Fitness Friday – Being a Fit Mum

My youngest daughter does rock climbing at her school.  She is in Grade 5 … how times have changed.  When I was 10, I certainly wasn’t doing rock climbing at school for sport.


This week their rock climbing group went on an excursion to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs – which is a very popular rock climbing spot right in the middle of Brisbane.  It is very beautiful and looks right down the river to the city.  Gi asked if I would join them.  I’m a Fit Mum so decided to get

Their PE teacher Mr Mac had everything organised, with 3 different climbs to tackle from easy, medium and more challenging.  The kids all knew what to do, and safety was number one on the list.  Everything had to be checked off before anyone started.


I realised, as I decided to climb, that this is why I like being fit, healthy and strong … I can be involved in anything I want to do.  Today was no problem at all for my body.  It was challenging for my mind of course … and it is a good workout rock climbing, i was pumped after – but my body was ready for that.  I think we are really good at playing and enjoying life as children.  Then as we get into our late teens/early twenties we get busier and stop playing and trying knew things.  I feel like we have so much on offer in this life, and if we look after our bodies and stay fit and healthy then we can enjoy and challenge ourselves.  We should all continue learning and trying … today I pushed outside of my comfort zone.  It felt so good to get to the top.


If you have stopped playing and enjoying life … its not too late.  Anything is possible … if you try!

By the way … Johnny Depp is in town at the moment filming the next Pirates of the Carribean movie … The Black Pearl (his ship) was moored out in the river.


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