Fitness Friday – Don’t be the 98%

It is almost the end of January.  This year is already off to a great start … Feb is knocking on the door.  If you have made New Year’s Resolutions,  this is the time that is make or break.  98% of people make resolutions and do not keep them.  Don’t be a part of the 98%.  A-dream-doesn't-become-reality-through-magic

It tends to be a constant pattern of the New Year arriving and then we want to change our whole life, or make huge changes to be a completely new person.  This all sounds fine in theory, and honestly I enjoy the New Year arriving to make new plans and start a fresh year … but in all honesty, a New Years Resolution is a waste of time unless it is constantly followed up and worked on.goal

So … take a look at your Resolutions, are they achievable?  Or maybe they are but being honest means you have to get some help, or keep accountable.  I am going to share this post over at Fit Women Unite, this can be a place we can all share our goals and keep each other on track.  If you have a goal of ___________ to happen by the end of the year, break it down month by month and week by week, how are you going to make it happen each week, month and then by the end of the year that goal will be ticked off.  Having a journal or diary to keep checking in on will help this, and also visualising what you want the outcome to be is very powerful also – just constantly seeing it in your mind.

I use a Heidi Swapp planner, as I like making it more fun adding stickers and photos to my journey … the process has to be fun, i think that is a key part of it working or not. planner If it feels like a chore then you will give up on it.  So look at ways of making it fun.  One of my Fit & Style products which has really struck a cord, are the Resolutions Bracelets … these are the perfect reminder of your intention, so you have a 24-7 wake up call on your wrist … great to stay on track.  Find out more about them here 


See you over at Fit Women Unite to share our goals ….

Happy Friday xxx


Monday Motivation – Carrot Cake

Who doesn’t love cake?  Be honest!cc3

Over the past few years since I have cleaned up my eating, I have experimented with different favorite recipes and adapt them to be a little better.  I know they are still “treats” as such … but I love cake!  lol!  So this is one I have adapted from Bill Granger.  It works well and is super yum with a cup of tea :-)  Let me know what you think.cc4

Carrot-Cake-Recipe Edited

I am sharing some mixed emotions this week as my girls go back to school … the summer break comes to a close.  We have had a real cruizy time, just chilling at home … its been good, as I feel like it has slowed time down for them.  Of course I have been working in flexible mode, but making that work for me and thankful I can do it.  I have been training hard too, and making the most of being able to sleep in a recover more … it will be a rude shock to get back to normal and I know the reality is going to consist around being more organised and sitting down and planning.


Happy Australia Day for tomorrow …

Fitness Friday – Working Your Weaknesses

Happy Friday.  It’s the last full week of the school holidays …  I have been making the most of the sleep ins, and next week I know they are off the table.

One of my goals this year is the CrossFit Open, which starts 25th Feb and goes for 5 weeks.  It is a world wide competition – the workouts get posts each week and you have a number of days to do the workout and put your score in.  open

Each year, it is a good way to see how far you have progressed, and just put yourself to the test.  I have been trying to focus on my weaknesses.  These are always the movements that are the hardest to do (for obvious reasons)  I feel like my list is quite long, however I think most people are in the same boat, and this is purely because there are so many movements in CrossFit – its hard to be good at all of them.


Handstand Pushups are on that list … i blame my long arms for them being so difficult – LOL! I am committing this year to making them better, which means I just have to do more of them :-)  Strict press, pistols, obviously getting my Ring MU, Chest to Bar pull ups …

So regardless of your sport of choice, whether its flexibility, cardio threshold … work on the hard stuff, eventually it pays off.  Being persistant is key!

BTW … if you did not already know, you can now get the silicone wedding rings here I’m so happy to have mine, it made me sad not wearing my wedding rings – and now I’m happy again!


Enjoy your weekend.

Monday Motivation – Asian Beef Salad

Happy Monday …. hope you have woken motivated, ready to embrace this new week.

I have taken a couple of weeks to work on my goals.  I think I needed to contemplate a little more, often I am super eager to get in and make new ones … this year, i wanted to give myself time to really feel sure of what I want.  I was talking to friends on saturday night while at dinner, and we were talking about exercise, one has just started CrossFit.  I said to her “What is your Why”  why do you want to train?  Unless you know your why, when the going gets tough you will stop.  You have to be clear and sure of your Why!

