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Why Fitness Jewellery and/or Accessories?

It is the perfect way to remember your goals and dreams, and/or a good way to motivate yourself.  Use these items as a reward for achieving your goals.  It’s always nice to have things that are meaningful to what you love to do.  We all need motivation and inspiration at times and many of these pieces do just that.  You can read the testimonials of other happy customers in the Testimonials section.

Why choose Fit & Style?

Chanel the owner is an athlete herself, she designs and creates these pieces and her vision is to help people at all stages of their fitness journey.  She believes everyone is faced with the same challenges whether you are an elite athlete or just a weekend warrior.  She is constantly working on new designs and ensures the quality is excellent.  Your order will always have a personal touch as she understands what customers like.  She also has a Rewards Program in place so customers get rewarded for treating themselves or buying gifts.

Can I create my own piece?

Absolutely. There are many pieces in the collection which can be customised by choosing your own charms.  You also have the option of having pieces Hand Punched with your own words or names to create something completely unique and personal.  You will find these in the Custom Made section.  Email info@enjoyjewellery.com.au if you have any more questions on this topic.

I cannot log back into my account?

Sometimes you need to clear the history on the web browser you are using.  If you are using a computer (depending on the browser) for Internet Explorer do the following: open Explorer … go to top right hand side of page, click on the little icon that looks like a cog, click on Internet Options, 

Click Delete temporary files …. OK 

This one for Google chrome 

On an iphone – click safari, down bottom right hand side of page click on the Book Icon, you will see History in the list, click on history, and down bottom right hand side of the page click on Clear

What is Hand Punching?

These pieces are individually created by using individual letter punches to create each word or name.  Because they are hand punched they will not be perfect, they are supposed to look a little rustic.  There are different options of charms and tags to punch onto.

How do I know the quality?

These pieces are handmade in Australia using good quality products.  If there is a fault it will happily be replaced as long as you have returned to item within 7 days of purchase in the condition it was received.

Will my piece tarnish?

Depending on which material is used for your piece will depend on the outcome.  A mix of fashion jewellery and sterling silver jewellery is on offer.  Fashion Jewellery is made from zinc alloy, and over time will tarnish.  A large factor is personal, depending on the ph level of the customers skin, some people tend to make fashion jewellery tarnish faster than others.  This is why sterling silver is also offered, and where possible stainless steel.  The price of the piece is usually an indication of what it is made from and therefore its longevity.  Unless it is stainless steel or sterling silver it is not guaranteed to not tarnish over time.  Sterling Silver will polish up with a cleaning cloth.  We recommend you do not wear your jewellery in the shower, water, or in an environment where it will get wet.

I am buying as a gift, what if my friend does not like it?

Gifts can be returned and swapped (unless it has been custom made and hand punched)  The person has 7 days to return the gift and swap it for something they like.  We love happy customers

What are the payment options?

To make shopping safe and easy we offer different styles of payments to accommodate different buyers.  You can use Mastercard and Visa using our securepay method which is very safe.  Paypal and direct deposit (for Australian buyers)

Do you have gift wrapping?

All Fit & Style orders are sent out in a Fit & Style hessian gift bag ready to give as a gift

I am having trouble with my online order can you help?

Of course, call 1300 848 275 or email info@enjoyjewellery.com.au

I cannot find an item I am looking for what can I do?

You can type the product into the search area, if you still cannot find it please use the above contact.

Why sign up for your newsletter?

If you love Fitness, eating clean and living healthy a monthly newsletter is sent out with new products, food ideas, training tips and special offers.  Your details are 100% secure and will not be shared.

How do I clean my jewellery?

Using an Enjoy Jewellery cleaning cloth is the preferred method to clean your jewellery.  If you purchase a sterling silver product you will get this with your purchase.  A jewellery cleaner is not recommended as they are often very harsh and can contain abrasives.  For best results polish your jewellery regularly.

What happens if my piece does not fit?

You have 7 days to return it and the right size can be arranged for you.  Some of our leather bracelets are one size, however can be looped in and out of themselves to make them a little tighter for smaller wrists. 

What are the shipping options?

In Australia it is FREE shipping.  This is standard shipping, if you require your parcel quicker than Express Shipping is available via Australia Post Express satchel which is usually following day delivery.  International customers have the choice of $4.95 standard shipping which has no tracking and usually takes 1 week – 10 days for delivery.  If you require tracking it is $19.95 for a registered satchel.

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