Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo 2016

Loved heading to the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo 2016 yesterday.  One of my friends was lifting in a weightlifting competition, so I was excited to watch her.  She did a great job and lifted really well getting 2 PB’s.  Weightlifting is a hard sport, it has alot of pressure and there were many people there, which increases the nerves.


It is always interesting seeing what is at the show.  So many different things to check out … fashion, supplements, equipment, people.  There were lifting compeitions, body building competitions, weightlifting, workouts, personalities ….   well worth going and checking it all out.inba

I met up with Stephanie, who I follow and have been in touch with on instagram @stephfitmum  She has one of the Fit & Style bracelets – a fit mum bracelet, as she has two little ones.


you can find the fit mum bracelets here




F45 Strong Bracelet

New today on the website for all our F45 friends, a F45 bracelet just for F45.  Now you can “Wear Your Passion” even when you have done your work for the day … or maybe it will give you motivation to make sure you get to your F45 class after work.


choose your colour leather

and the charms that speak to you


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Breast Cancer Bracelet for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to get on board the Fitness Infinity Bracelet will be available this month in PINK leather.  $5 from each bracelet will go towards Breast Cancer to help fight the battle.


I was 16 when my aunty died from breast cancer, and back then I did not know of anyone else who had it … now I could probably name 6 or 8 people who I actually know personally who have battled this illness. The more we remind each other to do constant checks and help spread awareness hopefully we will be able to get on top of it.  breastcancer

I have added a Breast Cancer bracelet for this month also … it has the breast cancer ribbon charm and Believe In Yourself or Never Give Up charm … some wrist inspo for someone who is/has battled this illness. Find out more here 


Eating Plan Update

I had every intention of blogging weekly my journey with my eating plan, sometimes being a mum of 3, running a business, training CrossFit and running a house I do not keep on top of everything.  I guess this is one of those times.  School holidays especially tip me over, as I try to balance enjoying having my kids home and my normal responsibilities.

So school is back, I am trying to catch up with getting my newsletter out (which is a week late) … and finally a blog about what is happening – I can hardly believe it’s the 5th week … seems to have gone fast.

The first week on the program was new and exciting, and I got into it with gusto … what I have learnt is that the more organised I am, the better the eating goes.  The plan Libby made for me is based on macros and I’ll be honest, I don’t understand how all that works, which is why following the plan is even easier – as I don’t have to worry about that part of it.

I have noticed quite a difference in my energy, and my performance with training.  I have had a few times of hunger – mainly at night. I guess I usually don’t allow myself to be hungry.  I found it quite easy to stay on track, until this week.  The weekend before last we had functions on every night, so I fell off the wagon – I got back on track this week, although … I am not sure if its hormones at play, or just having a hiccup in the program that has thrown me off. I have stuck to the program this week, it has been more challenging –  I have found my motivation to be testing me.  I guess we have to stay realistic that it will not always be easy …

here are the comparisons from day 1 until this morning – which will be 6 weeks  (still find it confronting posting these) hair out are the photos taken today, hair up are day 1




I have just competed at Allstars this past weekend (I actually started writing this post last week and didn’t get it finished) so I will need to sit and plan the week out and get organised as I couldn’t on the weekend.


remember to grab some wrist inspo here, like Robyn … a great way to keep goals on track.  Find out more here


Time to get on with this Monday … so much to do this week.  Eldest daughter turns 18, so its going to be a busy week.  Hope your Oct is off to a good start …. and have an awesome Monday. xxx