Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip coming up


I am going to be honest, I was just not on my game to post yesterday.  We had a big weekend with a family christening – all my family flying in and staying which was super fun.  Also husbo’s christmas party which happened to be in Sydney … so we had a quick trip there for Sat night.  Yesterday I was trying to pull myself together …

I am off to USA on Saturday on a Fitness Jewellery Inspiration Trip.  I have a few fun things already lined up. So keep in touch on social media for what I get up to while I am away.

With this being said, I will not be making orders while I am away.  So if you need anything between November 21st – December 7th order it this week.  The website will be operational, and orders able to be placed, they will not ship until Dec 7th

Lots to do this week to get ready …  I am going to use the Essential Oils to see if they help with jetlag.  I have been told to use Lavender essential oil for jetlag.  Putting it in your water bottle and the back of your neck … so I will be putting this to the test.  Find out more about the essential oils I use here


I found this idea for packing light on Pinterest.  It is always hard when you are leaving summer going to winter ….