Fitness Jewellery – Update

Wanted to check in and update you on what is happening with Fit & Style.  Everyone needs some inspiration and motivation from time to time.  Sometimes we need it more often …
I believe in positive affirmations.  Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement.  Sometimes you have to be your own chairleader.  The fitness jewellery does a great job of this.  Its always there on your wrist or around your neck giving you the positive vibes.

I have just added new Pewter charms to the collection.  I have always used sterling silver charms, which are alot more expensive as you pay for the material, but it does not permanently tarnish like the fashion charms.  The pewter charms will not tarnish, which is perfect for those of you who want to train in your pieces.  The bracelets are leather and stone bead so stand up to a good training session … now with pewter charms they will not tarnish and discolour.pewtercharms

These charms are also a little smaller, which are perfect for the bracelets – therefore not too heavy.prun

I have also added some stainless steel charms to the collection.  These will be perfect for longevity in the keychain dept. And also there are gold and rose gold kettlebells which will be available in necklaces.  If you would like to be the first to order a gold or rose gold kettlebell necklace contact me here as there are limited numbers and they will sell fast.

Good quality is important … I hope you love these new options for inspiring pieces.pkb


Grab yourself something motivational here

Monday Motivation – Overnight Oats

Mornings in our house are busy, like most houses I assume.  Getting out of house on time, so everyone gets to school on time can feel like Mission Impossible.  I have implemented a few things to help the mornings stay on track.  My youngest has the most trouble getting it all done.  So now I have her get her lunch ready the night before (and I just make her a sandwich, roll or salad in the morning) I also make sure there are options for breakfast, having three girls – choices are a necessity LOL!  I also I have to think about what I am eating, and what I have to do.
Luckily our washing machine has an overnight timer, so often I have that loaded and it has done its thing ready to be hung out in the morning.  There is washing every day in this house, so getting it out of the way is winning.oats1

I have started making these Overnight Oats.  They are so easy, and you can change up the flavour depending on what you add to them.oats2

all you need to do is

  • 3/4 cup quick oats
  • 3/4 almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  • chia seeds
  • coconut
  • berries, banana or fruit of your choice

all you need do is combine the oats, i put a tablespoon of chia seeds, and the same(ish) of coconut – then top with the milk – give it a mix.  Cover and leave in the fridge overnight.  In the morning they are ready to eat.  I usually have a tablespoon of maple syrup, add strawberries and banana

ready to eat.  Super quick and super yum!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I am getting a few questions about what I eat and the recipes I use.  So i will do a blog post and explain what I am doing at the moment.  In my experience, you have to trial things to see what works for you as an individual.


we had a big arm workout yesterday, my favourite thing to use is the Deep Relief oil.  It is sooooo good.  Let me know if you want more info 


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Fitness Friday – Food Preparation

How often do you hear that it is not so much about the exercise more about the food.  They say it is 80% about the kitchen, which leaves 20% to exercise.http://When I was younger I used to go for a run so I could eat what I wanted.  To a point I could, however … it doesn’t really work that way.  It is a false sense of security.  Thinking, you have exercised for the day therefore you can have that piece of cake …  is not sustainable.   The reason is that as we get older, we need to eat less and the quality and quantity of what we eat becomes more and more important.

I know personally that the food I consume translates to my energy levels also.  If I eat crap, then I will feel crap.  So if I put good food in my body, I operate at a better level. food

To eat well through the week takes some organisation.  It makes the most amount of sense to do your meal preparation on the weekend, when you have time to organise yourself.  By preparing your meals for the week means you are planning out a good road of eating.  It is much easier staying to a plan when you have one set in place.  So start with working out what you are going to eat.  Shop and get the ingredients needed, then get to preparing.  It saves time through the week, takes the guess work out of it, and keeps you on track.foodprep

So if you don’t already, give it a try and see how your week goes.  Make sure to check the blog for recipes.



Monday Motivation – My favourite winter desert

Winter has arrived in Brisvegas.  It happened quickly, we went from summer to winter in 1 week.  I’ll be honest, I am a summer girl.  I love the sun, it makes me happy.  That is why we live in Brisbane, as we get a major dose of sun most of the year.

