Family Charms & Personalised Jewellery

What i love the most about the Options Collection is that it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, only me.  I have this sterling silver washer charm with my three girls names hand stamped onto it and the three girls family charm in the middle.  I often wear it on a leather necklace, or switch to sterling silver chain depending on what mood i am in and what i am doing.  Since adding the personalised collection to my business i have had many people purchase not only for themselves, but gifts for loved ones … its nice to give a gift that is meaningful and forms emotion.

The washer charms come in 3 sizes medium, large and extra large.  The family charms come inside the extra large washer.

the family charms come in all different combinations … see here for more info on the family charms.

The custom jewellery is pretty quick to have made, and only takes a couple of days to be hand punched.

visit for more jewellery ideas ….




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