Wicked Fit Box – fitness gift box

Our Wicked Fit Box is the perfect gift to give to the lover of fitness.  This fitness gift box makes your life easy.


The standard fitness gift box has the following inside

  • Sports Towel
  • Stance Sock
  • Peak Chocolate
  • Fit & Style Piece

all packaged in a stylish box – ready to give as a gift.  Perfect for Christmas coming up, birthdays, special occassions, coaches gifts …

Find out more here 

one for guys and one for girls

wfitboxfemale2 wfitboxmale2

shoetags (2)

Shoe Tag Custom Made

After my running ambassadors constantly asking for Shoe Tags … I have finally got my act together and made some.  Of course this came out of the need for a bit of extra motivation for myself, with the CrossFit Open starting this week.  I thought a glance down mid workout might be a little extra inspiration to get me through the next 5 weeks.shoetags1 (2)

these are the tags I have chosen to remind me to go a bit harder, when I feel like stopping

I have added these to the website now.  You will find them here  I have created the listing as a Custom Made option, then instead of me trying to think of what everyone would like … people have the option of adding exactly what they are needing to help keep them motivated.

shoetags (2)

I truely believe surrounding yourself with positive affirmations is super important … so this is just another way to do this.  Hope you love them as much as I do  xxxx


Homemade Body Butter using Essential Oils

I’m always keen to share a cool recipe when I find one, this time it is for body butter.  I personally love using RXD Repair’s Thermo Magnesium body butter for my aches and pains after training, and for recovery … however, it is nice to make your own also.

Here is a recipe from Young Living where I get my essential oils from.


this gives you the option of adding whichever oils you particularly love.  If you wanted to make a sports blend to help with muscles and aches, i would add peppermint, pan away, lavender.  If you wanted to make a blend that is for relaxing you could add lavender, stress away and/or joy.  Its actually pretty cool, you can make so many different versions depending on which type of oil you add.


  • 1 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 cup organic solid cocoa butter (do not use lotion)
  • 15 drops of your favourite topical/aromatic essential oil (we love Cedarwood, Lavender, and Frankincense essential oils)­


1. Warm a medium-sized saucepan over medium heat, then add coconut oil and cocoa butter. Melt until completely liquefied, about 4–5 minutes.
2. Pour into a glass mixing bowl and place in refrigerator for 30–45 minutes to cool and just set but not harden.
3. Stir in essential oils.
4. Using an electric hand mixer, whip until firm peaks form, about 10 minutes.
5. Gently transfer to a seal-able jar or container. Store at room temperature to avoid melting or solidifying.
6. Massage into dry skin!

enjoy trying your own out.


WIN Leggings & Fit Mum Bracelet – Enter Now


I’ve teamed up with Mums n Fitness to bring you this great giveaway this week.  I have one of my Fit Mum Leather Bracelets to giveaway and Mums n Fitness are giving away a pair of their brand new leggings … perfect for working out.

leggingsfitmumbracelet (2)We are both passionate businesses dedicated to helping and inspiring women to live their best lives.

Make sure you follow each of us on instagram @mumsnfitness @fitandstyle_ on facebook, twitter, pinterest ….

Tag and friend and you will be in to WIN ….


P.S. you will find more info about the Fit Mum Bracelets here


Barbell Beaded Bracelet – Strong Is Beautiful

barbellbeadbraceletI’ll be honest, I wear my Barbell Beaded Bracelet every day … its totally my favourite at the moment.  It makes me happy that I am reminded of what I love to do every time I look at it.  I made one using the black crystal bead too, which turned out so nice.


You can choose the colour of the stone bead, and I have added silver hematite if you would like a silver version.


Click here to find out more, or treat yourself :-)

Running Charms – meaningful jewellery

After requests from my running tribe … I have added Sterling Silver Running Charms to the collection.

There are many running races on at the moment, this weekend the Gold Coast Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km runs are happening. Its a great achievement running a distance you haven’t completed before.  Many people will be tackling one of these distances.  A perfect way to remember your achievement is by adding one of these charms to one of our running pieces, or maybe you already have a bracelet you can pop it on.

runcharm (2)there are different attachments available depending on what you want your charm to go on.  You will find these charms here

Meaningful jewellery – wear your passion

happy tuesday xxx