I do enjoy winter food, and I’ll be honest – i don’t hate winter, I just find it harder to get motivated, and I am not as excited about winter clothes.  I did take 2 of my girls shopping on saturday … i can’t remember the last time we went shopping, it was really fun.  I got a new jacket for winter, and winter dress, cute jumper and some new sunnies (which have been really over due)

So … winter being here, I will share my favourite winter desert right now.  It is dairy, gluten, and refined sugar free. We have Family Dinner night on sunday nights, so i made it for the family last week, and have made it twice more since then as it was so yum!  Tonight I made a single serve … so I am going to give you the quantities for this, as I think that is the hardest – when you want a desert, and you just want to make one for yourself.singleapple

Quinoa Apple Crumble for 1

  • 1 granny smith apple (peeled, cored and chopped
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup
  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup quinoa flakes
  • 1/4 cup almond meal
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3/4 tablespoon coconut oil

pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C.

Grease a 1 cup capacity ramekin.  In a bowl add chopped apple, lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of maple and combine.  Add to ramekin.  In another bowl add the remaining ingredients and combine until resembles bread crumbs.  Top mix over apple and bake for 20 mins or until golden and ready.single apple crumbleENJOY!


I made this cute locket bangle today for a June birthday.  It has a custom made back plate with names on it, the June birthstone, Kettlebell, barbell and wine glass charms.  A meaningful piece with all her favourite things.  A cute gift idea.

Find out more here  locketbangle


Fitness Friday – Top 3 things for Longevity

We all want to live longer.  As you get older you start thinking about becoming older more.  I often catch myself thinking – as I look at an older person – this will be me one day.  A journey we are all on … longevity

I heard recently some of the latest research regarding “Longevity” and the 3 things it stated for a longer life.  I can’t actually remember the source to quote it.

  1. Leg Strength
  2. VO2 Max
  3. Body Mass Index

Leg strength being number 1!  As we discussed this, it became obvious though.  If you loose your leg strength, you fall, you end up in a wheel chair … and cannot fend for yourself.  A good excuse for squatting! Definitely makes me more motivated to squat more and work my legs :-)legs

The second two i was not surprised about … fitness and body mass index.  Generally if you eat well and exercise you are putting aging on hold.  Its a no brainer really.

So … get your legs working, eat well and exercise … turn back time!  Make it a way of life.

Some inspo on the way because STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL



Monday Motivation – Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

Working from home has its perks.  I am lucky enough to work my schedule around my kids and get to be a part of what they get up too in life.

It has its challenges also … having an office at home, I feel pulled to work all the time.  I have to try and have self control and switch off, instead of working 24-7.  This can be very difficult.  It also works the other way, when I am supposed to be working – there are endless “home” chores that can be done like washing, cleaning etc …

I try to plan my day the night before … getting the house chores done before work hours start.  If this does not happen, they have to wait until I get a break or at lunchtime.  I also have to try and disconnect from social media at night … and even through the day when I am trying to work, as I get very distracted with it.planKnowing what we are having for dinner is a big part of weather my day goes well or not.  I know that sounds silly – but if it is left to the last minute, I just seem to go to pieces and it takes me twice as long to get it done.

I also use a diffuser when I am working.  I usually put an uplifting blend in – my favourite at the moment is Grapefruit and Peppermint.  This seems to keep me awake and focussed.

Having my snacks, and lunch prepared also saves me time.lambcurry

This lamb curry recipe I popped in the slow cooker last week … I used lamb pieces on the bone that the butcher had for curry making, but any type of lamb would work.


Let me know what you think xxx

Here is to a productive week :-)



Fitness Friday – Mental Toughness

We all have days where our brain is over-riding our body!  I really hate it when this happens.  Its so much easier for me to move even when my body is sore or tired, than when my brain is off.   Those times when your brain is saying “that is enough” or “i don’t want to do it” or “don’t pick that barbell up again” or “I have run far enough or trained enough this week already”.negative

So how do you combat this!  Everyone has days like this, so I would love to hear how you tackle it when you hit a day when your brain is trying to take control.  I personally know I have to go … and I try and use alot of positive affirmations.  So everytime my brain says something negative – I try and combat it with a positive thought – reinforcing that I am doing a great job, or how good I will feel after.  Or even just have a mantra I keep saying over and over – kind of trying to brain wash the negative out – “I Can Do This” or “No Pain, No Gain”  or even “Just Keep Going” NEVER-GIVE-UP

I also use essential oils.  I know i sound like the “Crazy Oil Lady”  but they really work for me.  Essential oils can be used in different ways, and when applied topically can absorb directly to an area.  Inhaled, the smell triggers different receptors in the brain … its very fascinating.  There is actually a blend called Motivation – i am yet to try this, and will let you know what I think.  I always use Peppermint before I train though, as it opens the airways – it is also an uplifting oil that awakens the senses.  If you want to know more about the oils you can contact me here


I think this is one of the reasons I even started making motivational jewellery in the first place – as I can look to my wrist and see a little “Never Give Up” charm or “I Can” and that is a little boost.  nevergiveup

if you need some inspiration you will find some here 

Monday Motivation – Battling Cold & Flu Season

The change of seasons often bring about the colds and flus.  We have had a few bugs popping up in our house, and of course I am straight onto it with healthy remedies.  Keeping the family healthy is a must … or one of my goals.

