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Keto OS – the best product I’ve tried

I called into see Amanda Allen at CrossFit Byron Bay and she was telling meabout a new product she had started taking called Keto OS.  Amanda openly shares about her journey with Depression and was explaining how it was helping her feel better.  I was sceptical.  I don’t usually get involved with products like this, however her testimony intrigued me and I decided to try a 10 day trial pack.  The price threw me off, it was more expensive than I would have liked.  So, I took my 10 sachets and started taking one right then and thereketo

I got to the end of the following and week and was asking myself if this product was helping me … I had had the busiest week – doing the Masters Qualifiers, my daughters 16th birthday and birthday party, working 3 days for my husband, and getting all my training done (2 hours a day)  I realised I had coped really well, wasn’t tired, hadn’t had a nervous breakdown … I started thinking that maybe there was something going on.  As I paid more attention, I realised I was sleeping less … and better.  Actually waking by myself in the morning … can’t remember the last time an alarm clock hadn’t woken me up (I’m usually so tired from training) my recovery was really good … I was squatting heavy and feeling fine the next day.  I had heaps moketopoints (2)re energy throughout the day … where normally I am the queen of napping, most days I am so tired from training I have to nap after lunch (because I can)  I feel like I have gained hours in my day because I do not need to nap … and am just a lot more productive.  I also feel a lot clearer in my head … and therefore focused and stay on task.

I have learnt so much about this product since starting to use it, and see how many benefits in using it.  I definitely would recommend everyone try it to see how it works for them … if you are interested in trying a trial pack contact me and I can organise this for you or call me 0412649009

Life of Chanel – Seventeen Point Three – CrossFit Open Workout

Week Three and the announcement is Full Snatches and Chest to Bar pull ups.  This week is for the strong people … as the ladder goes up to very heavy snatches.  The announcement itself was a little confusing, but once you got your head around it … it was a little easier to understand.

here is the workout:


I knew going into the workout that I was not going to be able to finish the workout as my snatch is not heavy enough.  Even tho the first round is light, it still got gassy very fast cycling between the chest to bar and the barbell.  The 43kg snatch were ok, and I had a plan going into the next round.  I would lift 50kg, 55kg then try the 61kg.  This is what happened.  I got the 55kg – which was a PB … and then got under the 61kg but couldn’t stabalise it.

I tried to re-do on the Monday morning, and a similar thing happened … although I made a bit of a mess of a few of the 43kg reps, stopping me from getting a faster split time.  Sometimes I guess trying to rush you sacrifice form.  173

So … its clear I need to work on my lifting in the next year.  It is certainly a lot weaker than my fitness.



Life of Chanel – Seventeen Point Two – CrossFit Open

Seventeen Point Two was released on Friday 11am Brisbane time … which I find super exciting.  This week I watched the announcement with some of my training friends at the gym.  I suspected this week there would be a “skill”  movement this week … and sure enough Bar Muscle Ups have come up.


I gave the workout a go on friday night.  I found the dumbbells in the lunges awkward, but not heavy.  The same with the dumbbell cleans, they were just different …  the workout was definitely about the Bar Muscle Ups.  I chose to do singles for the workout, as I have had some inconsistancy with stringing them together … I didn’t want to have that happen during the workout, for energy and also mentally.  I was happy that my Muscle Ups did not break down … I got to the second round of BMU and got 10  into the 16 with a score of 122.  I decided to repeat it and see if I could get that second round finished … I can string my MU together, but they are a little inconsistant.  I wanted to see if I could get them going and improve my performance.

172t2b 172shell

So, on Monday I went in and warmed up my MU.  I was doing doubles, but the 2nd wasn’t as easy as the first.  In a perfect world I wanted to start doing the doubles …. however, once I started the workout, my body felt heavy and sluggish.  Once I got the the MU I missed my first one … and they all felt pretty hard.  I ended up with exactly the same score as I did from Friday.  I felt a little flat about this considering the effort it takes to redo a workout, however … the truth is, this workout is a BMU workout, and more specifically a BMU under fatigue.  My BMU are just not strong enough at this stage, so what I got is what I deserved.  I think the Open is good for putting things into perspective and clearly showing you where you are at and what you need to work on.  So I had to put my ego back in, and realise BMU will need much more work in the coming year.




Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fit Person

Valentine’s Day is a chance to treat that special person with something sweet.  It doesn’t have to be a massive gift (although if you can afford it – why not?)

Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day ideas for your fit partner.

