Fitness Friday – Anything is Possible

Throwing back to a year ago when I competed in my first individual CrossFit Competition.  My training partner Robyn kind of talked me into doing the Pan Pacific Masters Games with her.  She has already entered … so I said Yes, and we started training, this was about 6 months before.  It was really good to have a focus, but it scared the life out of me too. panpacskb

Going into the event I had trained hard, and I was ready as I could be for that time.  I think each time I undertake something I think of what type of outcome I would like … I decided a top 5 finish would be a good goal.  panpacsfriends

It was a tough event.  3 days, 9 work outs … it was mentally and physically tough.  Especially by day 3!  I had to fight hard against some tough competition, but was able to come out with the Gold Medal.  It was a wonderful feeling … and what I really learnt from the experience is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. panpacswinning If you do the work, and put yourself in the right mindset, you can achieve so much.  I have my medal in my room, and it is a constant reminder to me of this lesson.  We are never too old to learn this.  panpacswinning


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Wonder Woman Wednesday – Kayla Banfield

I was lucky enough to meet this lovely lady who is this weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday when I was at the CrossFit Regionals earlier this year.  She was compensating the event and it was hard to miss her infectious energy and personality.  Enjoy reading more about Kayla Barfield this week …

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Predominantly I am a CrossFit gym owner… more recently a two time gym owner! My partner James Newbury and I opened CrossFit Mode in Adelaide City in 2013, and in May 2015 we opened CrossFit Beach Mode which is closely located to one of Adelaide’s beaches. Besides overseeing the operations of both of those gyms, I also work closely with a handful of clients on improving their nutrition. I don’t have any official qualifications, but I do a lot of my own study and have some very knowledgeable mentors who I work closely with. I have a real passion for living and eating well, and am thankful that I am able to share this with those who are also looking to find out more!kayla3

Lastly, I have the amazing opportunity to work with CrossFit HQ through the season as one of their reporters at regionals & the world games. At regionals it’s my job to interview the winners of the final heat, and talk to the athletes about how they’re going through the weekend. At the games, I am part of the “fan experience team” where I go into the crowd and basically report on whatever cool stuff is happening! They are really awesome gigs 😀kayla4

2.  What do you do for fitness/exercise?

CrossFit. I try to train at least once day, sometimes two… but also sometimes none! Work/life balance can get a little crazy sometimes and I’ve learnt not to force exercise in. I do love it though, so it tends to find it’s place pretty nicely more often than not.

3.   What do you do to relax?

It sounds crazy, but getting shit done relaxes me! If I want to unwind or make myself feel good, I’ll just take the morning off work to clean my room, kitchen, wash clothes, sort drawers etc! A few hours of that relaxes me, and I’m thankful that I can make the time. Otherwise I love to float. We have a float tank at City Mode which I try to jump into once a week, that mellows me out too :)

4.   Do you follow a specific diet?

No, I just eat really well, and I’m proud of that! I believe in real, whole foods & minimal processed, packaged foods. Sometimes I like to play around with macros and calories just to see how my body responds, but mostly I just fuel myself with good quality food whenever I’m hungry! It has worked for me so far :)

5.  You recently commentated at the CrossFit Games in USA.  Tell us about this experience.

This was probably one of the best weekends of my life! CrossFit were such an awesome company to work for, and really love their brand – this is evident in its success. Each day was really cruizey, I got there and they basically said kayla2to me “go out, find some cool stories, and report them back to us!”

Luckily I love writing, producing & presenting… because that’s what was involved in my job. I had a camera man who I could bounce ideas off, and he was awesome too! We basically went into vendor village and spotted something cool; then I did a piece on it, a few interviews, another piece, then along with some B-roll, we were done! sent it off to the on-site editors & up it went on the jumbotron. They asked us to get as many stories as we could – we averaged about 3 – 4 a day, and then the editors were crazy busy in the arvo so we got to enjoy all the later events.

It was a really good situation that worked well for everyone. They loved our stories & I had an absolute blast filming them!

