H2o – 12 reasons why its the best!

Water is so under-rated.  waterAs soon as I wake in the morning I have a large glass of water to start my day.  It is the best thing ever.  Drinking water is one of the easy things we can do to improve so many things in our day.  Every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies needs H20 to function and if you are making sure you get the right amount of water you are going to operate at a more efficient level.


Our bodies are so amazing, they use water to maintain our temperature, cleanse cells, digest our food and remove waste.

If you can get in the habit of starting the day with a large glass of water, it sets you on a good track to keep drinking all day.  I prefer to drink my water at room temperature, I am not sure of the specifics behind drinking cold water and room temperature water, I just have always prefered room temp.waterglass

Another thing to keep in mind as you will need to increase your water consumption the more exercise you do.  Also as the seasons change, here in Brisbane we have 6 months of warm weather – this requires more water too.

Here are reasons to make sure you are getting enough water …

  • Faster Metabolism
  • Stops headaches
  • Great for skin condition
  • Improves Fatigue
  • helps Digestion
  • Improves mood and happiness
  • helps with cravings
  • removes toxins
  • improved energy
  • Efficient digestion
  • helps with weight management
  • overall wellbeing and health is improved



Wonder Woman Wednesday – Kayla Banfield

I was lucky enough to meet this lovely lady who is this weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday when I was at the CrossFit Regionals earlier this year.  She was compensating the event and it was hard to miss her infectious energy and personality.  Enjoy reading more about Kayla Barfield this week …

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Predominantly I am a CrossFit gym owner… more recently a two time gym owner! My partner James Newbury and I opened CrossFit Mode in Adelaide City in 2013, and in May 2015 we opened CrossFit Beach Mode which is closely located to one of Adelaide’s beaches. Besides overseeing the operations of both of those gyms, I also work closely with a handful of clients on improving their nutrition. I don’t have any official qualifications, but I do a lot of my own study and have some very knowledgeable mentors who I work closely with. I have a real passion for living and eating well, and am thankful that I am able to share this with those who are also looking to find out more!kayla3

Lastly, I have the amazing opportunity to work with CrossFit HQ through the season as one of their reporters at regionals & the world games. At regionals it’s my job to interview the winners of the final heat, and talk to the athletes about how they’re going through the weekend. At the games, I am part of the “fan experience team” where I go into the crowd and basically report on whatever cool stuff is happening! They are really awesome gigs 😀kayla4

2.  What do you do for fitness/exercise?

CrossFit. I try to train at least once day, sometimes two… but also sometimes none! Work/life balance can get a little crazy sometimes and I’ve learnt not to force exercise in. I do love it though, so it tends to find it’s place pretty nicely more often than not.

3.   What do you do to relax?

It sounds crazy, but getting shit done relaxes me! If I want to unwind or make myself feel good, I’ll just take the morning off work to clean my room, kitchen, wash clothes, sort drawers etc! A few hours of that relaxes me, and I’m thankful that I can make the time. Otherwise I love to float. We have a float tank at City Mode which I try to jump into once a week, that mellows me out too :)

4.   Do you follow a specific diet?

No, I just eat really well, and I’m proud of that! I believe in real, whole foods & minimal processed, packaged foods. Sometimes I like to play around with macros and calories just to see how my body responds, but mostly I just fuel myself with good quality food whenever I’m hungry! It has worked for me so far :)

5.  You recently commentated at the CrossFit Games in USA.  Tell us about this experience.

This was probably one of the best weekends of my life! CrossFit were such an awesome company to work for, and really love their brand – this is evident in its success. Each day was really cruizey, I got there and they basically said kayla2to me “go out, find some cool stories, and report them back to us!”

Luckily I love writing, producing & presenting… because that’s what was involved in my job. I had a camera man who I could bounce ideas off, and he was awesome too! We basically went into vendor village and spotted something cool; then I did a piece on it, a few interviews, another piece, then along with some B-roll, we were done! sent it off to the on-site editors & up it went on the jumbotron. They asked us to get as many stories as we could – we averaged about 3 – 4 a day, and then the editors were crazy busy in the arvo so we got to enjoy all the later events.

It was a really good situation that worked well for everyone. They loved our stories & I had an absolute blast filming them!

6.  What are your strongest and weakest movements?

I would say gymnastics are a strong point of mine. I love HSPU, pullups, muscle ups and toes to bar… but my weakness is definitely my strength. I don’t have an impressive squat or deadlift compared to my gymnastics. I love moving quickly & lightly and find it a real mental battle to grind through something heavy – but I’m working on itkayla1

7.  What are your future aspirations?

Hmm, this is a hard one. I guess everything that I am doing now, I hope to be able to continue for the rest of my life. I just want to be able to help more people and show everyone how to live a healthy and happy life!

8.  What advice do you give to those trying to get fit … maybe starting off, or getting back on the wagon?

Surround yourself with likeminded people! This is where I believe being a member of a CrossFit community is really effective. We all keep each other accountable and everyone has something to offer someone else. Going at it alone can be tough and challenging, but being a part of a team is really effective. The vibe at CrossFit gyms is hard to beat, it will make you feel mentally strong to go and chase your own dreams.Kayla-IG



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