Our new Wine & Fitness bracelets which are on sale this month is the perfect choice for the girl who loves both her fitness and vino

wineandfitness1 (2)

or a small gift that is just as meaningful – a Fitness Keyring

keyringoptions (2)

or some earrings … there are many to choose from.


for the Fit Man – Barbell Cufflinks? or a keyring


or maybe matching Silicone Rings?  grab the special


for more ideas ….  browse here  or email us with a question if you need

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Goal Setting for the New Year

I love the start of a new year … a clean slate, the chance to sit and evaluate where you are at, what has been and what you want for the year to come.  I am a goal orientated person, so when I have a plan in place its easier for me to work for it.  It is when I am ambling along without direction that I loose my motivation.goals

In our family we enourage everyone to set personal goals at the start of the year … a way to create focus.  We also set family goals, goals for our marriage and business.  It is important to set a time frame to re-evaluate the goals maybe 3, 6 and 9 month check ins to see how you are going, and reset if necessary.

I like to make a list of what I have achieved from the year just passed, before I make a start on the new goals.  I think it is really important to recognise what you have ticked off your list, and the things you have accomplished along the way.  goals2

Then you can start of the new goals.  If it is going to be a difficult goal, then it is worthwhile breaking it down into smaller chunks and if you need help from external sources work out what you need or who you need to help you on the way.  If it is a goal that will only take 12 weeks, think of what you will back it up with after that goal is reached … then, you are not left aimless once that goal finishes.  Maybe confide in a close friend and tell them what your goals are, so you are making yourself accountable to someone else.  For example – for CrossFit I usually chat with my husband and my coach, so we talk through what I want to do and the plan for it.  This gives me feedback from them also … which I find valuable.

strongisbeautiful6Finally, surround yourself with positive affirmations and inspiration to keep you on track.  Our fitness jewellery is perfect for this …. constant motivation.  find out more here 



Libby Wescombes Tips for the Holidays and Festive Season

Diet damage control tips for the holidays and festive season

 Stick with the 80/20 principle:

During the festive season, stick with the 80/20 rule. I personally live by this principle. Perfection is not necessary when you have consistently overall in your life. If you are making the right choices the majority of the time, this allows you to live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy treats as well, especially during a time like Christmas.


Stay active & keep moving even if you aren’t fitting in consistent training sessions:

Even if you aren’t training during the holidays, take the opportunity to be active outdoors. Soak in some vitamin D and make it fun. Going for walks, going to the beach, hiking, etc will also do you good and give you the opportunity to spend time with your friends and family outdoors.

And of course try to sneak a workout in wherever you can. Don’t be hesitant to break a sweat and do some quick intervals or a body weight workout if you can’t get a full session in. Even 15 minutes is better than nothing.


Load up on salad & veggies:

Veggies fill you up, and you can eat a ton without blowing your diet. If you’re attending a Christmas dinner or get-together, bring salads & vegetables and eat it heaps of that first. After that, go to the protein sources. This at least gives you a fighting chance at not ingesting 10,000 calories in one night 😉 You can focus making really festive salads too. Rather than serving your protein (steak, chicken, prawns, tofu, etc) with bread or potatos, opt for a generous serving of a fancy salad.


Create a calorie or macro buffer during the day:

One of my all time favourite tips is to save the bulk of your calories for your big meal, i.e. Christmas lunch or dinner. You can do this with macros too. For example, if you are a carb-rich dinner, you could save most of your carbs for dinner, and stay with protein and good fats the rest of the day.


Take advantage of all the fresh produce at this time of year:

The abundance of fresh produce at the supermarket this time of year (In Australia) means you have access to a massive range of fresh, wholefoods, bright juicy fruit and veggies. This means that you can serve up your friends and family meals and snacks that are wholefoods-based rather than processed and packaged.

Eat before you go to events:
This will stop you from snacking the entire time, and ensure you’re getting the right nutrition your body deserves. It will also help with those cravings! One of my favourite tips I tell clients is to have a protein shake before leaving the house. This curbs your appetite before you hit the Christmas brunch or eat out, it keeps your protein intake up, and it’ll minimise overeating.


Be smart with your alcohol choices:

For those who are looking for better options of alcoholic beverages, be conscious of the mixers you choose to mix your alcohol with. Choose soda water or water with squeezes of lime or lemon rather than soft drink. Choose your own squeezed juice over concentrated, store bought juice & choose spirits that aren’t creamy. (i.e. vodka over baileys). And of course it goes without saying but avoid binge drinking.


Relax and enjoy yourself

Festive occasions are supposed to be fun, happy times, and you should be able to enjoy yourself and not worry about calories and macros etc. If you are being consistent year round then why should you deprive yourself? Allow yourself to enjoy treats, but just keep a handle on things & don’t overeat. Christmas time shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to binge but I think it’s important to let your hair down a bit and enjoy life as well. I know I will be 😉


you can find out more about what Libby does and her 12 week Challenges at 

Fitness Gift Ideas!