6.  What are your strongest and weakest movements?

I would say gymnastics are a strong point of mine. I love HSPU, pullups, muscle ups and toes to bar… but my weakness is definitely my strength. I don’t have an impressive squat or deadlift compared to my gymnastics. I love moving quickly & lightly and find it a real mental battle to grind through something heavy – but I’m working on itkayla1

7.  What are your future aspirations?

Hmm, this is a hard one. I guess everything that I am doing now, I hope to be able to continue for the rest of my life. I just want to be able to help more people and show everyone how to live a healthy and happy life!

8.  What advice do you give to those trying to get fit … maybe starting off, or getting back on the wagon?

Surround yourself with likeminded people! This is where I believe being a member of a CrossFit community is really effective. We all keep each other accountable and everyone has something to offer someone else. Going at it alone can be tough and challenging, but being a part of a team is really effective. The vibe at CrossFit gyms is hard to beat, it will make you feel mentally strong to go and chase your own dreams.Kayla-IG



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Monday Motivation – Nice Cream

Happy Monday …

Hope your weekend was lovely, spent recharging and enjoying family/friends time … or quiet time out by yourself if you were lucky enough.

I try and do yoga in the weekends, as I find this is one thing that slows down time for me.  Its like a form of meditation, I find it the opposite to everything else I do in the week.  If you have not tried yoga, give it a try and see what you think.MEDITATIONS-is-the-soul's-perspective-glass.

Today I thought I would share some Nice Cream recipes.  This is the healthy alternative to ice-cream, and now its summer here in Brisbane, I can tell I will be making this a lot.


The Basic Recipe is using a banana cut up in slices and popped into the freezer.

Banana Nice Cream

1 large banana

  • 1 large banana
  • cut into disks
  • pop into container and into freezer for at least 2 hours
  • put into blender
  • blend … will resemble
  • blend using pulse button (i find this sounds great)
  • keep pushing until goes smooth
  • can eat banana nice cream right now like this if you wish ….
  • add nut butter or peanut butter for a different flavour
  • add cacao for chocolate flavour
  • you can pop back into the freezer if you would like it firmer.

We also make a Mango Nice Cream


using frozen mango pieces you can buy at the supermarket, or pieces you have frozen yourself.  Place mango in the blender and use a little coconut water and blend.  It will take a few goes to get it to break down, and maybe some more coconut water – depending on the consistancy you like.  Keep blending until you are happy with the consistancy and ready to eat.

What other summer recipes do you and your family enjoy?

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Fitness Friday – Why Exercise?

Its Fitness Friday.  I was having this conversation with my sister today, we were talking about fitness.  She was telling me how she has lined up someone to keep her accountable because she knows now if she doesn’t then she won’t do it. Sometimes I think we need to stop and ask ourselves WHY!  Why do we exercise?  What is the purpose?


I do believe as human beings we were built to move.  We are supposed to be active, its part of what makes us function properly.

I have chosen CrossFit for the last couple of years to keep me fit and healthy.  I have learnt alot about my body in this time … and when I stop to ask myself WHY?  There are many reasons.

  • I love being strong and fit – because I can do any sport or activity I choose, I could snowboard, waterski, horseride, hike, cycle … my body is strong and fit and could handle all of these.
  • It makes me happy.  I am a happier person when I exercise.
  • I eat better, I sleep better, I function on a better level.
  • I want to slow down the aging process.  By being strong as I get older, I know this will aid me and keep longevitiy.

People ask me alot about CrossFit, because this is what I do … here is a little clip to show why its so addictive.  I love CrossFit, however I think as long as you find something you love … that is the most important part.

You have to ask yourself WHY you want to move?  Do you value yourself enough to look after the body you have been blessed with?

If you do value yourself, then make a commitment to yourself to do the best you can.  Maybe you need to journal it, give yourself a goal, find a training buddy … It starts with YOU!


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Wonder Woman Wednesday – Coral Quinell

This weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday feature is Coral Quinell, mum and grandmother who does Olympic Lifting, and also coaching Olympic lifting.  She proves that age is no excuse, and being strong doesn’t have to stop because you get older.

I get inspired from meeting people like Coral … I hope you are inspired too.  Happy Wednesday :-)


  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?coral3

I am a 58 year old woman who has been heavily involved in the Fitness Industry for the past 28 year.

