How to survive the Christmas Party Season

Christmas Party season is here, and there is no need to miss this fun time of the year because you are being healthy or live a fit life.xmasparty

Here are a few ideas to help you survive the Christmas Party season.

  • eat a small healthy snack before you go
  • choose veges and healthy snacks over deep fried options.
  • alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water
  • Use low-calorie mixers like soda water, not sugary juices or syrups, to mix with your cocktail.
  • move your workouts to morning sessions, so you do not miss your workouts
  • sip your drinks, so you are not filling up with empty calories
  • Dance! ¬†Great way to burn calories
  • If you find yourself overinduldging, don’t beat yourself up … tomorrow is a new day, reset and get back on track.fitxmas

Here is a healthier version of the Mojito cocktail.  This is probably one of my favourite drinks to enjoy.