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Keto OS – the best product I’ve tried

I called into see Amanda Allen at CrossFit Byron Bay and she was telling meabout a new product she had started taking called Keto OS.  Amanda openly shares about her journey with Depression and was explaining how it was helping her feel better.  I was sceptical.  I don’t usually get involved with products like this, however her testimony intrigued me and I decided to try a 10 day trial pack.  The price threw me off, it was more expensive than I would have liked.  So, I took my 10 sachets and started taking one right then and thereketo

I got to the end of the following and week and was asking myself if this product was helping me … I had had the busiest week – doing the Masters Qualifiers, my daughters 16th birthday and birthday party, working 3 days for my husband, and getting all my training done (2 hours a day)  I realised I had coped really well, wasn’t tired, hadn’t had a nervous breakdown … I started thinking that maybe there was something going on.  As I paid more attention, I realised I was sleeping less … and better.  Actually waking by myself in the morning … can’t remember the last time an alarm clock hadn’t woken me up (I’m usually so tired from training) my recovery was really good … I was squatting heavy and feeling fine the next day.  I had heaps moketopoints (2)re energy throughout the day … where normally I am the queen of napping, most days I am so tired from training I have to nap after lunch (because I can)  I feel like I have gained hours in my day because I do not need to nap … and am just a lot more productive.  I also feel a lot clearer in my head … and therefore focused and stay on task.

I have learnt so much about this product since starting to use it, and see how many benefits in using it.  I definitely would recommend everyone try it to see how it works for them … if you are interested in trying a trial pack contact me and I can organise this for you or call me 0412649009