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Wine and Fitness Bracelet – February special

NEW for February 2017 is our Wine & Fitness Bracelet … wineandfitness5 (2)perfect for those of us who live the fit life, but enjoy a vino at the same time.  Or maybe wine is your motivation, that gets your up for your run in the morning.

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Choose from stone or leather bracelet with a wine bottle charm, and your choice of fitness charm to make it your own.  If you wish you can also add an Inspiration charm.


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On SALE for February – 20% off grab one here 


Running Ambassador Announcement

Its the last day of the school holidays … i took a couple of weeks off blogging, while i was spending the time with my girls, and just taking a break. ambassador

The perfect way to come back to blogging with an exciting announcement.  After putting out a post for a new Running Ambassador to wear and rep the Fit & Style products, I was overwelmed with the number of applications.  There are so many amazing and talented people out there, living their passion and inspiring others (and me)  It was the hardest decision trying to choose someone out of the amazing response.  SOOOOOOOOO …. I have chosen 3!  I just couldn’t narrow it down … lol!

For anyone that missed out, i am sorry … it was the toughest decision ever.  I just wanted you all the be on board … maybe one day when this business grows!  Thanks for taking the time to apply, you will be getting a little gift from me to your email this week :-)

The lucky new Ambassadors are

  • Robyn @running_towards_ny
  • Davina @dkdeegs
  • Sabine @flitzbine

I will be emailing each of you tomorrow with the details (when i am back to work)

have a great Sunday and I look forward to getting back to blogging this week.  Usually I try and share a recipe or something I find useful in my life as a fit mum.  Seen as we are on the topic of runing I will share one of the new Running Charm Necklaces that our new Ambassadors will be getting


stay motivated


Fitness Friday – Mental Toughness

We all have days where our brain is over-riding our body!  I really hate it when this happens.  Its so much easier for me to move even when my body is sore or tired, than when my brain is off.   Those times when your brain is saying “that is enough” or “i don’t want to do it” or “don’t pick that barbell up again” or “I have run far enough or trained enough this week already”.negative

So how do you combat this!  Everyone has days like this, so I would love to hear how you tackle it when you hit a day when your brain is trying to take control.  I personally know I have to go … and I try and use alot of positive affirmations.  So everytime my brain says something negative – I try and combat it with a positive thought – reinforcing that I am doing a great job, or how good I will feel after.  Or even just have a mantra I keep saying over and over – kind of trying to brain wash the negative out – “I Can Do This” or “No Pain, No Gain”  or even “Just Keep Going” NEVER-GIVE-UP

I also use essential oils.  I know i sound like the “Crazy Oil Lady”  but they really work for me.  Essential oils can be used in different ways, and when applied topically can absorb directly to an area.  Inhaled, the smell triggers different receptors in the brain … its very fascinating.  There is actually a blend called Motivation – i am yet to try this, and will let you know what I think.  I always use Peppermint before I train though, as it opens the airways – it is also an uplifting oil that awakens the senses.  If you want to know more about the oils you can contact me here


I think this is one of the reasons I even started making motivational jewellery in the first place – as I can look to my wrist and see a little “Never Give Up” charm or “I Can” and that is a little boost.  nevergiveup

if you need some inspiration you will find some here 

Fitness Friday – Work on Your Weaknesses

We all like doing things we are good at or we can do … it makes us feel competent, it is good for our self-esteem. However, if we want to improve on our weaknesses it is necessary to spend time working on them.  This flows to all aspects of life not just fitness.  

Depending on the fitness or exercise you do obviously your weaknesses will change.  It could be improving your running, and having to do hill sprints … or triathlon, and practising your transitions.  When we did Triathlons we did a session a week specifically to transition training, to get used to moving between the different movements.  chanel2xu6For me doing CrossFit I have a list of things to work on.  Ring Muscle Ups, Handstand Pushups, Chest to Bar pull ups, Pistols, Strict Press to name a few.  I have had to make an effort to work on these … and it is a work in progress.

This carries through to life.  If you want to be the best version of yourself you need to work on the things that trip you up.  They are usually things we have done for many years and they also take time to change.  The first step is obviously consciously being away of what it is.  Then having a plan of changing the habit or behaviour.   If we all took on this challenge we would not only become better athletes but happier and nicer people to be around.


What are you working on today?

Wonder Woman Wednesday – Chantel Venn

I met Chantel on instagram @runbird72 … she is like me, she loves jewellery too :-) Then I learnt more about her, and she is an amazing inspiration.  I am glad she agreed to be this weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday …

enjoy reading more about this awesome lady.

