Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fit Person

Valentine’s Day is a chance to treat that special person with something sweet.  It doesn’t have to be a massive gift (although if you can afford it – why not?)

Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day ideas for your fit partner.

Our new Wine & Fitness bracelets which are on sale this month is the perfect choice for the girl who loves both her fitness and vino

wineandfitness1 (2)

or a small gift that is just as meaningful – a Fitness Keyring

keyringoptions (2)

or some earrings … there are many to choose from.


for the Fit Man – Barbell Cufflinks? or a keyring


or maybe matching Silicone Rings?  grab the special


for more ideas ….  browse here  or email us with a question if you need info@enjoyjewellery.com.au

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Resolution Bracelet – New Years 2017

Happy New Year 2017


So …. what will you chase in 2017?  Before I start setting my new years goals I make a list of what I achieved in 2016 …. I think it is really powerful recognising your accomplishments and giving yourself a pat on the back.  Setting goals is an important part of having something to work towards ….


Our Resolution Bracelets are the perfect wrist inspo to keep those New Years goals on track.  For the month of January we have 20% off the Resolution Bracelets to encourage goal setting and starting the year off with a crack.  Use code RES20 at check out.  Choose from a stone beaded bracelet or a leather band … and 2 charms.  These will not tarnish and will be a source of inspiration throughout the day to keep your goals on point.charmspewter-2Share with any other friends who are chasing dreams, and setting goals for themselves

Find out about our Resolution Bracelets here 




Panpacs 2016 Fitness Challenge

In 2014 my first individual CrossFit competition was the Pan Pacific Masters Games Fitness Challenge.  My training buddy Robyn had signed up to do it and talked me into doing it with her.

The Pan Pacs are every 2 years, so this year it was time to re-visit it.  I have been training for the past 6 months building up to it as an individual competition.  It scared me and made me excited at the same time.  Its scary to comit to something, because it pushes you outside of your comfort zone … it would be much easier to not do it.  It is a 3 day event, with 9 workouts over the this time.  As much as it scared me to think about it, I am a goal orientated person, so having a goal makes me focus and keep my training on point. I did this over the year.

Coming into this years competition, I felt much more ready.  It was timely that my sister gave me a book called the Kindness Pack.  It talks about not comparing yourself to others, and about doing your best … because it is about your journey.  This is the outlook I have had coming into this competition.  It helped me settle my nerves, as last time I was so nervous I felt sick the whole week before.  This made me not enjoy the process so much, so this time it has been alot more fun.  I was still nervous – however I have learnt how important it is to have nerves as they are part of the process of getting your body ready to compete.done

Day 1 started with a 1RM Snatch.  I will be honest and say I have done a lot of work on my lifting, and have been a little frustrated that my numbers especially with Snatch have not moved very much.  I know there are some reasons for this, however when you work hard it is still frustrating.  Gary told me the night before I was going to get a PB, and he was right.  I lifted 57kg for my snatch … I was elated about this.  So it was a good start to the competition.  We had 4 workouts the first day, so it was a heavy duty day.  They were tough workouts too.  Luckily Movement   were at the event.  So I was lucky enough to see them each day for massages … this was such a blessing.ppmg1Day 2 we had 2 workouts, both pretty tough workouts – however, it was so nice having the afternoon off and being able to have extra recovery time

What is so cool about doing something like this is the people you get to meet, new friends you make.  Its about the people.  I am lucky to have made so many cool friends in this sport, and this weekend I get to see lots of them and have a good laugh.

Going into Day 3 the body is always tired.  3 workouts to go and the first of the day is a tough one.

Eating well and hydration is super important throughout the event, so you can recover for the next workout.  I have been following Libby Wescombe’s eating plan for the past 10 weeks, and it has helped me get prepared.  It has worked really well for my energy and performance, so I prepared all of my food before I came.  This was so perfect as I didn’t have to think about what I was doing.cleanladder

Day 3 I had a pretty substantial lead, which really took the pressure off.  Although I was nervous about the clean ladder, as I knew I could not clean 85 kg, so I knew i was not going to finish it.  Therefore I decided to go as hard as I could early on, and suffer the consequences with my heart rate.  This plan worked … and even though I did not finish the ladder, I was still able to win the event.

I was thrilled to finish the 3 day event with another Gold Medal.  Back to back gold medals in my age group … was a great feeling.  It was a super fun 3 days, with awesome people, great workouts that tested us and beautiful weather.  The location was spectator friendly.  gold

I really love what I do  … so being able to set a goal, then head along and enjoy the process was really great.  Competiting definitely is a different dimension to training, and you have to enjoy the process of competitng as it pushes you out of your comfort zone.  This is where I learn the most about myself though.  So now its time to re-group, re-focus … as I know I am much more motivated if I have a goal in mind.  The CrossFit Open will be starting the end of Feb … time to get back into it.


if you have someone who needs a little bit of motivation to keep their goals on track, a perfect Christmas gift may be something from www.enjoyjewellery.com.au    pick something that is meaningful to what they are working towards, or create something specific for them.  Surrounding ourselves with positivity and motivation is super important … this is a great way to do so


Rose Gold, Do It – Don’t Quit Fitness Bracelet

So excited to share this new creation … Do It – Don’t Quit Fitness Bracelet in Rose Gold.  dontquit

Made from white howlite stone with a splash of colour and accents of rose gold, this piece is stunning and inspiring at the same time.  The rose gold DO IT – Don’t Quit tag being the ultimate motivating piece.

