Monday Motivation – Travelling Abroad

happy monday Down Under, as I type this on Sunday night in NYC.  For those who do not know, my eldest daughter just graduated High School and this is a celebration of her next stage of moving to adulthood … we embarked on a two week stint to USA.  We are in NYC for a week …

It is so great having this special time together.  She is so fun, and really good at makeup and hair and fashion … so its good for me to spend time with her and improve on these things (as I can be lazy)  I have just painted my nails gold … the trend is metallic which i really love.  So happy to embrace this and create special memories together.

this video, is from our day at the Snow with the Swapp Family on Thanksgiving Day.  I am in the brown kit at the end of the video :-) such a fun time.


My clever friend Heidi Swapp who is a scrapbooking legend, gave me an early Christmas gift when I was staying … I have trouble sitting myself down and planning .. I blame it on my ADHD, but in all honesty it is an issue.  When I plan my day and week I am much more efficient.  Of course she has designed a beautiful planner, that can keep you on taste, but can also be creative – PERFECT! I need a place for all my inspiring designs too! So on the flight to NYC, i got started!  I am so excited to create new habits and I think this is just the perfect way.planner2

USA friends you can already purchase these great planners and all the fun extras at Hobby Lobby …. for friends Down Under, good news is they are going to be in Spotlight on Dec 8th! wahoo!  just in time for Christmas … you can follow what Heidi gets up to on her instagram @heidiswapp

hope you have your week all planned out, and if you do not, then you may just need a planner like this to get you on track.

digize-oil-for-wheat-belly (2)

While travelling it can be hard to find food that you usually eat.  I struggle badly, as I eat really well at home, and prepare most of my food … it has been hard.  I travel with the DiGize oil, and this really helps (i use it at home too) I have a sensitive digestion system … so i really notice a differene when i take this.  I just put a drop in my water, but some people find this too strong.

di-gize (2)

if you want to know more about the essential oils I use – email me here I use them for so much.  The Lavender really helped with not getting jetlag … so thankful!

Today we biked around Central Park.  It is cold here today, we had to buy hats and gloves! Brrrrrr!centralpark


Black Friday Sale – don’t miss out!

Happy Thanksgiving.  For all of your following my travels, you will know I am in Utah celebrating Thanksgiving.

To be fair, I decided to get in on Black Friday Sales and offer a 2 for 1 on my newest product – Inspirational Charm Bookmark.  You get to create your version by choosing the charms that speak to you … or maybe you only want an inspirational charm to keep you fired up!inspo3 (2)

Use it in your training diary, or just what you are reading at the moment.  Another great Christmas idea, and you can even give one to your coach and add the #1 coach charm! Perfect!

  • inspobm

Find out more here

choose from different charms

charms (2) charms2


Fitness Friday – Traveling & Fitness

A quick blog post, as I rush around filling orders, and organising myself for my Fitness Inspiration Trip to the USA tomorrow.

Someone asked me the other day if I was going to be training when I was away … the answer is YES!  The reason for that is not because of obsessive compulsive tendancies, but rather because that is just how I live, its part of who I am and my lifestyle.  I also find it really fun to exercise when I am in different countries.  Its a way of meeting new people, seeing how other facilities operate … or it might be a run around Central Park, a different way to take in the sites.  I won’t be training like I normally do, especially in NYC … that place is a workout in itself … I can’t wait!


Time to keep packing orders … you will be able to order when I am away, however orders will not ship until Dec 7th, when I am back.  Stay in touch with what I get up to on Instgram @fitandstyle_ or facebook Fit & Style … I will be posting about my adventures.


Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip coming up


I am going to be honest, I was just not on my game to post yesterday.  We had a big weekend with a family christening – all my family flying in and staying which was super fun.  Also husbo’s christmas party which happened to be in Sydney … so we had a quick trip there for Sat night.  Yesterday I was trying to pull myself together …

I am off to USA on Saturday on a Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip.  I have a few fun things already lined up. So keep in touch on social media for what I get up to while I am away.

With this being said, I will not be making orders while I am away.  So if you need anything between November 21st – December 7th order it this week.  The website will be operational, and orders able to be placed, they will not ship until Dec 7th

Lots to do this week to get ready …  I am going to use the Essential Oils to see if they help with jetlag.  I have been told to use Lavender essential oil for jetlag.  Putting it in your water bottle and the back of your neck … so I will be putting this to the test.  Find out more about the essential oils I use here


I found this idea for packing light on Pinterest.  It is always hard when you are leaving summer going to winter ….


Fit Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

Its nearly Christmas time again, so why not browse some Fit Gift ideas for your family members and friends.  Here are a few ideas for different age groups/types … remember you can create your own pieces if you want something unique.

