One Direction Infinity Necklace

Unless you have been asleep for the past year … you would have heard about the hysteria surrounding One Direction, the boy band from the UK.  My daughter is marrying all 5 of them, so that should be interesting … lol!  My husband stood in line with her for hours and i spent the same amount of time trying to get tickets for when they tour here …. luckily that was a success.  The things you do … honestly!

Now i am selling One Direction Infinity Necklaces … my world is being taken over by One Direction too.  Now my business is being taken over by One Direction … lol! Lucky i like their music … they are cliever boys!  Having 3 girls myself, they are all pretty excited to be personal models for the new One Direction Infinity Necklace.

The necklaces are made from good quality stainless steel, which will not tarnish or discolour … so it will last the distance with all the One Direction Concerts etc …

You can pre-order your One Direction Infinity Necklace right HERE

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