Fit Mum Charms – wear your passion

Are you a Fit Mum or Fit Mom (depending on what country you live in)  it doesn’t matter with our range of Fit Mum Charms because the little kettlebell is the universal sign for being fit.


These Fit Mum Charms are available to be added to different Fit & Style pieces to create something meaningful, unique and inspirational.  It does not matter what type of fitness you are involved in, Fit Mum / Mom you are!  Lets Wear Your Passion and stay motivated and inspired all day – every day!

For the Runnng Fit Mum / Mom click here

fitmumrun (2)


or the Fitness Mum who swings a kettlebell click here

fitmumkettlebell (2)


Fit Mum / Mom Inspiration Bracelet click here 

fitmuminspiration (2)


there are lots of different ways you can add the Fit Mum / Mom charms …. create something meaningful

Share these with your friends … lets get as many Mothers out there Fit and on their way to living their best lives :-)

make sure you leave a comment and let me know if you love these.



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