Monday Motivation – CrossFit Regionals Inspo

Might need a few coffees today …

it is a hard job watching the best atheltes in the Pacific Region going head to head.  What an inspiring weekend.  They hold the Pacific Regionals in Woollongong, NSW – a beautiful part of the country so Gary and I ventured down together.  He had not been to the Regionals before, and I knew he would love it.

For those of you interested you can see the workouts – this is one of the individual workouts

3 days of gruelling workouts and 5 males and 5 females and 5 teams head to USA to the CrossFit Games (the world champs) armwrestle

back to Mum mode today, and ready to get some things ticked off the list, including 3 loads of washing and grocery shopping … #mumlife, it never ends.  I am looking forward to eating well again too.  I guess my body is used to eating good food now, if i fall off the wagon – it doesn’t like it.  Just made a fresh vege juice, and will do some baking tonight to get the digestion back on track.  I am going to do a blog post about eating clean when travelling, as I did a crap job of it this weekend – my body tells me pretty quickly when I do not look after it!

I am not organised enough to share a recipe … will try and get the lamb curry recipe up for Wed

happy Monday all! stay inspired! xxx