Monday Motivation – My favourite lunch right now

Happy Monday.

Hope all the mum’s out there had a lovely Mother’s Day and were treated by their families.  I was surprised with beautiful sunflowers from my girls.  They are so gorgoeus, and this morning they made me smile.sunflowersThe high school had a Mother’s Day litergy and morning tea this morning, which was so lovely … so the warm fuzzies have continued on today.


I thought I would share one of my favourite lunches at the moment.  My friend Robyn made me a version of this a couple of months back, and now I find it an easy and yummy lunch to have an hand.

You can do a fast version or a budget version.  I will give you both options.

I use Tuna, but you can use salmon, chicken, beef .. any type of protein really.lunch1

Fast Version

  • 1 x brown rice cup
  • 1 x can of tuna (flavour of your choice)
  • kale slaw (supermarket mix – in the salad section)

layer the cooked brown rice in bottom of the bowl, then tuna and top with kale slaw.  You have an instant bowl of goodness.lunch2

Budget version (lasts for 3 days)

  • cook 1 1/2 cups brown rice in the rice cooker
  • 1 large can plain tuna
  • make kale slaw

I add pesto to the drained can of tuna, to create the flavoured tuna.

to make the slaw I use kale either finely chopped or put through the food processor.  Then a couple of carrots grated, a beetroot – grated, 1 green apple – grated, brocolli stem also grated (you can add anything else you wish) I usually do these veges in the food processor with grater part inserted.  I like to put some mixed seeds and nuts in mine also.  The store bought version has a yoghurt style dressing, so you can add this if you wish – or olive oil and lemon juice works well too.

I find this will make 3 portions for lunch … so means I do not have to think about lunches for a couple of days :-)


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Fitness Friday – Your Kids Are Watching

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it appopriate to talk about how being a Fit Mum impacts your family.sandbagrun

It doesn’t really matter if you are new to fitness, or have always been fit – it really makes a difference to your children if they see you exercising or not.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house where both my parents were active.  I did not realise it at the time, but now I see this impacted how I turned out as a person.  Now I am a mother myself I see it playing out with my own children.FALL-INLOVE

Both Gary and I are fit (if you are new to my blog I have always been active since I was a kid) we both are involved in CrossFit now, and our kids see this in our daily/weekly schedules.  Now our kids are growing up, our eldest daughter takes herself off to the gym and is very motivated when she is exercising.  The two younger ones are still involved heavily in dancing, so this is their exercise for now.  I see how important it is for them to see what we do, and how we live.  This is sub-conciously teaching them what is important and giving them lessons.  It also shows them that we value our health and our bodies to make the time to look after ourselves.

So, if you are on and off the bandwagon with your fitness … maybe the fact it is benefitting your kids will be a motivating factor on those days where you are struggling.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mum’s out there.  purplefitinspo

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Screenshot (146)

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Monday Motivation – Need Some Time Out?

I remember when I was a girl and my mum would have an afternoon nap and ask us not to bother her – of course a few times I would have tried, and I was surprised by her response.  Of course now I am in the same situation, I completely get it.resthere

Being a busy mum of 3 girls, and a wife … business owner, training in the day – sometimes, some peace and quite is all you long for.  When the girls were smaller, I always found training was my time out, it is a little different now as I am usually training with other people – so even though it is my own time, I am usually engaging with others.  I explain to the girls now they are older, if i need a little time out – and it usually works ok.  I have started doing Romwod each night, and this is my little time out each day …  I am learning to release and breathe and it is part of my daynow which I look forward to.

Thought I would share this great recipe for a Facial Scrub which came from Kula Mamafrankincense

Better Than Botox Facial Scrub


1 tablespoon baking soda

½ tablespoon raw Manuka honey (Manuka honey has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties for the skin)

1 drop of therapeutic grade young living lavender essential oil contact me here about buying this

1 drop therapeutic grade young living frankincense essential oil 

1 drop of therapeutic grade young living geranium essential oil

  1. Combine the baking soda and honey together until it looks like a paste.  Add one drop each of lavender, geranium and frankincense essential oils.
  2. Place a warm washcloth over your face and hold on skin for a minute or so to open up your pores.
  3. Gently rub face with facial scrub using small circular motions (be gentle with your skin!).  Keep massaging skin with scrub for 3-5 minutes to fully remove dead skin from face and to let the essential oils work their magic.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.
  5. Your face may be red for a bit but this will wear off.
  6. Use this scrub no more than 1-2 times a week.
  7. This scrub is alkaline to the skin, so to even out your pH it is a good idea to splash your face with rosewater afterwards.  This will naturally balance your skin.


