Wicked Fit Box – fitness gift box

Our Wicked Fit Box is the perfect gift to give to the lover of fitness.  This fitness gift box makes your life easy.


The standard fitness gift box has the following inside

  • Sports Towel
  • Stance Sock
  • Peak Chocolate
  • Fit & Style Piece

all packaged in a stylish box – ready to give as a gift.  Perfect for Christmas coming up, birthdays, special occassions, coaches gifts …

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one for guys and one for girls

wfitboxfemale2 wfitboxmale2


Life Of Chanel for March

It was a hot month here in Brisbane.  I love summer … so I wasn’t too bothered, in saying that, training in the heat can be tough and there were some sessions which I felt I was battling the heat rather than the workout.
Everyone in our house got back into the New Year routine of school and work, and adjustments were made by everyone getting used to the new timetable.  Gary jetted off to NZ for a mountain biking trip with his mates.garymtb

The end of February sees the CrossFit Open start, which isa super exciting time of the year for me/us.  For those not familia with CrossFit, the Open is a worldwide competition that anyone can enter, each week there is a worldwide announcement where the workout for that week is announced, and then you have until tues to submit your scores. These are then on a leaderboard where you can see how you got one against your peers in your country and the world.  It runs for 5 weeks.

17.1 was announced on Friday which was the following17a

I did the workout on friday afternoon.  I guess the dumbbell snatch in that quantity was a bit of an unknown.  Everyone said to watch the pacing … which was correct as the burpees jacked up your heart rate.  I managed to keep moving the whole way, and the last 15 burpee box jump overs were definitely the hardest.  It was a tough workout for sure.  I finished on friday with 15:07 which I was pretty happy with … then as the weekend went on, I started thinking I could go faster – as my first two rounds I maybe paced a little too much.  bbjo

So even though it made me nervous again to repeat, I wanted to give it another crack.  The first two rounds I went faster, and it did hurt alot more – but I managed to shave 47 sec off my time.  I also played with changing the dumbbells in the air rather than the ground.  I believe this was faster, however I had trouble co-ordinating it … so I reverted back to switching on the floor by the 3rd round.  dbsnatch

Looking forward to 17.2 …. what will it be?


wineandfitness5 (2)

Wine and Fitness Bracelet – February special

NEW for February 2017 is our Wine & Fitness Bracelet … wineandfitness5 (2)perfect for those of us who live the fit life, but enjoy a vino at the same time.  Or maybe wine is your motivation, that gets your up for your run in the morning.

wineandfitness4 (2)

Choose from stone or leather bracelet with a wine bottle charm, and your choice of fitness charm to make it your own.  If you wish you can also add an Inspiration charm.


wineandfitness1 (2)

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Goal Setting for the New Year

I love the start of a new year … a clean slate, the chance to sit and evaluate where you are at, what has been and what you want for the year to come.  I am a goal orientated person, so when I have a plan in place its easier for me to work for it.  It is when I am ambling along without direction that I loose my motivation.goals

In our family we enourage everyone to set personal goals at the start of the year … a way to create focus.  We also set family goals, goals for our marriage and business.  It is important to set a time frame to re-evaluate the goals maybe 3, 6 and 9 month check ins to see how you are going, and reset if necessary.

I like to make a list of what I have achieved from the year just passed, before I make a start on the new goals.  I think it is really important to recognise what you have ticked off your list, and the things you have accomplished along the way.  goals2

Then you can start of the new goals.  If it is going to be a difficult goal, then it is worthwhile breaking it down into smaller chunks and if you need help from external sources work out what you need or who you need to help you on the way.  If it is a goal that will only take 12 weeks, think of what you will back it up with after that goal is reached … then, you are not left aimless once that goal finishes.  Maybe confide in a close friend and tell them what your goals are, so you are making yourself accountable to someone else.  For example – for CrossFit I usually chat with my husband and my coach, so we talk through what I want to do and the plan for it.  This gives me feedback from them also … which I find valuable.

strongisbeautiful6Finally, surround yourself with positive affirmations and inspiration to keep you on track.  Our fitness jewellery is perfect for this …. constant motivation.  find out more here 



Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo 2016

Loved heading to the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo 2016 yesterday.  One of my friends was lifting in a weightlifting competition, so I was excited to watch her.  She did a great job and lifted really well getting 2 PB’s.  Weightlifting is a hard sport, it has alot of pressure and there were many people there, which increases the nerves.


It is always interesting seeing what is at the show.  So many different things to check out … fashion, supplements, equipment, people.  There were lifting compeitions, body building competitions, weightlifting, workouts, personalities ….   well worth going and checking it all out.inba

I met up with Stephanie, who I follow and have been in touch with on instagram @stephfitmum  She has one of the Fit & Style bracelets – a fit mum bracelet, as she has two little ones.


