Monday Motivation – are you enjoying it?

The week of Christmas is here.  How are you going with it all?  This is the busiest time of the year for me, so I have learnt to try and enjoy it – even though its crazy.  Being organised is key … and I’m not great at that either, so I am slowly learning to write lists and prioritise.  I must say the Christmas parties (which are super fun) definitely slows you down … we had a massive night on saturday night, and fun as it was my body is paying the price for the food and drink and lack of sleep.  I guess that is why i do not choose this lifestyle usually as I do not like the side effects.  Hence I was on the green smoothies this morning ….

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Thought I would share a couple of cute food ideas for the Festive season.


these are so cute … and a healthier treat than alot of other options (yes they do have some lollies … your choice)


this repost from @therawfoodmum is a great idea on a clean festive treat.  Looks so cute too … I am going to make this for Christmas morning breakfast :-)


@noglutens is a new account I am following on Instagram.  She has some great ideas, and I am going to give her Christmas cake a crack.  Looks great

Try and enjoy this week … it is a fun time of the year, and sometimes we forget what its meant to be about with all the rushing around.  Take a breath and enjoy the people around you.SMILE-HAPPY-LOOKS-GOOD-ON-YOU


Sammy Wood joins as a Fit & Style Ambassador

Excited to announce that Sammy Wood is joining the Fit & Style Team as an Ambassador.  If you do not know Sammy, you can read up on our Wonder Woman Wednesday post we did on her earlier in the year here


Sammy went to the CrossFit Games this year as an Individual … and we are constantly inspired by what she gets up to.sammy2She is an awesome example to women that Strong Is Beautiful!



Monday Motivation – Working from Home

Happy Monday,

After a week of being back at home, I am getting a little bit back on track (kind of) It is my busiest time of the year, making sure everyone has their Christmas presents on time, and they get want they want … so each day is busy anyway.

I have re-ignited my personal social media accounts after being asked constantly about what I eat, how I train … and fit things into my life.  So I am going to start sharing these things on a daily basis so this might help those of you who are interested.  I will continue sharing recipes too … So if you head over to @chanel73 on instagram or Chanel Stuck on facebook you will get all this info.  I think we learn the most by sharing what each of us do. This is how I learn new habits too …

Yesterday I competed with one of my training partners Eryn in the CrossFit Speed Hell’s Playground series … we have done 3 of the 4 now, so even tho I had been away we decided to still do it.  It was a really fun day … we stuffed up some of our strategies – so i learnt a few good lessons.  This makes such a difference when competing.


rowWorking from home

I would normally get up and train at 5am on a Monday morning, and did get everything ready to do so … but needed the extra sleep, and because I can train this afternoon … I went back and got a couple of extra hours sleep.  I would normally try and plan my following day the night before, but last night I was too tired … so I am sitting down now and making a list and prioritising.  This is especially important at this time when my girls are on school holidays.  Because I work from home, I have to try and ballance things out for them … so everyone is happy.

I did have them helping me pack orders last week, this is a win-win as they want money for christmas shopping, and I need the help.  I try and look at the day … work out when I can get things done, and schedule in what we can do together.  Today we need to get the grocery shopping done … as my girls are getting older, I am actually having them plan out the meals this week … the two older ones will have a night of cooking each.  This gives them some ownership, and also helps me out – another win-win!  Another thing I do is organise play-dates … and these can swap out.  So the girls have friends to play with … Doing Christmaswrapping, craft activities, cooking … these are all different things to keep them busy.

Another thing I try to do at the start of the holidays is have a little team talk, explain that extra help is needed as they are all in the house every day.  The youngest has to sweep the kitchen floor every morning, they need to organise the washing to go on and be put out each day … just so things are not all left to me.

If you didn’t see on my social media yesterday, I am doing a giveaway … Urban Muscle have these cool new shakers, and have given me one to giveaway with a sample of their protein.  I have attached a ketbell keyring to the side … a fun prize to win! Just go to my social media and enter!um

I posted my little chocolate cake addiction at the moment which I have bought home from NYC.  Thanks Magnolia bakery :-)

I have adapted one of my oldest recipes to be low sugar, low gluten and dairy free … tastes great.