Spendid Christmas gift ideas for the people dear to you. Take your pick from these delightful inspirational pieces of Fit & Style.

1. For Mum – Fit Mum Leather Wrap Bracelet


2. For Dad – Barbell Cufflinks

christmas-gift-ideas-13. For your training friend or best buddy – Don’t Quit Bracelet

christmas-gift-ideas-24. For Sister – Dream Catcher Earrings

christmas-gift-ideas-35. For Brother or guy training buddy – Barbell Keyring

christmas-gift-ideas-46. For your coach – #1 Coach Keyring

christmas-gift-ideas-57. For Grandma/Mum – Floating Locket (choose charms that she will love (fitness or non-fitness inspired))

And here are more ideas for you…

8. Kettlebell Earrings

christmas-gift-ideas-79. Sterling Silver Barbell Necklace

christmas-gift-ideas-810. Fitness Infinity Bracelet (with charms of your choice)

christmas-gift-ideas-911. Coffee & Fitness Leather Wrap

christmas-gift-ideas-1012. Fit Inspo Bracelet Set (different colours, different themes)

Say it best with personalized Christmas gifts. Make this holiday even more special.


Kristy wins Survivor – Be Yourself, Back Yourself

Our family watched the Australian Survivor which had its final episode last week.  It is an interesting experiment of having many different personalities together, doing challenges and making aliances.  It came down to Lee and Kristy in the final, and I will be honest … I didn’t think that Kristy was going to be the winner.  However, she was the Sole Survivor and stayed true to her convictions.  I will give it to her, she was consistant and stayed true to who she is and stood by her word.


This month I have put Kristy’s quote onto a charm.  It is a charm I believe is fairly universal and applies to everyone.  For the month of November you can grab the white marble silver bracelet with Be Yourself Back Yourself charm.


Find out more here


Monday Motivation – Food Inspo

Happy Monday …

hope you are feeling motivated, and ready to smash the week.  Its hard, because sometimes you just do not feel like it.  I am lucky, I do feel that way today – I think probably because it poured with rain here yesterday, so I could potter around and get organised.  I also did some cooking, made a big pot of Ham Hock soup.

I have had a few questions about which cookbooks I use and what I eat.

Here are my favourite go-to cookbooks at the moment.cookbooks

Pete Evans, Sarah Wilson and Gwenyth Paltrow.  In saying that I kind of come across things on Instagram these days and try them out also.  I did sit down yesterday and go through my books, as I feel like I have been cooking the same things lately – so needed a change.

I think it is important to experience and see what works for you.  I personally know I cannot tolerate alot of grains, so i keep them under control and do not eat them alot.  I do not eat dairy because it gives me sinus infections, and sugar is just not good for anyone.

I definitely think taking the guess work out of what you are going to eat helps, so planning out your food for the week is super important.  Because I train at night, I need to know what we are cooking so I have it organised and ready to go.smoothie

Smoothie of the Week

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tablespoon nut butter/almond butter
  • handful Kale
  • 3/4 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 scoop Nectar of the Gods by Urban Muscle – use some maple syrup instead for a little sweetness
  • 1 cup almond milk

blend till smooth – purple smoothie today!


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Fitness Jewellery – Update

Wanted to check in and update you on what is happening with Fit & Style.  Everyone needs some inspiration and motivation from time to time.  Sometimes we need it more often …
I believe in positive affirmations.  Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement.  Sometimes you have to be your own chairleader.  The fitness jewellery does a great job of this.  Its always there on your wrist or around your neck giving you the positive vibes.

I have just added new Pewter charms to the collection.  I have always used sterling silver charms, which are alot more expensive as you pay for the material, but it does not permanently tarnish like the fashion charms.  The pewter charms will not tarnish, which is perfect for those of you who want to train in your pieces.  The bracelets are leather and stone bead so stand up to a good training session … now with pewter charms they will not tarnish and discolour.pewtercharms

These charms are also a little smaller, which are perfect for the bracelets – therefore not too heavy.prun

I have also added some stainless steel charms to the collection.  These will be perfect for longevity in the keychain dept. And also there are gold and rose gold kettlebells which will be available in necklaces.  If you would like to be the first to order a gold or rose gold kettlebell necklace contact me here as there are limited numbers and they will sell fast.

Good quality is important … I hope you love these new options for inspiring pieces.pkb


Grab yourself something motivational here