Fitness Friday – Managing Your Body

Part of being fit and heathy is managing the niggles and injuries occur.  It is part of exercising to get aches and pains, sometimes you may overwork a muscle or wake up with something tight or sore.

shouldersI am learning more and more about my body and its strengths and weaknesses.  Stretching, mobilising and yoga are all part of my daily ritual and are very important in the role of managing your body.

I also use a couple of great essential oil blends to sore or tight spots.  Deep Relief and Panaway are blends specific for muscles and I find they work really well.  If you would like to know more about these oils contact me here deeprelief

Using balls, bands, rollers is a great way of manage tight and sore muscles.  There is alot of great help online – i especially love Kelly Starret and his Mobility WOD.

If you have a spot that is more than a tight muscle – maybe you have injured it in training or doing something. Usually you know when it is more serious – one thing I have definitely learnt is do not let it go.  Your body is not supposed to be painful … pain is telling you that something is wrong.  It has taken me some time to get onto this … which is so dumb, but now when I have an injury I try and get onto it.  It happened just a couple of weeks ago doing the Fittest 3 comp, I fell off the rings and I pulled something.  After the comp it was sore – so I went to my physio to find out what was happening.  I hate modifying my workouts, but if it is to let my body heal so i can get back on track … then i know now that is what I have to do.  Definitely getting older this is one area that makes a huge difference.  I want to keep doing what I’m doing for the long term, which means I need to have a strong body that is not in pain.  That is my goal!

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Monday Motivation – ANZAC Day!

Lest We Forget … ANZAC day is an emotional day, rememberi
ng the many lives lost fighting for our freedom.  We watched Russel Crow’s movie on TV on friday night – Its hard to imagine what these people went through, it is heartbreaking to imagine.  Gary and I followed this up doing a Hero WOD at CrossFit Broadbeach on Saturday (as they are not open today) many times I thought of the soldier Wood who lost his life serving his country.  It puts things into perspective.

How awesome is it that we have two long weekends in a row!  YIPPEE!q1

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off, and spending quality time having downtime.  We have been making the most of the beautiful weather in Qld and hitting the beach. 

I tried these Banana Coconut Muffins, from Luke Hines website last week.  They turned out super yum, and another quick recipe to make.  I froze half the batch so i can just take out one as I need it.  Give them a try bananacoconut


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Fitness Friday – Being A Fit Mum

With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it would be timely to talk about being a Fit Mum.  Obviously I was not always a Mum … my journey to motherhood started when I was 24.  I had my first daughter when I was 25 and at the time I was involved in Triathlons.  I went from training twice a day to feeling really sick with morning sickness, and not being able to do much at all.  I will be honest, my fitness with my first child wasn’t that great … I was a little worried I would do something wrong, and the different aches and pains freaked me out.preg1

With my other two pregnancies I stay very fit, and this definitely benefited me as a person, but also my deliveries and recovery.  Looking back now, the biggest transition is learning to get back to life with a baby … and then young ones.  When mine were little, I swam in a swimming squad and the girls would go to the play room.  There are many different options depending on the exercise you like.  Most people usually go back to doing what they were doing before they had their baby …

We went through a period of sharing mornings between us for training.  I had mon, wed, fri and gary had the others … until the girls got old enough for us both to do mornings.

The biggest challenge of being a Fit Mum, is making it a priority in your day/week.  This does not change as time goes by … if it is not a priority, it does not happen.  Everyone has the same amount of time in the day and week, its how you choose to use it.161

The benefits to being a Fit Mum from my perspective

  • Personal health and well being
  • releases good endorphins
  • being a mum is hard, you have to make yourself a priority – that means looking after your body.  If you cannot look after yourself you cannot look after anyone else very well.
  • eat better
  • sleep better
  • set an example to your kids … massive plus!
  • life ballance

to name a few … the list goes on.

