Life Of Chanel for March

It was a hot month here in Brisbane.  I love summer … so I wasn’t too bothered, in saying that, training in the heat can be tough and there were some sessions which I felt I was battling the heat rather than the workout.
Everyone in our house got back into the New Year routine of school and work, and adjustments were made by everyone getting used to the new timetable.  Gary jetted off to NZ for a mountain biking trip with his mates.garymtb

The end of February sees the CrossFit Open start, which isa super exciting time of the year for me/us.  For those not familia with CrossFit, the Open is a worldwide competition that anyone can enter, each week there is a worldwide announcement where the workout for that week is announced, and then you have until tues to submit your scores. These are then on a leaderboard where you can see how you got one against your peers in your country and the world.  It runs for 5 weeks.

17.1 was announced on Friday which was the following17a

I did the workout on friday afternoon.  I guess the dumbbell snatch in that quantity was a bit of an unknown.  Everyone said to watch the pacing … which was correct as the burpees jacked up your heart rate.  I managed to keep moving the whole way, and the last 15 burpee box jump overs were definitely the hardest.  It was a tough workout for sure.  I finished on friday with 15:07 which I was pretty happy with … then as the weekend went on, I started thinking I could go faster – as my first two rounds I maybe paced a little too much.  bbjo

So even though it made me nervous again to repeat, I wanted to give it another crack.  The first two rounds I went faster, and it did hurt alot more – but I managed to shave 47 sec off my time.  I also played with changing the dumbbells in the air rather than the ground.  I believe this was faster, however I had trouble co-ordinating it … so I reverted back to switching on the floor by the 3rd round.  dbsnatch

Looking forward to 17.2 …. what will it be?


Super Saturday – cherish family!

This week Fitness Friday is on hold, due to Good Friday. easter Its Easter weekend, and hopefully everyone is with loved ones and family enjoying some down time.

Life goes so fast, its important to enjoy the time with your family.  I look at our 3, and they are growing up so fast.  It doesn’t seem long ago they were babies … now the eldest has her license and is out and about doing her own thing. So we try and grab snippets of time together.fam

I hope this 4 day break is a chance for you to do the same with your loved ones.  Relax, Enjoy, Chill, Recharge!

Happy Easter



Monday Motivation – Raw Caramel Slice

Good morning …  Hope your weekend was great.

I’ll be honest, I might need a few coffees today, we had a big weekend.  My eldest daughter turned 17 yesterday.  It hard to believe I have been a mum for 17 years.  I look back on my journey as a mum, I have learnt so much … I know so much more now.  I could never have imagined what a ride it would be.  I am so grateful for the gift of being a mother.  It is such a huge responsibility and a big job, and its a hard job … but its so amazing!katyabirthday2

So I also had a CrossFit competition yesterday too (guess thats why i might need 100 coffees today) Yesterdays comp was part of a series, so usually i would not have competed, however it worked out.  Got the comp out of the way and then had family friends for afternoon/dinner.  Was so fun, and what birthdays are made of … creating memories with the people you care about.katyabirthday

So time to re-group and plan out the week.  Last week seemed to really go fast with monday being a holiday … Ready to make some goals, and a to-do list and kick some goals!

I made this Raw Caramel Slice last week, and many have been asking for the recipe … it is adapted from the Merry Maker Sisters recipe.  I always seem to change recipes up a little to suit what ingredients I have on hand … enjoy, and remember it is a treat … so make it last!

caramel slice



Raw-Choc-Caramel-Slice-RecipeHappy Monday!