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F45 Strong Bracelet

New today on the website for all our F45 friends, a F45 bracelet just for F45.  Now you can “Wear Your Passion” even when you have done your work for the day … or maybe it will give you motivation to make sure you get to your F45 class after work.


choose your colour leather

and the charms that speak to you


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Libby Wescombe’s Raw Protein Choc Bars

As I have shared, I am doing an eating plan with the lovely Libby Wescombe.  She has kindly shared her Raw Protein Choc Bars so you can all give them a try too.  I am learning alot about food following this plan.  Mainly serving sizes and the difference in choices I make.raw

This is a sweet treat.  It is a treat though, so you have to be aware of the serving sizes.

Raw Protein Chocolate Bars

  • 2/3 cup almond meal
  • 2/3 cup finely desiccated coconut
  • 2/3 cup dates chopped finely
  • 2 scoops natural chocolate flavour protein powder
  • 2 Tablespoons cacao
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/4 cup almond milk

Process dates in food processor (or finely chop) Combine the almond meal, coconut, dates, cocao and protien powder in a medium bowl and mix together.  Add coconut oil and almond milk and mix until well combined.  Pat down firmly into baking tray and refrigerate for a couple of hours or until slice is firm.  Cut into pieces – Makes 14

Macro breakdown:

Protein 6g, Carbs 9g, Fat 8g

If you want to find out more about Libby’s Eatercise program I am following, find out more here

follow my journey on snapchat // fitandstyle


tri (2)

Throwback Thursday – Triathlon Bracelet

I’m 43 years old.  Its strange as you get older, you feel exactly the same as you did 20 years ago (maybe we more wisdom and experience) but you look in the mirror and there are lines on your face, and your hair is going grey.  I remember someone telling me this when I was younger, and now I totally get it.  When we were young Gary and I did triathlons.tri (2)

We trained hard and competed … I was racing when I fell pregnant with our first daughter.  I did like the variety of training Triathlon gave me.  When I first started I was not a very good swimmer at all.  Learning to swim at the age of 20 is pretty hard work … but, it can be done.  And I did improve over time to become a competant swimmer.  It was always my weakest leg however, so I spent the race chasing down the good swimmers as I would never lead out of the water.  As a kid I always loved to ride a bike, and even rode to school during high school … as walking just took too long, so the transition to riding with triathlon was easy … and I have always loved riding since.  I started running from a young age.  I did athletics from the age of 7, and i do believe it is the most versitile sport … every time I holiday I always take my running shoes, its such a great way to take in the scenery and surroundings in ways you would not experience.  Running along Kuta beach, or up and down the hills of Ubud.  Dodging the people walking to work in China, freezing on a cold morning in Arizona, or the next afternoon nearly dying of heat exhaustion when it was 45 degrees, seeing the sites around Central Park … its such a great experience!

Its fun to still be connected to this great sport through my business now.  The Triathlon and Running bracelets give wrist inspiration to those out there chasing their goals.  swimbikerunbclt

You can find out more the Triathlon Bracelets and Running Bracelets I make them here 


Fitness Friday – Flossing for Recovery

Regardless of the type of exercise you do, it is unevitable that you will get aches and pains, maybe pull a muscle.  As I am getting older I definitely have to manage the aches and pains, I feel like it is a constant maintenance program.

floss3One of the tools which is really helpful for managing this yourself at home I first head of through Kelly Starret.  It is called “Flossing”.   Basically it uses a band, wrapped around the area creating compression.  floss1Move the area to create blood flow after 90 secs take the band off and the blood flow to the area is increased.  You can find out more about it on Kelly’s website here Mobility WOD   You can floss all areas of your body.  Ankles, knees, calves, quads, forearms, elbows, shoulders …  its really helpful to do before you squat, to get the blood flow to the knees before you get going.  Or if you run, and your calves get a hammering, or your archillies and ankles.floss2

give it a try if you haven’t already, or if you are like me … remember to do it more regularly!



Fitness Friday – Gratitude for Winter

I’m a summer girl.  I love summer – the heat, sun, beach … all the stuff that goes with summer.  So when winter rolls around I have to make sure I am ready to get through it.  Not that our winters are even that bad – that is why I live here in sunny Queensland because our whether is beautiful.  It can still effect my motivation to eat well and train.  I am a firm believer about gratitude – and being mindful of what good things are happening.  So here is a little “Gratitude for Winter”

  • Can wear different workout gearmotivated
  • Not so hot, don’t sweat so much
  • can eat comfort food (mindfully though)
  • slowcooker saves the day – love the slow cookerpp4
  • can run at any time of the day (summer here is too hot to run mid-day)
  • exercising keeps you warm throughout the day or at night (once you have your workout done, your body heats up and keeps you warm)
  • nice sleeping weather
  • because I’m a super busy, active person the winter months naturally make me want to slow down and relax
  • winter pjs
  • soup
  • different veges and fruit in season to use
  • hot breakfasts

so this is the start … add your own to the list.

Obviously the benefits to training and eating well through winter is it is much easier to have a routine you stick to no matter what the whether is doing.  Then your health stays on track and you feel great all year round.


If you need a little extra motivation to stay on track this winter – or you have a goal you are working for then a Fitness Jewellery or Accessory piece might help you stay on track.  Get 10% off your first order – check out some inspo here   STAY