For sore throats we use Lemon essential oil and a teaspoon of honey.  You can take it just like that, or with hot water as a lemon honey drink.lemonoilThe Thieves Oil is a blend of different essential oils that is highly anti-viral, antiseptic, antibatcherial and anti-infectious.  It was created from research based on a group of 15th century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoild contracting the plague while they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying.  The thieves were forced to tell their secret and disclose the formula of the herbs and spices in exchane for a more lenient punishment.

The Thieves blend is made up from Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary.

If I feel like I am fighting sickness, I actually take a drop in water and swallow.  It is a strong taste, but I don’t mind it. My girls will not take it this way, so we put it on the soles of our feet (as the pores in the feet are bigger and absorb the oil faster) I also put it in the diffuser so it kills any air borne germs from spreading.  thieves1

Contact me here if you would like to order the Thieves blend to try.  I have some new USB diffuses to sell, that are just perfect as they are small enough to be portable throughout the house, take to work, or even travel with.  If you would like to grab one of these email me here  as they are going fast.  They are $39.95.diffuser

of course Chicken Soup is a go to when you are sick.  Do you have a favourite recipe to use?

My main focus is to put off getting sick.  I hate feeling unwell, and do not have time!  So getting enough sleep and looking after yourself will enable keeping in front of it.

These Thieves recipes are worth a try too …


here’s to staying healthy this winter xxx

I got up early this morning and made some snacks for the week – I know alot of people get their food ready on the weekend, but sometimes that just does not happen.  So early monday morning is a good time for me … it makes the week so much easier, if you have healthy snacks on hand.


hope you have a great Monday


Fitness Friday – Master League Online Competition

It is exciting that my sport of CrossFit is embracing the Masters Athletes!  This year competing in the CrossFit Open, there was a big step up in the level of competition.  These older athletes are bringing it to the table, and showing that Age Is No Excuse.  mastersl

Gary and I are competing in the online Masters League Competition  this year.  masterleaguelogoSetup is a similar fashion to the CrossFit Open, where each week a workout is released and  you have a certain time frame to complete the workout and post your scores.  The WODs are tough, you would not realise they were for athetes 35+ and up.   16.2

It is creating a great community between the Masters Athletes, there is so much online participation of people sharing photos, times and comments.  I am proud to be part of a community that is growing and encouraging us as we become older –  to keep at it … looking after your body and staying fit and healthy is so important.


Above was the first part of last weeks workout.  It was a big chipper that took me 33mins to complete (although I was climbing to the male rope height) One more WOD to go … I look forward to seeing more and more people joining in this event as the years go on.  Already it is super competitive … a good motivation to get to the gym and keep training.


if you are a Masters Athlete, then maybe these charms are for you …. the constant reminder that being Masters Strong is the way!  click here if you want to know more about these pieces



Monday Motivation – CrossFit Regionals Inspo

Might need a few coffees today …

it is a hard job watching the best atheltes in the Pacific Region going head to head.  What an inspiring weekend.  They hold the Pacific Regionals in Woollongong, NSW – a beautiful part of the country so Gary and I ventured down together.  He had not been to the Regionals before, and I knew he would love it.

For those of you interested you can see the workouts – this is one of the individual workouts

3 days of gruelling workouts and 5 males and 5 females and 5 teams head to USA to the CrossFit Games (the world champs) armwrestle

back to Mum mode today, and ready to get some things ticked off the list, including 3 loads of washing and grocery shopping … #mumlife, it never ends.  I am looking forward to eating well again too.  I guess my body is used to eating good food now, if i fall off the wagon – it doesn’t like it.  Just made a fresh vege juice, and will do some baking tonight to get the digestion back on track.  I am going to do a blog post about eating clean when travelling, as I did a crap job of it this weekend – my body tells me pretty quickly when I do not look after it!

I am not organised enough to share a recipe … will try and get the lamb curry recipe up for Wed

happy Monday all! stay inspired! xxx