For Mum:

fitnesslocketbox fitmum3 fitmumall (2)


find out more ideas for Fit Mums here

what about for Dad?


barbell2 (2)

cyclingcufflinks barbellcufflinks

beast (2)

For the Fit Couple

beautyandbeast (2)

For the Fit Kids


barbellnecklacebelieve (2)

barbellearrings (2)


For Fit Friends




fitnessinspirationabracelets (2)






For your WIFE:

barbellss barbellbracelets (2) trainhardssbclt trainhard1 (2)

For your Coach:


find out more here


H2o – 12 reasons why its the best!

Water is so under-rated.  waterAs soon as I wake in the morning I have a large glass of water to start my day.  It is the best thing ever.  Drinking water is one of the easy things we can do to improve so many things in our day.  Every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies needs H20 to function and if you are making sure you get the right amount of water you are going to operate at a more efficient level.


Our bodies are so amazing, they use water to maintain our temperature, cleanse cells, digest our food and remove waste.

If you can get in the habit of starting the day with a large glass of water, it sets you on a good track to keep drinking all day.  I prefer to drink my water at room temperature, I am not sure of the specifics behind drinking cold water and room temperature water, I just have always prefered room temp.waterglass

Another thing to keep in mind as you will need to increase your water consumption the more exercise you do.  Also as the seasons change, here in Brisbane we have 6 months of warm weather – this requires more water too.

Here are reasons to make sure you are getting enough water …

  • Faster Metabolism
  • Stops headaches
  • Great for skin condition
  • Improves Fatigue
  • helps Digestion
  • Improves mood and happiness
  • helps with cravings
  • removes toxins
  • improved energy
  • Efficient digestion
  • helps with weight management
  • overall wellbeing and health is improved



How to survive the Christmas Party Season

Christmas Party season is here, and there is no need to miss this fun time of the year because you are being healthy or live a fit life.xmasparty

Here are a few ideas to help you survive the Christmas Party season.

  • eat a small healthy snack before you go
  • choose veges and healthy snacks over deep fried options.
  • alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water
  • Use low-calorie mixers like soda water, not sugary juices or syrups, to mix with your cocktail.
  • move your workouts to morning sessions, so you do not miss your workouts
  • sip your drinks, so you are not filling up with empty calories
  • Dance!  Great way to burn calories
  • If you find yourself overinduldging, don’t beat yourself up … tomorrow is a new day, reset and get back on track.fitxmas

Here is a healthier version of the Mojito cocktail.  This is probably one of my favourite drinks to enjoy.



Tammy White – Fit & Fifty

Excited to share this inspiring story with you of Tammy who is Fit & Fifty.  She proves that it is never too late.  She is an inspiration to me, and I am sure you will find this a great read.  Its time to change the way women think about aging and fitness.  We can do it ….Tammy-IG

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?I have not always been involved in athletics or general fitness.  When I was in high school, I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  Back then, the recommendation was to avoid athletics, so I was not allowed to participate in anything.  In my 20’s, I had a job at the front desk at a big box athletic club.  That’s back when aerobics classes were popular, but that didn’t really interest me.  I was intrigued by lifting, fascinated by bodybuilders, but didn’t do much about it.  It intimidated me.Life happened.  I started working, eventually started to work on that college degree I didn’t finish.  Sixteen years after I graduated from high school, I had a math degree and was married.  Started working hard to be the best teacher I could be, even if that meant neglecting my health.  Eventually, I was 47, almost 200 pounds, on high blood pressure meds, and had a very worried doctor.One Sunday afternoon in March of 2009, the chest pains were sharper than usual and would not subside.  I asked my husband to take me to the ER because I was scared.  Considering my age and health status, they admitted me quickly,ran tests, and monitored me for about four hours before they determined it was anxiety.  However, the doctor made a point to say “not this time”, but I should expect to have a cardiac event sooner rather than later.  tammy2That was March.  I made the decision to change, but didn’t do anything until school was out in June.  I belonged to a gym for years, but never went.  At the time, I enjoyed watching “The Biggest Loser” because back then, that show was the only example I had seen of people making transformations.  Each of the contestants used a BodyBugg, so I bought one in June 2009 and signed up for nutritional coaching.  I worked with her for 9 months and she taught me how to track and log, how to make better food choices, and introduced me to the concept of clean eating.  I didn’t lift back then- just walked a lot until I had the courage to go to the gym.  When I did, I just walked on the treadmills.  I used to walk and watch the people lifting below.  I knew I wanted to do it, but I was still intimidated.tammy5During the first 9 months of diet and cardio, I lost 40 pounds and then progress stalled.  I struggled to maintain my weight loss and was beginning to gain again. I knew I needed to do something differently, but I didn’t know what to do because I wasn’t willing to leave my comfort zone.   In May 2010, a high school friend lost her battle with breast cancer.  Paula was fearless.  When she died, I knew I had to find the courage to do something that scared me.  Part of that was to honor her and part of it was to reclaim a life I was too scared to live.  That’s when I remembered that crazy dream I had when I was in my 20’s – bodybuilding.   In June 2009, I hired a trainer and asked him to teach me how to lift.  I gave myself two years to get ready for the first show.  I worked with general fitness trainers for the first 9 months,  and they taught me the basics.  I worked with a local coach to prep for my 2012 and 2013 shows.  I’ve been working with an online coach, Alberto Nunez of 3D Muscle Journey, since November 2013.  To date, I’ve done three bodybuilding shows and one strongman competition.
     In December 2012, my before/after picture was shared on a big Facebook page for female competitors.  The administrator of that page didn’t believe it was a legitimate transformation picture at first – he had to research my story before he would publish it.   From there, it was shared on a couple other large pages, and then it flew with thousands of shares.  I became “Facebook Famous” rather quickly.  A teacher friend contacted a local news anchor, who had already seen the picture, but didn’t know I lived in the same town.  That’s when I was contacted to do the TV interview.

