Monday Motivation – Raw Choc Fudge

My first CrossFit workout for 2016 is done.  On Saturday I hit up 16.1 at CrossFit Desire.  This is the workout is

Workout 16.1

Fitness Friday – Happy CrossFit Open Day

If this is your first time to my blog, I am a CrossFitter … I have been CrossFitting for 2 1/2 years.  In CrossFit there is a worldwide competition that everyone can compete in.  You can register, they announce the workout for the week live worldwide with 2 elite athletes doing the workout live and then you do the workout at your own gym.  The scores are posted to the worldwide leaderboard where you can see how you rank in the world, your country and your category.  froning

From there those that qualify go forward to the Regionals, or do to extra workouts for the Masters Qualifiers … from here the top athletes go to the CrossFit Games – which are like the world champs of CrossFit!

So today the 2016 CrossFit Open is released and thousands of people will be tuning in to find out what the first workout will be.  Screenshot (103)Here are some tips …

Tips to use for the CrossFit Open

  • Once the workout has been announced, I highly recommend watching the professionals do it to see how they go and what they do to get through it. You may not be a professional athlete, but this is still helpful in creating a game plan for yourself when it is your turn.  Having a firm plan in your head of how you are going to tackle the workout takes the guess work out of it, and also shuts down the negative brain that can kick in and tell you to stop because you are hurting.  Reality is, that a lot of the workouts will hurt and you need to be able to shut the brain down.
  • What are your goals for the Open? Is it to hit a certain number in your category, is it to better yourself from the year before, is it to use a new movement or improve on a movement … its good to have goals for the Open that are relevant to you.
  • Be mindful of your brain talking to you … make sure that it is positive and not negative. You want to be giving yourself positive affirmations – even if you are telling yourself the same thing over and over, that is better than negative chatter taking over.  Staying positive and telling yourself “you have got this” or “only one more rep” is a powerful tool.  A big part of the workout is in your brain, the body will always go on longer than the brain will.
  • I always like to talk to my coach, or a trainer that you connect with. They know you and can give you advice on the best way to tackle the workout.  I find having a good game plan is really crucial.
  • Enjoy it! We do CrossFit because we love it … make sure you enjoy the Open – get in and have fun.


Monday Motivation – Slow Cooker Choc Brownie

Happy Monday … a new week, a fresh start.  Thought I would share this recipe I tried last week.  I really love Sarah Wilson’s recipes.  This one has been adapted from her new book.  When I first saw it I just wanted to make it because I love using my slow cooker … lol!  I did put a little spin on it … but it is equally as delicious her way.

Slow-Cooker-Choc-Brownie-IG WARNING … your house will smell delicious for hours – while its cooking and after.  I’m sure my whole neighbourhood wanted some!



Let me know if you try this out.  I am sure you could make a choc orange version by adding orange rind, and choc orange chocolate.  yum

Time to get going with the week.  I am running a little behind with my planning after competing all day yesterday in a CrossFit comp.  Time to get back on track.  I did share on instagram this morning a little tip for fussy breaky eaters.  Or sometimes its just nice to do something a little different for the kids …smoothie

This one is just banana, frozen berries and milk … you can add a little maple syrup if the berries are too tart.


Fitness Friday – staying motivated

What I am learning more and more as I get older how important it is to manage my energy.  Its a big game changer when I start running on empty.  If I did not have the commitments I have it would be different, but I am a wife, mum, business owner, and athlete … I have a lot to juggle.  So when I run on empty, then lots of things can start turning to crap especially my motivation!

When I am on empty, my motivation is terrible .. and when I am training –  I am battling the negative mind trying to shut me down.

We all have days or weeks like this.  I have just had one myself.  I had a lot on my plate and trained hard last week, and just did not keep on top of things … on Monday I felt overwhelmed and had to re-group, and re-prioritise … get the grocery shopping done so my kids could eat, and clean the house so we could function ok again.  Training unfortunately had to miss out … but it was the right decision and I reset myself to get going again on Tues.  Even though I still have battled through the week, I know there are some things that help me get back on top of it.

  • Surrounding yourself with positive people who have your back and believe in you.  The ones that lift you up when you need it … those people are gold and you need them at these times.
  • Using positive affirmations – making sure I am telling myself (the chattering mind in my head) good things.  Getting rid of the negative.  This is helpful by reading positive quotes Change-your-thoughts
  • Using uplifting essential oils I find really helpful too.  I like Joy blend and also Valor I find really helpful in times of self doubt.  I use valor on my skin, and usually diffuse Joy … also Stress Away helps.joyoil
  • getting myself to training, even though its tough and I don’t feel like it – because I know I need the good endorphins and I will feel better for going15.1a

Life has its ups and downs, so we all hit these stages.  Its all part of trying to Enjoy the Journey we call life.

