Monday Motivation – Battling Cold & Flu Season

The change of seasons often bring about the colds and flus.  We have had a few bugs popping up in our house, and of course I am straight onto it with healthy remedies.  Keeping the family healthy is a must … or one of my goals.

For sore throats we use Lemon essential oil and a teaspoon of honey.  You can take it just like that, or with hot water as a lemon honey drink.lemonoilThe Thieves Oil is a blend of different essential oils that is highly anti-viral, antiseptic, antibatcherial and anti-infectious.  It was created from research based on a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoild contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying.  The thieves were forced to tell their secret and disclose the formula of the herbs and spices in exchane for a more lenient punishment.

The Thieves blend is made up from Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary.

If I feel like I am fighting sickness, I actually take a drop in water and swallow.  It is a strong taste, but I don’t mind it. My girls will not take it this way, so we put it on the soles of our feet (as the pores in the feet are bigger and absorb the oil faster) I also put it in the diffuser so it kills any air borne germs from spreading.  thieves1

Contact me here if you would like to order the Thieves blend to try.  I have some new USB diffuses to sell, that are just perfect as they are small enough to be portable throughout the house, take to work, or even travel with.  If you would like to grab one of these email me here  as they are going fast.  They are $39.95.diffuser

of course Chicken Soup is a go to when you are sick.  Do you have a favourite recipe to use?

My main focus is to put off getting sick.  I hate feeling unwell, and do not have time!  So getting enough sleep and looking after yourself will enable keeping in front of it.

These Thieves recipes are worth a try too …


here’s to staying healthy this winter xxx

I got up early this morning and made some snacks for the week – I know alot of people get their food ready on the weekend, but sometimes that just does not happen.  So early monday morning is a good time for me … it makes the week so much easier, if you have healthy snacks on hand.


hope you have a great Monday


Monday Motivation – Need Some Time Out?

I remember when I was a girl and my mum would have an afternoon nap and ask us not to bother her – of course a few times I would have tried, and I was surprised by her response.  Of course now I am in the same situation, I completely get it.resthere

Being a busy mum of 3 girls, and a wife … business owner, training in the day – sometimes, some peace and quite is all you long for.  When the girls were smaller, I always found training was my time out, it is a little different now as I am usually training with other people – so even though it is my own time, I am usually engaging with others.  I explain to the girls now they are older, if i need a little time out – and it usually works ok.  I have started doing Romwod each night, and this is my little time out each day …  I am learning to release and breathe and it is part of my daynow which I look forward to.

Thought I would share this great recipe for a Facial Scrub which came from Kula Mamafrankincense

Better Than Botox Facial Scrub


1 tablespoon baking soda

½ tablespoon raw Manuka honey (Manuka honey has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties for the skin)

1 drop of therapeutic grade young living lavender essential oil contact me here about buying this

1 drop therapeutic grade young living frankincense essential oil 

1 drop of therapeutic grade young living geranium essential oil

  1. Combine the baking soda and honey together until it looks like a paste.  Add one drop each of lavender, geranium and frankincense essential oils.
  2. Place a warm washcloth over your face and hold on skin for a minute or so to open up your pores.
  3. Gently rub face with facial scrub using small circular motions (be gentle with your skin!).  Keep massaging skin with scrub for 3-5 minutes to fully remove dead skin from face and to let the essential oils work their magic.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.
  5. Your face may be red for a bit but this will wear off.
  6. Use this scrub no more than 1-2 times a week.
  7. This scrub is alkaline to the skin, so to even out your pH it is a good idea to splash your face with rosewater afterwards.  This will naturally balance your skin.


Fitness Friday – Managing Your Body

Part of being fit and heathy is managing the niggles and injuries occur.  It is part of exercising to get aches and pains, sometimes you may overwork a muscle or wake up with something tight or sore.

shouldersI am learning more and more about my body and its strengths and weaknesses.  Stretching, mobilising and yoga are all part of my daily ritual and are very important in the role of managing your body.

I also use a couple of great essential oil blends to sore or tight spots.  Deep Relief and Panaway are blends specific for muscles and I find they work really well.  If you would like to know more about these oils contact me here deeprelief

Using balls, bands, rollers is a great way of manage tight and sore muscles.  There is alot of great help online – i especially love Kelly Starret and his Mobility WOD.

If you have a spot that is more than a tight muscle – maybe you have injured it in training or doing something. Usually you know when it is more serious – one thing I have definitely learnt is do not let it go.  Your body is not supposed to be painful … pain is telling you that something is wrong.  It has taken me some time to get onto this … which is so dumb, but now when I have an injury I try and get onto it.  It happened just a couple of weeks ago doing the Fittest 3 comp, I fell off the rings and I pulled something.  After the comp it was sore – so I went to my physio to find out what was happening.  I hate modifying my workouts, but if it is to let my body heal so i can get back on track … then i know now that is what I have to do.  Definitely getting older this is one area that makes a huge difference.  I want to keep doing what I’m doing for the long term, which means I need to have a strong body that is not in pain.  That is my goal!

Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is next weekend, so jump in and either treat yourself and/or mum and go in the draw to win this great prize pack – jump in here



Monday Motivation – Chemical Free Home

I have to share with you my newest favourite product ever.  As you know I love essential oils, and a friend and I were talking about my daughters eczema – she advised I should remove all harsh chemicals from my house, as they are bad for us anyway, but could well be adding to her skin irritations.  The Thieves cleaner was a product available that she could not talk more highly of.

theivescleanerI ordered some in and am delighted with it.  It will last me so long, as you use one cap to make up a bottle of multi-purpose spray.  As you can see by the table there are different uses for it.


TIPS TO A CLEAN FREE HOMEchemical free home  It feels good to be making up the mixture than buying a whole new bottle.  I am really trying to cut down on “Stuff”  it feels like our life is full of “STUFF” … time to declutter and use what we have.  Not only for a better life, but for a happier planet.  Let me know if you are interested, and I can give you more details here 


Hope you’re having a great Monday!


Monday Motivation – DIY Carpet Cleaner

So I actually don’t have the best nose on earth.  My sense of smell is probably my weakest sense … which makes this DIY carpet cleaner that I made kind of even a shock for me, but truth be told … the dog peed on the carpet, and after cleaning it, and even wet vacumming I could still smell it.  It was driving me crazy … one of the worst smells ever.  So yet another use for the Purification Essential Oil was to create a DIY carpet cleaner.  I think this is why I love the essential oils so much … so many uses.


D.I.Y Carpet Cleaner
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 10-15 drops Purification Essential Oil
  • shaker container (or jar & lid with holes)

So easy, just mix baking soda and essential oil, add to shaker container (I purchased one from the supermarket) or make one using a left over jar (the one below was an salsa jar and punch holes into the lid)  then apply to carpet by shaking … let sit for 15-30 mins before vacumming back up.


Hope your week gets off to a great start




Monday Motivation – Travelling Abroad

happy monday Down Under, as I type this on Sunday night in NYC.  For those who do not know, my eldest daughter just graduated High School and this is a celebration of her next stage of moving to adulthood … we embarked on a two week stint to USA.  We are in NYC for a week …

It is so great having this special time together.  She is so fun, and really good at makeup and hair and fashion … so its good for me to spend time with her and improve on these things (as I can be lazy)  I have just painted my nails gold … the trend is metallic which i really love.  So happy to embrace this and create special memories together.

this video, is from our day at the Snow with the Swapp Family on Thanksgiving Day.  I am in the brown kit at the end of the video :-) such a fun time.


My clever friend Heidi Swapp who is a scrapbooking legend, gave me an early Christmas gift when I was staying … I have trouble sitting myself down and planning .. I blame it on my ADHD, but in all honesty it is an issue.  When I plan my day and week I am much more efficient.  Of course she has designed a beautiful planner, that can keep you on taste, but can also be creative – PERFECT! I need a place for all my inspiring designs too! So on the flight to NYC, i got started!  I am so excited to create new habits and I think this is just the perfect way.planner2

USA friends you can already purchase these great planners and all the fun extras at Hobby Lobby …. for friends Down Under, good news is they are going to be in Spotlight on Dec 8th! wahoo!  just in time for Christmas … you can follow what Heidi gets up to on her instagram @heidiswapp

hope you have your week all planned out, and if you do not, then you may just need a planner like this to get you on track.

digize-oil-for-wheat-belly (2)

While travelling it can be hard to find food that you usually eat.  I struggle badly, as I eat really well at home, and prepare most of my food … it has been hard.  I travel with the DiGize oil, and this really helps (i use it at home too) I have a sensitive digestion system … so i really notice a differene when i take this.  I just put a drop in my water, but some people find this too strong.

di-gize (2)

if you want to know more about the essential oils I use – email me here I use them for so much.  The Lavender really helped with not getting jetlag … so thankful!

Today we biked around Central Park.  It is cold here today, we had to buy hats and gloves! Brrrrrr!centralpark


Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip coming up


I am going to be honest, I was just not on my game to post yesterday.  We had a big weekend with a family christening – all my family flying in and staying which was super fun.  Also husbo’s christmas party which happened to be in Sydney … so we had a quick trip there for Sat night.  Yesterday I was trying to pull myself together …

I am off to USA on Saturday on a Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip.  I have a few fun things already lined up. So keep in touch on social media for what I get up to while I am away.