  1. What do you do for fitness/exercise?

Olympic Weightlifting is my only form of exercisecoral4

  1. What do you do to relax?

I take a casual walk along the river

  1. You are a mum and grandmother, how does being fit effect your family?

Having been into keeping fit for most of their lives it becomes the normal for them to exercise and eat well

  1. Do you follow a specific diet?

No, other than eat healthy 95% of the timecoral6

  1. What changes the most being an athlete and getting older?   Coral-IG

The aches and pains of pushing the body too hard (wear and tear)

     7. Why do you advocate fitness for women … especially strenth training like you do?

Research has shown that exercise can slow down the physiological aging clock and its far more effective and cost effectient than jars of cream.


8. You are also a coach, what part is the most rewarding part of coaching?

As a coach I love watching the transformation … confidence as well as appearance.


Don’t let age define you … age is just a number.  Live life to the fullest


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Monday Motivation – Quinoa Chicken Salad

Happy Monday.

Welcome to a new week.  I love the new start of a week, the chance to re-group, plan, prepare and kick goals.  This includes, family, work, eating and training.  My girls have a pupil free day today, so we have been lucky enough to sleep in and have a slower start to the week.  Just about to hit the grocery shopping tho – never any food left in the house on Monday!


I often forget to post photos of my dinner meals on social media.  I guess that time of the day is so busy … its often a rush getting dinner done and out to feed the hungry mouths.  I posted this salad last week, and lots of people wanted to know more … so thought it would be helpful to pass it on.  Its kind of made up, so I think you could easily change the taste up by changing the dressing, adding pesto to it, or trying a completely different dressing altogether.  Often I use the lemon juice and olive oil dressing because I’m too lazy to make anything else, and we also have a lemon tree … so hey, its easy!

Enjoy giving this Quinoa Chicken salad a crack.  Obviously I would change the ingredients depending on what I had on hand.


The Torian Pro CrossFit comp was on this weekend in Brisbane, so Gary and I went down for a look on Saturday.  I love seeing the good athletes in action.  So inspiring

This was the girls 1RM Snatch.  Some big lifts were going on …

Happy Monday!

Fitness Friday – How to Beat a Plateau?

Happy Friday … another week is almost finished.  Hope your week has been great.  I am in shock how quickly this week has gone … have to enjoy every day.

Here are some ideas on how to beat a plateau … sometimes it happens.  Try these if you are at this point ….

  • If you are a runner, try mixing things up a bit.  Do some hill sprints, or even some sprint efforts.  Changing your speed and doing some interval work will change your
  • Try changing up what you do.  If you love cardio, try adding some strength training – pick up a barbell or kettlebell.  Or if you are already a keen lifter, add cardio to your program.chanel2xu5
  • Change your equipment.  If you only use kettlebells, maybe pick up a barbell, or add some bodyweight exercises.  Jump on a bike, or try a different class at the gym.
  • Don’t miss your warm up.  The warm up gets your body ready to work out, and therefore it then operates better in your workout (also adds a few extra kilogoules to smash)
  • Add a handful of nuts into your life in the afternoon.  It will ensure you are not starving and less likely to cave into cravings.nuts
  • Keep a food diary.  Sometimes we think we are eating really well, and it is not until we actually write down our food intake that we realise exactly what we are consuming. You may also realise you are eating the same food all the time, your body can get used to this … so changing it up with your food is a good idea too.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep … this is when your body recovers, its an important part of the process.
  • Make sure you take a day off each week.  If you are really great at working out, remember your body needs to repair and recover – this is just as important as working out.  Sunday is my rest day, and I love it.
  • change

Enjoy your weekend.  Spend quality time with the people that matter – do things that make you happy.  I am looking forward to doing some baking … I seem to always think of my stomach (lets just saying I enjoy eating) xxx



Wonder Woman Wednesday – Dianne Te Hira

Enjoy learning more about this weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday Dianne Te Hira.  Di owns CrossFit Geebung, and is a busy lady. I get to weightlift with her sometimes when our schedules combine.

