>Jewellery in Action

i decided this week i would post some photos of Enjoy Jewellery in action. From now on if you have a photo of yourself wearing a peice from Enjoy Jewellery send me the photo and i can post it here to share with our friends.

This first photo was taken of me this week at a ladies business group. I was wearing one of the Emra Necklace sets in the natural colours with the matching earrings.

The next photo was taken on my trip to USA, where i met some amazing new friends. Here i am wearing the black onyx silver drop earrings, and also a black crystal long necklace.

Here my sister is wearing on the the black onyx silver drop necklaces (one of my favourites)

This final one is the red strings necklace

i look forward to seeing your photos, and posting them here …
i do have to share the cool shoes i bought this week tho!

what do you think? i think that my awesome pedicure i got in USA has done its dash … sad toes!

>Cool Rings

this week i want to share these cool rings that one of my good friends found when she was on her recent trip to USA!
I love them … and am seeing if my designer and create something similar to add to the new collection that will be coming out in January ….

they are beaded, so stretch onto any size finger … perfect~!
Anyone who hosts an Enjoy Jewellery Preview will become a V.I.P and be invited to a special “Preview Launch” of the new collection in January! Not only do you get $100 voucher to spend, but now there are added benefits! so get your friends together and host a Jewellery Preview ….

>Chunky Pearl Set

after a request from a lovely lady at a recent jewellery preview we have made the Chunky Pearl Set in this gorgeous grey/silver colour.
If you buy the set you recieve the earrings for free …
I am working on the new collection which will be launched in January 2010 … i will be putting some sneak peaks on the blog … so keep checking in …

>Ballerina Jewellery

our three girls are dancers. Our eldest is passionate about it … she just got her marks for the tap exam they did last week where she got 99% (so proud of her) so a large part of our life revolves around dancing. Not being a dancer myself as a girl, i have learnt thru them. We are doing a special promotion thru their dance school to raise some money for the Performance Team, so thought i’d share this cute jewellery. Can can still be purchased by anyone else who is interested (i did a special price for the dance school) The bracelets are being made with ballerinas too! soooooo cute~!



How cool is this necklace i found in Utah. Peace signs and symbols seemed to be pretty big in the summer fasion … i just love all the colours and stones!
I have just been browsing here for some new season inspiration.
Next week i will have some inspiration from things i’ve found in Brisbane …
and also some new jewellery peaks!
If anyone has a picture of them wearing some Enjoy Jewellery email it to me here chanelstuck@hotmail.com and i’ll post it on the blog!


I am over in USA at the moment, visiting one of my best friends … just so happens its also a MAJOR inspiration trip, as i have seen and found some cool things in the jewellery world and am excited to start working on some new pieces.

here are some of the cool things i found …

there was this awesome store at the Utah airport that had amazing jewellery and clothes, i was in there for ages … so fun!

I love being where the fashion is ahead of what we are doing. Lucky for me we are going into summer so i got many good bargains. Forever 21 is probably my favourite store! I love checking out the store windows
from now on i will be using the blog to update cool things i see and new pieces i am working on, also deals and specials. There are lots of fun and exciting things in store. This month you recieve a free key chain when you purchase anything …. only in the month of September and you must quote this code #KCSEP
happy shopping!