With this being said, I will not be making orders while I am away.  So if you need anything between November 21st – December 7th order it this week.  The website will be operational, and orders able to be placed, they will not ship until Dec 7th

Lots to do this week to get ready …  I am going to use the Essential Oils to see if they help with jetlag.  I have been told to use Lavender essential oil for jetlag.  Putting it in your water bottle and the back of your neck … so I will be putting this to the test.  Find out more about the essential oils I use here


I found this idea for packing light on Pinterest.  It is always hard when you are leaving summer going to winter ….


Spring has sprung, essential oils for hayfever …


Spring has sprung here and our family is suffering with hay fever.  Sneezing and running noses.  Essential oils for hayfever is what I’m trying.

Allergies-IG 2

This week I have been diffusing the following combination

  • peppermint 4 drops
  • lemon 4 drops
  • lavender 4 drops

This has definitely been helping.

Don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise often, sleep more, and live well.


It is very important that you get reminded of how great life is. Get inspired with “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Life” motivational piece.

livewellShop Here - Live Well


Is Work frustrating you or are you feeling in a rut?

Is work frustrating you?  This time of the year its easy to get run-down and/or frustrated at work.  You could try using Joy essential oil and Clarity essential oil to help you feel lifted and ready to take on the challenges that lye ahead. Its easy enough to add these oils right onto your body or you can diffuse it.


You can also try a few other things like:

Journalling – I find a good way to connect with your emotions and feelings is to write.  Get a journal and start writing, doesn’t matter what it says, just write what you are feeling.  Diffuse Clarity essential oil or apply it to the back of your neck while you do your journalling.clarity

Smile -Physiologically, when you smile your whole   shifts.  If that smile is really geniune then your attitude will shift too and positive feelings will increase.  Apply Joy essential oil blend to help boost your mood and lift your spirits.joyoil

Gratitude Journal – I used to wach Oprah when my girls were younger.  She taught me to keep a gratitude journal.  At the end of each day write down 3-5 things you are grateful for, it may be something very simple like the sun is shining … but what it does is makes you focus on the positives, as even though it may not seem like it, they are there.   Diffuse or apply Joy Essential Oil to enhance the feeling of strength and increase your sense of gratitude.


Frankincense Essential Oil

This week, I’m going to tell you about Frankincense Essential Oil.  This oil has been around for a long time, and dates back to the Bible.  There are many uses, in our house my daughter uses it for her skin.  I use it for hormones and well being.  It is good to use before yoga also, I put it on the back of my neck before yoga.

frank (2)

Frankincense (also known as olibanum) comes from the Boswellia genustrees. The milky white sap is extracted from the tree bark, allowed to harden into a gum resin for several days, and then scraped off in tear-shaped droplets. Boswellia trees grow in African and Arabian regions, including Yemen, Oman, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Oman is the best known and most ancient source of frankincense, where it’s been traded and shipped to other places like the Mediterranean, India, and China for thousands of years.franktree

Frankincense oil has long been revered in the Middle East, where it’s been used in religious ceremonies as an anointing oil for thousands of years. It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics, and has even been found in the remains of Anglo-Saxons and ancient Egyptians.

Frankincense oil is one of the top essential oils you can use for your health. It’s known for its comforting properties and is useful for visualizing and improving one’s spiritual connection also helping overcome stress and despair. In aromatherapy, frankincense oil is either inhaled or diffused via a diffuser – a very effective sedative that induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation satisfaction, and helps relieve anxiety, anger, and stress.


Frankincense oil promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. It’s useful for skin health, and can help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.  Frankincense oil’s help:

  • Strengthen gums and hair roots
  • Stop wounds from bleeding
  • Speed up the healing of cuts, acne, insect bites, and boils
  • Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – Research by Cardiff University scientists found that frankincense can inhibit the production of key inflammatory molecules, helping prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue that causes these conditions.   Also, Indian frankincense or boswellin, also a member of the Boswellia genus, has been found to significantly reduce inflammation in animal studies.
  • Colds and respiratory disorders – Frankincense oil can break up phlegm deposits in your respiratory tract and lungs, it can relieve bronchitis-related congestion.
  • Oral health issues – The antiseptic qualities of this oil can help prevent bad breath, cavities, toothaches, mouth sores, and other infections.
  • Digestive disorders – Frankincense oil speeds up the secretion of gastric juices, bile, and acids, and stimulates peristaltic motion to allow food to move properly through your intestines.
  • Uterine health – Frankincense oil regulates estrogen production in women and reduces the risk of post-menopause tumor or cyst formation in the uterus (uterine cancer). It also regulates the menstrual cycle of premenopausal women.

For those who love yoga, you might also like a yoga keyring find out more here

yogakeyring (2)