It does not matter what stage of motherhood you are at .. its never too late to start.  When you have a baby, we all have a period where we have to rest and look after the baby and recover.  We all have to start again (so to speak) so don’t make excuses … get going!  It will be the best Mother’s Day gift you can give yourself.Pregnancy-Quote

Maybe you could do with some inspiration and motivation …  a perfect Mothers Day gift could be a Fit Mum bracelet or one of the Fit & Style pieces to keep you on track.  Treat yourself, or pass this link on to your family.  This is my wrist wear today … I especially love my Fit Mum bracelet with my 3 girls charm #proudmum


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Monday Motivation – Quinoa Porridge

Seems my stomach motivates my life! LOL!  I tried a version of Quinoa Porridge last week, and instantly was on a mission to re-create it myself.  So I have been enjoying it for breaky all week …

This recipe came from Bondi Harvest and I think its a cracker.  You could easily change the spices if you wish, I really liked the spices.  I will be making poached pears to go with it … as this is how it was served the other day.  SO yum. quinoap


The other benefit to this dish, is that it will keep and re-heat easily.  I like the convenience of this, as mornings can be crazy.  I also like how it fills me up. By changing the toppings you can create completely different tasting breakfasts.


Putting good food in your body will enable good energy … which equals productivity!  win – win!


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Fitness Friday – some of my favourites

I thought I’d share some of my favourites at the moment.  Things I just really love ….

My Nike Metcons … I wear them every day, they are awesome to train in, and stand up to the hard life I deal to them.  Rope climbing, running, squatting …metcons

Fit & Style headband … keep the sweat out of my face – and my RX Speedrope … makes skipping so much nicer


Romwod … this is truely my favourite thing right now.  Our coaches recommended we add it into our schedule for stretching, however I feel like its also like a form of meditation for me.  I look forward to doing each night, it winds me down and centres me.  I feel like a much calmer person.  give it a go


Urban Muscle Nectar of the Gods … this post workout recovery, is not only delicious, it works wonders on the body.  It has such a long list of great ingredients designed to help recovery.  I have been making amazing smoothies with it lately … so good.


2XU gear … I especially love these shorts.  Being a little older in the CrossFit world … i need an extra inch or so for my booty shorts :-) these are perfect.  As when lifting and squatting these really are the most practical and comfortable.  The compression socks I wear alot for rope climbs, box jumps …


RXD Repair Thermo Body Butter … this is my favourite for sure.  It comes in a spray also, but i especially love the body butter.  I leave it in the bathroom and apply it every night after training … its awesome.


Fit & Style kettlebell earrings … these sterling silver earrings I wear 24-7 … they are definitely my favourite!


my new Bullitfit Muscle Shirt, from the fittest 3 comp on the weekend.  Bullit custom made our shirts so we were all matching … they are so comfy, and my fav to train it this week :-)bullit

happy Friday xxx


Monday Motivation – Chemical Free Home

I have to share with you my newest favourite product ever.  As you know I love essential oils, and a friend and I were talking about my daughters eczema – she advised I should remove all harsh chemicals from my house, as they are bad for us anyway, but could well be adding to her skin irritations.  The Thieves cleaner was a product available that she could not talk more highly of.

theivescleanerI ordered some in and am delighted with it.  It will last me so long, as you use one cap to make up a bottle of multi-purpose spray.  As you can see by the table there are different uses for it.


TIPS TO A CLEAN FREE HOMEchemical free home  It feels good to be making up the mixture than buying a whole new bottle.  I am really trying to cut down on “Stuff”  it feels like our life is full of “STUFF” … time to declutter and use what we have.  Not only for a better life, but for a happier planet.  Let me know if you are interested, and I can give you more details here 


Hope you’re having a great Monday!


Fitness Friday – Couples that train together ….

Its our anniversary today.  21 years married … gasp! where did that go!  It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were getting married, although I can appreciate the things we have done in this time the major one having 3 children and raising them.couples-that-train-together-stay-together

I feel lucky that Gary and I can share our fitness together … we have always enjoyed doing different sports together.  Windsurfing when we first met, triathlons, running, cycling, wakeboarding, snowboarding and now CrossFit.  I think as time moves on and life has become busier with our family and life, having this to share has been really important for our relationship.  It helps keep us connected.  I am not saying everyone needs to do the same exercise as their spouse, but I do think it makes our relationship stronger by having this bond together.g&c

So the saying “Couples that Train together, Stay together” definitely applies to us.

I do have friends where one of them is into fitness and one is not, however it still has an impact on the other person … they set a good example.  So if you are that person, don’t loose heart … keep up the good work.  g&c2