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Shoe Tag Custom Made

After my running ambassadors constantly asking for Shoe Tags … I have finally got my act together and made some.  Of course this came out of the need for a bit of extra motivation for myself, with the CrossFit Open starting this week.  I thought a glance down mid workout might be a little extra inspiration to get me through the next 5 weeks.shoetags1 (2)

these are the tags I have chosen to remind me to go a bit harder, when I feel like stopping

I have added these to the website now.  You will find them here  I have created the listing as a Custom Made option, then instead of me trying to think of what everyone would like … people have the option of adding exactly what they are needing to help keep them motivated.

shoetags (2)

I truely believe surrounding yourself with positive affirmations is super important … so this is just another way to do this.  Hope you love them as much as I do  xxxx

Monday Motivation – Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

Working from home has its perks.  I am lucky enough to work my schedule around my kids and get to be a part of what they get up too in life.

It has its challenges also … having an office at home, I feel pulled to work all the time.  I have to try and have self control and switch off, instead of working 24-7.  This can be very difficult.  It also works the other way, when I am supposed to be working – there are endless “home” chores that can be done like washing, cleaning etc …

I try to plan my day the night before … getting the house chores done before work hours start.  If this does not happen, they have to wait until I get a break or at lunchtime.  I also have to try and disconnect from social media at night … and even through the day when I am trying to work, as I get very distracted with it.planKnowing what we are having for dinner is a big part of weather my day goes well or not.  I know that sounds silly – but if it is left to the last minute, I just seem to go to pieces and it takes me twice as long to get it done.

I also use a diffuser when I am working.  I usually put an uplifting blend in – my favourite at the moment is Grapefruit and Peppermint.  This seems to keep me awake and focussed.

Having my snacks, and lunch prepared also saves me time.lambcurry

This lamb curry recipe I popped in the slow cooker last week … I used lamb pieces on the bone that the butcher had for curry making, but any type of lamb would work.


Let me know what you think xxx

Here is to a productive week :-)



Fitness Friday – Mental Toughness

We all have days where our brain is over-riding our body!  I really hate it when this happens.  Its so much easier for me to move even when my body is sore or tired, than when my brain is off.   Those times when your brain is saying “that is enough” or “i don’t want to do it” or “don’t pick that barbell up again” or “I have run far enough or trained enough this week already”.negative

So how do you combat this!  Everyone has days like this, so I would love to hear how you tackle it when you hit a day when your brain is trying to take control.  I personally know I have to go … and I try and use alot of positive affirmations.  So everytime my brain says something negative – I try and combat it with a positive thought – reinforcing that I am doing a great job, or how good I will feel after.  Or even just have a mantra I keep saying over and over – kind of trying to brain wash the negative out – “I Can Do This” or “No Pain, No Gain”  or even “Just Keep Going” NEVER-GIVE-UP

I also use essential oils.  I know i sound like the “Crazy Oil Lady”  but they really work for me.  Essential oils can be used in different ways, and when applied topically can absorb directly to an area.  Inhaled, the smell triggers different receptors in the brain … its very fascinating.  There is actually a blend called Motivation – i am yet to try this, and will let you know what I think.  I always use Peppermint before I train though, as it opens the airways – it is also an uplifting oil that awakens the senses.  If you want to know more about the oils you can contact me here


I think this is one of the reasons I even started making motivational jewellery in the first place – as I can look to my wrist and see a little “Never Give Up” charm or “I Can” and that is a little boost.  nevergiveup

if you need some inspiration you will find some here 

Monday Motivation – 10 tips to organise your week

It’s Monday again and most of us are back at work, but not me. It’s a public holiday here in Brisbane, also Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra and we are enjoying an extra day of fun before the kids go back to school and the week takes off. Here are some ideas to organise your week …

10 tips to organise your week

Some people are naturally organised.  I do not feel I am one of these people. Yes, I am a doer, I definitely get things done … but I can be working in organised caos at the same time.  I strive to be organised, and I look up to those people who are.  I am realising this is a skill that can be learnt.  It takes practise like anything else, and you have to comit to it.  Here are 10 tips to get started.

  1. Make time each week for planning.  This has to be a time that works … so be realistic.  I have set an alarm in the past on my phone that would go off, but it would be at a time that would never work, so i would just ignore it – obviously that does not work!
  2. Make a list of things that must happen.  Fitness, Eating, Work, housework … etc … assign times to make sure these things happen.
  3. Delegate and get help when necessary.  I am good at getting the washing put on, hung out, bought in – but not so good at folding, so now the whole family helps together … gives us a little family time, and everyone chips in and it happens alot faster.  Same with grocery shopping, the girls are old enough to help me put them away now.
  4. Plan meals, makes grocery shopping alot easier.  Nothing worse than going to cook and you are missing an ingredient
  5. Plan time for yourself in the week
  6. Keep a diary, write down appointments – i also put them into my phone and set an alarm – this has saved my butt so many times.
  7. Stick to time frames.  If you are like me and work from home – I have to set myself time frames, however I am learning to stick to them (i often go over)
  8. planning meals means planning lunches and snacks too … so there are good options for you when needed.
  9. For happiness … keep a gratitude journal.  Write down 3 things at the end of each day you are thankful for – this keeps the positive in your life.
  10. Have phone free, or screen free time (i’ll be honest I’m not the best at this one either) however we get so used to being connected, its good to disconnect and just be in the moment.  Sunday in our house we try to disconnect … give it a try.FOCUS

I made this Raw Cheesecake last week and posted it.  I promised to share the recipe so here it is.  I made it from a mix of recipes … I call it Top Deck Cheesecake because it has a chocolate base, and vanilla top.


Top-Deck-Raw-Cheesecake Recipe


The perfect motivation to kick goals this week, is having an inspiration bracelet that is picked by you.  Choose the 2 charms that are meaningful to your journey – and the colour you love!


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Happy Monday!