When I am making jewellery I like to use semi-precious stones because of the extra properties they have.  I will share some of these herebeads

Onyx –  Agate was highly valued as a talisman in ancient times and has been used as a traveler’s amulet for centuries.  It is believed to bring good fortune, health, wealth and long life.  As well as quenching thirst and preventing fevers, Persian magicians used agate to divert storms and athletes to increase vitality.  It’s also said to bring self-confidence by banishing fear.  Some call its strange patterns ‘cosmic caterpillar tracks’.  Others’ swear that wearing these beads can heighten the spiritual consciousness and balance the body’s physical and mental states

Howlite –  Howlite has similar benefits to turquoise – used for creativity, calming, and reducing anxiety and tension.  It also encourages emotional expression, subtlety and tact, lessening rudeness.  As well as helping to eliminate pain, stress and rage.   A simple and gentle stone that aids sleep and helps to bring back wisdom from the dream state. Assists in loosening and dispersing muscular tension.
Turquoise –  Ancient doctors thought turquoise prevented injury in accidents and ground it into a powder to cure stomach disorders, internal bleeding, and insect bites. Turquoise has always been used to protect the wearer from danger, attract wealth, and warn as a talisman or good luck charm.   Some believe it will fade when danger or illness is near, or a lover is unfaithful.  It is also said to protect against pollution and strengthen the body.
Blue Sodalite –  Sodalite is a blue stone usually peppered with white calcite.  Especially valuable for those in mental confusion – it helps rationalize decisions and calms the emotions.  It also encourages self-expression, by uniting logical thought with the spirit and helping you realize that you don’t have to do things the way you always have.  And it’s been said that a piece of sodalite under the pillow can help you remember dreams.

Green Malachite – with irregular black banding. Its green stripes have the ability to soothe and bring rest – helping sleep, meditation, the circulation and balancing emotions.  The copper content helps rheumatism.  It’s also the guardian stone of travelers who wear it to warn of danger.  The magic of malachite is also thought to attract love and wealth and change energies in your life and environment.  Some say malachite travels the world in search of energies to change.  If your life is in a rut, try wearing malachite – but beware of unstoppable change.   Malachite is especially fragile, so guard against scratches.  Washing malachite in water will remove its protective polish.

Red Coral – Coral is not a true gemstone, but a product of marine life.  However, it’s been used as a gem since prehistoric times.  With a history of religious meaning, like being one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures. Coral was long thought to be a strong talisman against evil spirits and hurricanes.  It is also said to reduce blood flow, helping anemia, and is thought to give wisdom and prevent madness.

Its color ranges from white to red, but most red coral these days is dyed. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees.  Most people think of coral on the coral reefs in the South Pacific like the Great Barrier Reef.  However, these reefs are formed by a different species than the coral traditionally used in jewelry.  Most of this coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Pacific off Japan and Taiwan.

Red Luck Jasper (hot pink) – Jasper is known as the “Patron stone of counselors and healers”.  Being very healing and balancing, it was used for many different medications – like grinding into a powder to treat gall bladder and kidney disease. Ancient people used jasper to relieve pain, especially childbirth.  Jasper is reported to sooth the nerves and to treat the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Red jasper is an intensely protective stone, stabilizing the aura and bringing contentment – even said to assist astral travel during meditation



Monday Motivation – time to reset

Last week I had Gary away … he went away on a mountain biking trip with the boys, which he loved.  I think its really important when you are in a relationship to be able to do the things you love … have some time out from real life and reset, have fun.

I did realise that with him gone I missed the extra help he gives me with dance pick ups, putting the bins out, washing up … little things, but they add up over a week.  Yesterday I felt exhausted.  On top of what I usually do, I guess the little extras, and a few extra appointments that happened to crop up just tipped the balance for me.

So yesterday I was exhausted!  I do not like being exhausted … I loose the plot!

New week … time to get back on track


These things are helping me get back on track.  I got up this morning – planned my day, my meals for the week, grocery list …

After school drop off, came home did Headspace Meditation as I seem to have crazy brain going on – time to get my thoughts under control.  10 mins of gym for the mind.

Made a vegetable juice with carrot, celery, beetroot, broccoli, apple and lime. Instant goodness.

Cup of tea and energy slice.  Going to focus on good food for my body.  I may have eaten tim tams and alot of them on the weekend … i wish they didn’t make them in dark chocolate!  so no tim tams this week!

I have suffered from Depression for 17 years now, and being exhausted is not good for my mental health.  This is how I felt yesterday …. not good!


So today is a fresh start, and back on track.  Managing my energy this week.  Happy Monday.