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do?Chantel-IG

I migrated from South Africa to Australia with my parents when I was 18. I’m an Accountant and a Personal Trainer interesting combination I know but it keeps me active. I have a passion (some may call it an addiction) for running long distance which only coincided with wanting to do something special when I turned 40! I have a fur baby named Rhino who’s a 20 month old Hungarian Vizsla that requires almost as much exercise as I do so we’re a good combination. We are also both love Instagram and that’s where we share our running journey.

  1. Have you always been involved in fitness?

No, 10 years ago I found myself morbidly obese working long hours behind a desk and very unhappy. I made a conscious decision to turn my life around. It started with changing my eating habits which helped me lose 30kg. I then started going to a gym & exercising on a regular basis which helped me lose a further 20kg. It was by no means an easy process and there was no magic formulae – just hard work and determination. It took a good 3 years to lose 50kg. My passion for running happened later when I decided I wanted to achieve something special for my 40th and that just happened to be “run a sub 4 hour marathon”.chant1


  1. What exercise/sport do you do – why did you choose this sport?

I mainly run but I also spend a bit of time at the gym and I cycle. I chose running because it’s something I can do by myself or with others. I like that I don’t have to rely on anybody but myself to get out the door and go for a run. I also find it the most relaxing me time, just me and my thoughts not a care in the world. I never listen to music not even on a 5 hour run, I just enjoy being outdoors and listening to what’s going on around me.chant2

  1. Do you follow a specific diet?

As you can imagine losing 50kg I tried every diet known to man. In the end I realised that it was all about moderation, portion control and enjoying what I eat so that I can sustain the behaviour and not feel like I’m missing out on anything.

  1. What does a week of training/exercise look for you?

Monday – short run 6-14km’s

Tuesday – H.I.I.T. session with my personal trainer mainly ergo, spin bike & versaclimber

Wednesday – speed work running session 8-12km’s

Thursday – weights session at the gym plus a 30-60 minute run

Friday – bike ride plus a short run

Saturday – long run anywhere between 15-50km’sdepending on which race I’m training for

Sunday – active rest day normally involves a long walk with Rhino

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are definitely my determination and ability to give 100% to anything I set my mind to. I’m a very routine person and love structure in my life and knowing what’s next.

In a way my strengths are also my weakness, ie. I become so focused on my goals and achieving that I may leave other things in my wake. I’m a bit all or nothing … that’s the way hubby describes it anywaychant4

  1. What are your future aspirations?

I haven’t set any specific goals short term which is rather unusual for me. Having come off a year of an Ultra Marathon, a marathon and 5 half marathons I’m just taking time to reflect and decide what I really do want to achieve with my running in the next 12 months.

Long term I’d just like to sustain being able to run marathons for the rest of my life. I won’t lie, this sport takes it’s toll on your body and life in general. It’s a big commitment to be constantly training for a marathon but it keeps me fit, healthy and motivated. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Did you know that I have Running pieces?  Inspiration and motivation while you are out pounding the pavement. The perfect reminder when you feel like stopping … find out more here


Fitness Friday – How to Beat a Plateau?

Happy Friday … another week is almost finished.  Hope your week has been great.  I am in shock how quickly this week has gone … have to enjoy every day.

Here are some ideas on how to beat a plateau … sometimes it happens.  Try these if you are at this point ….

  • If you are a runner, try mixing things up a bit.  Do some hill sprints, or even some sprint efforts.  Changing your speed and doing some interval work will change your
  • Try changing up what you do.  If you love cardio, try adding some strength training – pick up a barbell or kettlebell.  Or if you are already a keen lifter, add cardio to your program.chanel2xu5
  • Change your equipment.  If you only use kettlebells, maybe pick up a barbell, or add some bodyweight exercises.  Jump on a bike, or try a different class at the gym.
  • Don’t miss your warm up.  The warm up gets your body ready to work out, and therefore it then operates better in your workout (also adds a few extra kilogoules to smash)
  • Add a handful of nuts into your life in the afternoon.  It will ensure you are not starving and less likely to cave into cravings.nuts
  • Keep a food diary.  Sometimes we think we are eating really well, and it is not until we actually write down our food intake that we realise exactly what we are consuming. You may also realise you are eating the same food all the time, your body can get used to this … so changing it up with your food is a good idea too.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep … this is when your body recovers, its an important part of the process.
  • Make sure you take a day off each week.  If you are really great at working out, remember your body needs to repair and recover – this is just as important as working out.  Sunday is my rest day, and I love it.
  • change

Enjoy your weekend.  Spend quality time with the people that matter – do things that make you happy.  I am looking forward to doing some baking … I seem to always think of my stomach (lets just saying I enjoy eating) xxx