got the heart rate up

WOD 5 was a chipper, which came down to moving as fast as possible.



It was really tough competition, the level was high and everyone was pushing really hard.  We were lucky to come out with the win, I would imagine it would have been very close tho.



Competition definitely shows up your strengths and weaknesses.  I see why it makes a better athlete.  I feel lucky that the bunch of girls we were competiting with were so nice and everyone got on so well.  Such a great atmosphere.  CrossFit Speed put on a great competition.


Sugar Addiction – how to break the cycle

I am passionate about helping people be a better version of themselves.  One of the biggest crutches I had in my life was my sugar addiction.  I cannot tell you when it exactly started, but I remember being a teenager and craving a chocolate bar, or making some sickly sweet treat to eat.


When people talk to me about what I do, and how I live … the first thing I advise is to get rid of sugar.


It is not an easy process.  You have to want it, because I’ll be honest you will feel crap.  They say the withdrawls coming off sugar are comparable to cocaine addicts, as the cravings can be so strong.  I am living proof it is achievable.  It was only 4 years ago that I started my journey to kick sugar.  You will want to get my free recipe e-book that has a few healthy treats.  Definitely one of the things I did was substitute refined sugar with a natural source.  Over time, the addiction broke, and now I definitely have the willpower over the sugar.


I do still love a sweet treat, don’t get me wrong.  I just make sure its something that my body can process … and that I have done the exercise to metabilise it.  I have an array of sweet treats I whip up.  Many of them are in my Snack Recipe e-book you can download it here 

Snack Recipes Cover


Please feel free to ask questions, i would love to help anyone that is trying to change what they are doing.  It is so liberating to get rid of sugar.  If I can help, let me know :-)