Fitness Friday – Exercise to be happy

Exercising releases endorphins … the chemical in your brain that makes you feel happy.  Even if it feels terrible at the time, you will usually always feel better afterwards.  I think this is why exercise has always been part of my life … it just makes me happy.  I like the good endorphins.chanelbullitt

There are other things that happen too, you tend to want to eat better food, and drink more water.  You naturally sleep better … so it really triggers a lot of things that makes it an important part of life.wallball

After having the procedure a week and a half ago, I struggled with the anaesthic.  It messes with my blood pressure and makes me feel quite faint and unwell.  After a few days, it was still going on … I knew if I could get myself to do a light exercise session it would help trip my body back.  I was right.  It still took a few more days to come out of it … but exercising definitely helped the process.  I was careful and modified and listened to my body …

So get some good endorphins today …. treat yourself!

Monday Motivation – Breast Screen

mammogGetting older means keeping on top of your body.  Once you hit 40 (unless you have family history) you need to get Mammograms routinely to make sure everything is ok.  Early detection is the best way … so if you have been putting it off, its doesn’t take long and really is an easy thing to do … make yourself a priority.  I went for mine this morning

mamoHere is a great snack which is super simple to make.

nuts Tamari-&-Maple-Nuts-RecipeEnjoy the start of a new week!


Fitness Friday – Fit Uterus

WARNING – up front! Today’s blog post is about woman’s issues … so if you are not interested, then do not read!   I am sharing my story as I think we need to be aware of the options and the different things we all face.  It gives us knowledge and options if you are faced with the same problems.hospital3

Once I turned 40 my periods started going a bit crazy.  I went and got checked – everything was fine, and my doctor suggested I try a Mirena.  This is a form of birth control which is inserted into the uterus and stays there for 5 years and releases hormones.  I am not sure what happened, but I didn’t get around to doing it.  After 40 I really noticed a big change in my energy the week before my period … i was so tired.

2 years later and periods are playing up again, this time bleeding for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off … very frustrating.  Off to the doctor again, this time ready to try the Mirena.  Off for another scan, this time finding out I had some condition (i cannot remember the name) that was causing the bleeding.  My gyno told me how I was being ripped off as those doing the amount of exercise I do usually don’t even get their periods!  He was happy to do the Mirena, however due to my history with fainting I would have to go under to have it done.  He suggested that I have a Novasure Ablation to deal with that issue – kind of a double wammy.  A Novasure Ablation gently removes the lining of the uterus’the part that causes the bleeding. The NovaSureprocedure can reduce or stop bleeding altogether. It’s a less invasive alternative to hysterectomy, and avoids the potential side effects of hormones.hosptial1

So on Tues I went in to have the procedure.  I did not want to have to go under again … but I was brave, and I know in the long run it is worth getting this sorted out.  Coming out and waking up wasn’t the best though.  I had a lot of pain, and the pain killers were not working.  My doctor came in and told me I had a “tight little uterus” which I guess after having 3 kids and being 42 is not the norm … he said I had a Fit Uterus like the rest of you!  Most people have a fat and floppy uterus!  So this was causing more pain as it was contracting harder … I ended up staying in hospital until 8pm, when things settled down and I could go home.  hospital2

I am only day 2 post surgery writing this, and still having a bit of cramping from time to time.  Unfortunately anesthesia drops my blood pressure and makes me fainty for a few days … yuk!  I will update in 6 weeks after things have settled down.  I am really hoping this settles things down.

Our bodies are amazing things, even if the hormones go a bit heywire from time to time.  I think its good to talk about these things so as women we have more knowledge and options.  I also think being proactive to your situation is really important.  Why persevere when there are alternatives.


Monday Motivation – Positive People

As I grow older, I learn how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. Apparently you are the combination of your 5 closest friends … have a think about that.  If you are not surrounded with people who are positive and have your back – what is that doing to you as a person.  Sometimes when we have a toxic person in our life, or we are part of a group or a team that are not “our” people we have to make hard decisions wheather it is right to stay in this situation.  
Screenshot (49)

I do my best to teach our girls this lesson, as it never actually stops being applicable.  Sometimes we may work with people who are negative, we need to manage these people as we cannot just remove ourselves from this situation.  I have used visualisation in this situation, where you imagine putting on positive body armour that repels the negativity.  friends1

Being a positive person and living your dreams and goals, has to be easier when the people you are around are on your path.  So make changes if you need to … it shouldn’t feel draining, or hard work to be with your friends … it should add to your life – just like you should add to their day!  Snack Recipes Cover

I like to share recipes on here that I like.  Lately I have had people asking me about snacks I love … the easiest place is the Recipe e-book I made for Fit & Style customers (a little gift) so if you want my top 20 snacks … you can find them here