If you do not already know, I have started a Facebook Group called Fit Women Unite.  The reason for this is to create a platform for women of all ages and fitness levels to support each other on life’s ups and downs.  If you have not already joined, head over there here

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?   I’m a mum, wife, trainer and co-owner at CrossFit Geebung 4034.di1
  2. What do you do for fitness/exercise?   CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit! Also love weightlifting. I would love to find more time for boxing and yoga too.di4
  3. What do you do to relax?    Chill at home, watch movies, try and get outdoors with the kids and dogs as much as possible.  I love any opportunity I can get to zone out with an awesome trashy novel.  Love hang outs with friends.di2
  4. You are a mum, how does being fit effect your family?  Enormously! My fitness is the reason I can manage the household, the kids, the business.  When I don’t make time to exercise my ability to manage it all suffers.  Our kids have a good understanding about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They’re with us at the box a lot. The 3 that are still at home do CrossFit as well.di3
  5. Do you follow a specific diet?  Not at the moment.  If there’s one aspect that suffers in my routine, its nutrition.  It is the one thing I don’t make enough time for.  I’ve tried lots of nutrition models and have learned something from each.  I’m fortunate enough to have an “iron guts”.  I can eat pretty much anything and everything.  When I’m behaving I try to keep my nutrition well balanced with lean meats, vegetables, dairy, fruit, healthy oils and good hydration.  When my nutrition is more relaxed I love banana bread and ice cream!
  6. What changes the most about fitness with getting older?  Strength and resistance training is important. Nutrition is very important. I’ve learned to be smart about my training and listen to my body and energy levels, when to push and when to back off.  Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Recovery is imperative to keep you moving.  Things like sleep, relaxation, regular massage, acupuncture, cupping, stretching, mobilising, saunas and hydrotherapy. It’s important to play and have shit loads of fun!Dianne-IG
  7. What are your strongest and weakest movements?  Strongest: the Jerk!                     Weakest: free standing handstand
  8. What are your future aspirations?   To see the world and to keep moving from strength to strength in all areas of life.


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Monday Motivation – Raw Caramel Slice

Good morning …  Hope your weekend was great.

I’ll be honest, I might need a few coffees today, we had a big weekend.  My eldest daughter turned 17 yesterday.  It hard to believe I have been a mum for 17 years.  I look back on my journey as a mum, I have learnt so much … I know so much more now.  I could never have imagined what a ride it would be.  I am so grateful for the gift of being a mother.  It is such a huge responsibility and a big job, and its a hard job … but its so amazing!katyabirthday2

So I also had a CrossFit competition yesterday too (guess thats why i might need 100 coffees today) Yesterdays comp was part of a series, so usually i would not have competed, however it worked out.  Got the comp out of the way and then had family friends for afternoon/dinner.  Was so fun, and what birthdays are made of … creating memories with the people you care about.katyabirthday

So time to re-group and plan out the week.  Last week seemed to really go fast with monday being a holiday … Ready to make some goals, and a to-do list and kick some goals!

I made this Raw Caramel Slice last week, and many have been asking for the recipe … it is adapted from the Merry Maker Sisters recipe.  I always seem to change recipes up a little to suit what ingredients I have on hand … enjoy, and remember it is a treat … so make it last!

caramel slice



Raw-Choc-Caramel-Slice-RecipeHappy Monday!


Fit Women Unite – a Facebook Group

Welcome to October … I can hardly believe how fast this year is going.  I feel like I am saying this every month – LOL!

Recently I was chatting with a few fit girlfriends, we were talking about some of the challenges we had been facing recently.  I had been sick, another also sickness and injury, another the busy, crazy stage of life with kids schedules.  I always feel better after I talk things out, and have someone tell me “don’t give yourself a hard time” or “why don’t you try this” I decided that we needed a Group, a place we could post our frustrations, challenges, down days, lack of motivations, issues … and other women who were on the same journey could support.  Sometimes we don’t even feel like talking, but posting your thoughts would still be a way of getting this support, or maybe motivation to get to training.


So here it is FIT WOMEN UNITE has been created for this reason.  I will share recipes and motivational quotes too that I find helpful to me.  I look forward to growing this group … please share with any other women on the same journey.  It doesn’t matter what the fitness/sport or age …

fitI am excited to see this place of positivity grow and support each of us on this journey called LIFE!