    This has all been such a blessing beyond reclaiming my physical and emotional health.  I am a better wife.  I am a better teacher, despite the fact that I don’t work long hours anymore, I don’t have the elaborate lessons I used to have, and I’m a slow grader.  I’m having a lot more fun and I understand better what it’s like to do something that seems to be impossible.    Some of my kids follow me online, so we connect on a level that isn’t about math.  That helps me be a better teacher for them, too.   They ask a lot of questions about nutrition and training.tammy8

    I have NASM personal training and fitness nutrition certifications, but I’m not working with clients right now.  I did do that for about a year and I liked it, but I had to accept that don’t have time for it while I’m teaching if I’m going to continue bodybuilding.  And I am still training to progress in my sport.  Right now, I am not planning to compete again until summer 2017 at the earliest.  My coach regularly talks about where I will be in 10 years – I think that’s exciting.  Even though I’m 53, I really am new to this and I love it.  Also this is my 20th year of teaching.  I’m not sure when I’m going to retire, but when I do, I will have a plan ready to go that pays forward what I’ve learned in some way.  Could be working with people again one-on-one, guest-speaking, writing, or something I haven’t thought of yet.  I’m open to following this path wherever it leads.

  2. Do you follow a specific diet?   At first I was a militant clean eater.  I found that to be too restrictive and stressful long-term.  Now I am more flexible.  At this time, I’m not tracking at all.  When I’m in contest prep, or when my coach decides it’s necessary, he will give me macro ranges to use.  Food choices are always mine to make.tammy3
  3. What does a week of training/exercise look for you?  Right now, I’m lifting 4-6 days a week, depending on how busy I am at work.  Not doing much cardio right now.  Maybe a walk once a week, but that’s mostly for stress management.  Teaching high school math can be a little stressful some days.tammy7
  4. What would you say to those trying to change and make the change like you did?       Get the help you need.  It’s worth the investment to have someone there, not just to teach you how to do things properly, but to make sure you don’t get hurt, and to provide accountability and support.  Everyone thinks the exercise is the hardest part.  It’s not.  The nutrition is a bigger challenge and the mental game can derail you.  I did not do this alone and don’t recommend it.  If someone cannot afford a trainer, there are options.  Group training, online-coaching, YouTube videos from reliable science-based fitness experts, or online groups are other ways to get the information and support necessary to stick with it.tammy6
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?     For both – discipline.  It helps and hurts me.  I tend to get into a fixed mindset about what I’m capable of achieving as a competitive bodybuilder.   Genetically, I have some negatives when on stage being judged as a bodybuilder.   It’s tough to be judged on what happens during those few minutes on stage when it took years of training and sacrifices to get there.  My coach has worked with me a bit to help me stay grounded in the idea of personal progression.  Even though I’m older and feel like I’ve accomplished some things in my life, I’m still new to this sport.  I have a lot left to do.tammy4


Monday Motivation – Energy Slice

Hello Monday (again) how quickly do these days come around!

I have just done the school run … i cannot believe how stressful the morning school run can be trying to get the kids up and going on a Monday morning.  I feel like I’ve run a marathon by 9am.  If you have children, then you know what I mean.  Its exhasting.  Its amazing how quickly your children grow up. When they are little it feels like they are never going to grow big, then all of a sudden you have a 17 year old finishing Grade 12! gasp!  What happened?  I talk alot on here about making every day a good one … and this is why!  It seems to be going so fast.  So make every day a good one :-)

My day started with training at 5.30am … back squats – booty gains!!!!

then getting rid of my grey hair.  Lucky for me my sister is a hairdresser and works her magic!hair

I did some cooking on the weekend.  Made a couple of new slices.  This one is adapted from Lorna Jane’s book.  I changed a few ingredients tho.  This is the perfect morning tea snack I think.






Christmas is on its way … here is a snap shot of some ideas for gifts.  Start getting organised early … take the pressure off :-)  find out more here  montage