If you choose to change the tag up and add something you like … you have the choice – this customer added a Me vs Me tag to her Fitness Bracelet.  Fitness Jewellery is the perfect way to stay inspired.me vs me

Find out more about this piece here 

add a tag to our Rose Gold Kettlebell necklace too



Running Ambassador Announcement

Its the last day of the school holidays … i took a couple of weeks off blogging, while i was spending the time with my girls, and just taking a break. ambassador

The perfect way to come back to blogging with an exciting announcement.  After putting out a post for a new Running Ambassador to wear and rep the Fit & Style products, I was overwelmed with the number of applications.  There are so many amazing and talented people out there, living their passion and inspiring others (and me)  It was the hardest decision trying to choose someone out of the amazing response.  SOOOOOOOOO …. I have chosen 3!  I just couldn’t narrow it down … lol!

For anyone that missed out, i am sorry … it was the toughest decision ever.  I just wanted you all the be on board … maybe one day when this business grows!  Thanks for taking the time to apply, you will be getting a little gift from me to your email this week :-)

The lucky new Ambassadors are

  • Robyn @running_towards_ny
  • Davina @dkdeegs
  • Sabine @flitzbine

I will be emailing each of you tomorrow with the details (when i am back to work)

have a great Sunday and I look forward to getting back to blogging this week.  Usually I try and share a recipe or something I find useful in my life as a fit mum.  Seen as we are on the topic of runing I will share one of the new Running Charm Necklaces that our new Ambassadors will be getting


stay motivated


Fitness Jewellery – Update

Wanted to check in and update you on what is happening with Fit & Style.  Everyone needs some inspiration and motivation from time to time.  Sometimes we need it more often …
I believe in positive affirmations.  Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement.  Sometimes you have to be your own chairleader.  The fitness jewellery does a great job of this.  Its always there on your wrist or around your neck giving you the positive vibes.

I have just added new Pewter charms to the collection.  I have always used sterling silver charms, which are alot more expensive as you pay for the material, but it does not permanently tarnish like the fashion charms.  The pewter charms will not tarnish, which is perfect for those of you who want to train in your pieces.  The bracelets are leather and stone bead so stand up to a good training session … now with pewter charms they will not tarnish and discolour.pewtercharms

These charms are also a little smaller, which are perfect for the bracelets – therefore not too heavy.prun

I have also added some stainless steel charms to the collection.  These will be perfect for longevity in the keychain dept. And also there are gold and rose gold kettlebells which will be available in necklaces.  If you would like to be the first to order a gold or rose gold kettlebell necklace contact me here as there are limited numbers and they will sell fast.

Good quality is important … I hope you love these new options for inspiring pieces.pkb


Grab yourself something motivational here

Fitness Friday – Mental Toughness

We all have days where our brain is over-riding our body!  I really hate it when this happens.  Its so much easier for me to move even when my body is sore or tired, than when my brain is off.   Those times when your brain is saying “that is enough” or “i don’t want to do it” or “don’t pick that barbell up again” or “I have run far enough or trained enough this week already”.negative

So how do you combat this!  Everyone has days like this, so I would love to hear how you tackle it when you hit a day when your brain is trying to take control.  I personally know I have to go … and I try and use alot of positive affirmations.  So everytime my brain says something negative – I try and combat it with a positive thought – reinforcing that I am doing a great job, or how good I will feel after.  Or even just have a mantra I keep saying over and over – kind of trying to brain wash the negative out – “I Can Do This” or “No Pain, No Gain”  or even “Just Keep Going” NEVER-GIVE-UP

I also use essential oils.  I know i sound like the “Crazy Oil Lady”  but they really work for me.  Essential oils can be used in different ways, and when applied topically can absorb directly to an area.  Inhaled, the smell triggers different receptors in the brain … its very fascinating.  There is actually a blend called Motivation – i am yet to try this, and will let you know what I think.  I always use Peppermint before I train though, as it opens the airways – it is also an uplifting oil that awakens the senses.  If you want to know more about the oils you can contact me here


I think this is one of the reasons I even started making motivational jewellery in the first place – as I can look to my wrist and see a little “Never Give Up” charm or “I Can” and that is a little boost.  nevergiveup

if you need some inspiration you will find some here 

trainhardbracelet (2)

Sterling Silver Weightplate Bracelet

What I love the most about these pieces, are the constant motivation and inspiration throughout the day each time you look at your wrist. I’m even more excited about these bracelets because the charms are sterling silver, which means they will last the test of time.  The sterling silver weightplate bracelet have  50kg weightplate charms with Train Hard or Go Home stamped on them.  The perfect reminder to stay on task.  Below you can choose the colour of stone bracelet you wish click here for more info  (here is an example of colours)


trainhardstone (2)


Or you can choose a sterling silver ball bracelet find them here

These bracelets come with a sterling silver cleaning cloth, to keep them looking beautiful.

Wear Your Passion!