I do what I do because it makes me happy.  I like being strong, I love weight lifting it is so challenging.  At this moment I am inspired to better my movements, and get my ring muscle up … I love how much I have learnt about my body.  Our bodies are amazing, we don’t even really understand how incredible they are.  I am planning out my training year today.  I will talk to my coaches and work out the goals  – first will be CrossFit Open starting end of Feb.  I’ll register today …

Other goals for family, marriage and work still need to be finished.  I will have them done before the end of the week :-)thai beef

Thought I would share this salad with you.  Its been hot here in Brissy, so we have been living on salads … this one is one inspired by Jamie Oliver – love his work!



The Power of Full Engagement

Happy Monday … I know many people are back to work now.  Working from home means my schedule is still in “flexible” mode … as my 3 girls are home from school.  One of my biggest challenges is actually planning out my day … if i do not do this, i do get things done … but I get distracted and off task, and do not use my time as efficiently as I would.  So for me the biggest issue is actually sitting down and working out how the day will run.  It does make holidays easier too, as I can manage myself a little better.

I have been reading a book called The Power of Full Engagement.  It has been helpful in explaining how to channel energy and working on your positives and negatives.  At the end of the book there is an Action and Development chart that you fill out … it gives you areas to work on.  I knew what mine were, and I know if I do not manage new rituals in my life nothing will change.  book

life is an interesting journey or learning about yourself, which is constantly changing as we change.  lemonwater

Lemon water is one of the favourite things in our house at the moment.  This morning Em found these cute bottles at Aldi that are just perfect.  I am glad we have a lemon tree, as we are going through so many lemons right now.fishburrito

Another part of a smooth week, is planning meals.  On Wed and thursday when I train nights I have to have quick, healthy recipes ready.  These fish burritos are easy and yum.  I found gluten free wraps at the supermarket, but the rest of the family use wraps or taco shells.  I made an easy slaw and have avocado, fish and slaw on mine … yummy, fast and easy.


Just leaving you with a little fitspiration … make sure you get your workout in today!!!!! xxx


New Years Resolutions for the 40-something

Happy New Year 2016.

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start.  I love the start of a New Year to think about how I can be a better me, and then what I can do to make this happen.  Gary and I usually sit down together and make goals for our relationship, our family, individually and business.Change-your-thoughts

I was inspired by Tayla @taylamadestrength who did a blog post on New Years Resolutions for 20-Somethings … so I decided to do a similar post from my perspective as a 40-something.

  1. Make Yourself A Priority – this really goes for any age-group, I believe if you do not look after yourself then you cannot look after anyone else properly.  Being a wife and a mum I especially find this important.
  2. Random Acts of Kindness – a great way to help other people but also make yourself happier.  Make the world a better place, this starts with each of us on an individual basis.  It may be something as little as letting a car in when in traffic … this is helping that other person.
  3. Make Peace with Yourself – one thing I have learnt is that i am the person I am today through the experiences is have travelled – good and bad.  When I was younger I wanted to erase all the mistakes, but I realise that i needed these lessons to be the person I am today.    Make peace with your past …
  4. Move – we are designed to move.  We are animals … and we have amazing bodies that need to be active.  Find what makes you happy and do that … for me it is CrossFit and Yoga.
  5. Make time for your girl friends – its important to have girl time.  I believe its cheaper than therapy … I usually catch up with one of my friends every monday for a coffee, its such a great way to start the week.  We often talk through different issues, and I always feel better.  I train with some great ladies too, and the same goes ….
  6. Use Your Intuition – your heart usually tells you what is right and not.  You need to listen ….
  7. Make A Change – if you are not happy, then make a change.  Doing the same thing expecting a different result is silly.  Things will only change if you make it happen (see #10)
  8. Meditate – still your mind, or in my case learn to control your thoughts.  There are some great Aps now for 10 min meditations .. give it a try.
  9. Learn to Handle Your Stress – Life is hard, it throws curve balls at us.  Everyone has to face the stressful times, know what your triggers are, and how to manage them.  Work out what helps, and how to get through it.
  10. Set Goals – work out what you want, and write it down.  Make goals to change and be the best you.  If you need help with your goals …. get some help.  Surround yourself with inspirational things that will help you on your journey … and help you to stay motivated.  Achieving goals is so rewarding and will make you a better person.